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    Chiefly being a player on a DayZ RP server leaves a lot to be desired in the way of control. As a player you can mould an entire character, deeply woven with backstory and life, but you are still stunted by restrictions the server may have. This is something we battled with constantly on various servers, not just one. We believed that many of the servers we played on were “totalitarian” in the way things were ran. There was no room for player engagement in how the server operated and players had no say in potential changes for the server. Often, these servers would start out with a predetermined idea and rule-set that would remain static for it’s entire lifespan. We feel this is a stagnant and stale way of proceeding, for everyone involved. Quarantined RP aims to adapt and modify the player experience based on our own ideas, and yours.

    To begin with, Quarantined RP will have Quarantine zones that will rotate every three months in which PvP is strictly permitted and there is no limit to player freedom, role-play, and brutality. We’ve employed this because of the dryness of simply having one northern military base as a “hotspot” for PvP interactions. This is also relevant to our server lore in which the infection is airborne. The changing winds will make certain cities a hot-zone, and other cities safe to breath in. Gas mask usage is also HEAVILY enforced in these areas to add to your overall experience.

    Leave your mark on the world. In-server lore is another important facet of servers we felt was criminally underused. DayZ is beautiful because of it’s ambiguity; it provides players the freedom to speculate upon different stories of the apocalypse and muse as much as they like on the cause of the outbreak. There is no wrong answer. With this in mind, Lore is a crucial part of our server. The game world will be directly affected by it and there will be continual posts within our own “encyclopaedia” of sorts which will contain, history, backstory and accounts from imagined characters. If players gain a certain level of notoriety within the server and are talked about both in character, and OOC, then they will receive a special entry within our “book” in which their character will receive a background containing information, history, achievements (whether those achievements are good or evil.) Players can read upon these entries before entering the world and gain a scope for the kind of people they’ll meet wandering Chernarus.

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    • Brian was born into a fractured, but loving family in the suburbs of Edinburgh. His mother worked as a part time cleaner in a local bakery while his father worked 12 hour shifts at a local hospital. He had an older brother, Mark, who was 3 years older than him. His mother and father did not get on in the slightest, however they chose to remain together solely for the benefit of their sons, which ended up causing more harm than good, as Brian would often come home from school to major arguments between his mother and father. By the time he was 11, he cared only for his brother, and grew more and more distant from his mother and father as his mother finally left after being unable to handle the constant fighting any longer. In response to the burden of having to raise two children, his father turned to alchohol, which meant the burden then rest on Mark. However, things would only get worse, as Mark was kidnapped by human traffickers when he was 17, leaving Brian by himself with an abusive bum of a father, and a mother who took little, if anything, to do with him, being reminded too much of her elder son. By the time Brian graduated high school, he had already enlisted in the British Army, and was accepted as a Combat Medical Technician when he was 18. He was 19 by the time the infection hit, and was in Chernarus on leave as part of a holiday around Europe. Now, one year on, he has left his military career behind him, but not the experiences he gained, and as such tries to use the medical knowledge he learned for good. - Helping people. - Practising his aim - Irn Bru - Rock music - Interesting debates/conversations - Looking out for his friends - Daydreaming - Enjoying the view   - Unnecessary attention - Pepsi - Authoritarians - Nosy people - People who are aggressive for no reason - Walking long distances - Entitled people - Peaches - Survive - Find his brother, no matter the cost - Help as many people as he can with what he knows - Make friends, not foes - Find a place to call home  
    • So here's the rule, "Aiming a gun directly at someone is considered initiation at any range. " This rule IMO isn't necessary and causes more of a headache than its worth. Basically the rule is that if you aim remotely near someone, that's considered an initiation and the person you aimed at can shoot you. I can think of 4 ways this could fuck something up for people. 1: You accidentally tap the spacebar and raise your gun. Basically you accidentally tap your spacebar when you meant to hit something else, causing you to raise your weapon and immediately get dropped. 2: You're a sniper scouting a town for a group and you look at someone who drops you. This actually happened to me, you're looking down at a town and spot a couple people walking through the town. They see you, turn, and drop you. 3: You're aiming at a zombie near a person, they shoot you for aiming at it. This ones pretty self explanatory, Someones standing in front of you, little to the left is a zombie, you aim at it, they shoot you.   The rule seems like it would cause more headaches than its worth and it can cause a lot of false reports and complaints among groups. From what I have heard however, some of the admins deem it important in order to prevent KOS. While yes, I can see the practicality of the rule, it does give people a chance to fight back against KOS, there is always a report section for that. While yes you lose the gear, you still can get rid of the KOS'er without this unnecessary rule   TL;DR Rule can cause problems, seems unnecessary, should be removed.
    • This is a place for us to post our recordings. Enjoy the first episode and please give feedback!  
    • The oldest character on the serv....nope I got off so he died. RIP
    • RIP.........awesome character. Sorry for getting her killed.
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