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    A group of survivors with experience. Most of them have branched off from other groups to form an organized team of survivors. They don't fuck with people, unless they get fucked with. (WIP not done writing)

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    A group that has banded together because of a common enemy and became friends over time.

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    The District; a name; a way to identify themselves; a way so everyone knows who they are and what would happen if anything were to happen to any of their close friends. Jake heard the name in a dream, he woke up with sweat on his forehead and stood up. Immediately J-H asked, “Jake are you okay?!” Jake looked up and was so happy to see his dear friend. J-H saw the distant look in Jake’s eyes and remembered that look from his time back in Iraq. Rose started waking up and looked at Jake. The first thing that came to Jake’s mind was, ”Whoa.. she’s really beautiful.” He could hear him ask if he was okay but Jake’s thoughts were somewhere else again. It’s like he was constantly wondering off. He wanted to answer him but couldn’t. Rob had woken up as well, he was sitting next to Mute as they were putting some food together for the group. Jake looked around and came to his senses, “Just a bad dream” he muttered. J-H looked into Jake’s eyes and said, “It’s okay son.” And gave him a firm hug. Jake was only 17 but no-one would ever be able to tell. The kid had a look in his eye, that kind of look, one that is difficult to describe, but you know what I’m talking about. Not only did he have that look but he was also well spoken, even with strangers. The way Jake speaks is calm and collected, full of respect, you can tell just from listening to him that this kid is smart. He came to this island with his brother on a business trip that became unintentionally extended. Before he left his mother fell extremely ill. She had dementia and didn’t even remember who he was, this was really hard for Jake to go through as his father had died not too long ago. A lot of things happening to someone that young changes them, Jake was different, in ways no one would yet see. As the oldest of the group J-H felt like he had the most responsibility. Always looking out for everyone, the 26 year old had seen some things. Even before the infection. He was an ex-military man and had a lot of experience when it comes dealing with stressful situations. Between his five tours overseas, and countless drug busts in the states he wasn’t new to danger. Soon after arriving in Chernarus he lost something extremely dear to him, so he took it upon himself to protect Jake as best he could. He never lost a friend while deployed, but had already let down his best friend just a few days prior to meeting Jake. He saw the kid as young but with a lot of potential. Maybe he’d even go to college if they ever got back to the states. J-H wanted to make sure this kid would get a full chance at life, even if he had to go through some hard things, he wouldn’t let anything happen to him. Rob Valentine, 23, a man who’s parents died at a young age. He was adopted by the Valentine family in North London shortly after being placed in a foster home. Originally from Toronto, Canada he never lost his neutral accent when he moved to his adopted home. Being only 13 when he moved to London he had a few years left of school. He didn’t get on well with most kids, he had just gone through some traumatizing events and didn’t know how to handle it well. His emotions were channeled into his actions and he got mixed up with some bad people. The Hoxton mob saw what the young man was capable of and took advantage of him. Being so young he didn’t know any better when they gave him expensive things, and took him places he’d never seen. He was trusting to the wrong people, and he wouldn’t find that out until he got older, after he had done many, many bad things. Being slightly off balance Jake was caught in J-H’s hug and would have fallen if the military man didn’t always give bear hugs to the boy. “Morning old man” Jake said through a squeezed diaphragm. He took a few deep breaths after being released from J-H’s grip. Jake looked outside and saw the sun just breaching the outline of land. “What time is it?” the young man asked. “5 AM” said J-H with a smile. “What the fuck are you doing waking up this early?!” Jake said. “This is a late wake up kiddo, I’ve been up since 3.” the older man said whilst looking out the window with him. Mute walked over to J-H and passed him a note. “What’s the plan today?” it read. “I want to push to Vybor today, we’ve stuck around in Zelenogorsk for too long. People will take notice if we are still here much longer.” Mute nodded his head in understanding and started to gather his items and store them in his backpack. “Good morning, Rose.” Jake said with a cool smile. She looked up and gave a smile with her head tilted to one side, she was pleased to hear his voice. “Alright everybody, start getting your things gathered together. We’ve already lost the cover of dark. Night time creatures are going to bed, which means we’re late on moving out. The goal today is to make Vybor by mid-day with no stops in between. There’s food and water waiting for us there.” said J-H. The group was past begrudgingly getting their things, they knew J-H was looking after everyone’s well being and that they weren’t going to make his job harder. So they all got their things at a decent pace. Once everyone was gathered up, J-H did a check to make sure everyone was armed, decently supplied with ammunition, and that no one was lost or leaving anything important to them behind. After that he did his usual run-down. “If anything goes wrong, we split up. Mute comes with me; Jake, Rob, and Rose go together. It’s each others duty to make sure everyone is safe. If we were to get split up we’ll meet at midnight, south of Vybor between the VMC and the city itself. Is everyone clear?” They all nodded and said yes. “Then let’s move, I’ll take lead. Today we’re keeping a fifteen meter space between each man in the squad. I want Jake just behind me, then Rose, then Mute and Rob.”

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    A hero group that wants to make Chernarus a safe and happy place. Get rid of all of the evil and to cure the infection once and for all.

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    This group is a band of remaining technical operations officers with the company Raytheon. Because they have not been able to communicate with anyone from the company outside of the province of south zagoria. They have decided to make themselves available for contracting by the survivors. They will do everything in their power to provide protection for a price. Anywhere ranging from personal security details across the province, to camp security.

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    An avid group of motorcycle enthusiasts.