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    0.63 will be good, from what I've been told by multiple hosting companies the server files will be released to them but not individuals. Not sure why as of yet but I'm sure its to do with performance. Hopefully, server prices drop.
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  4. Who can't wait for that creamy .63 rp?
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  6. Darling in the Franxx just watch it!!
  7. Recovery go nice...Tony and I make opposite shifts and rebuild camp...although maybe we work at cross purpose...I put something one place I wake up, it moved...Eh is to be expected when two old men set in ways share camp... Zachránil jsem všechny zbraně a střelivo. Pokud ne pro mě, vyjednáváte za broskve a důvěřujete ve prospěch cizinců. Potřebuješ plukovníka Puškina!
  8. moose broke my PC won't be on for awhile

    1. BoNe M4N 666

      BoNe M4N 666

      I hate Moose and Squirrel..

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  9. 24 A. I seen a dead infected while taking a stroll through a small town. I turned around and tracked the survivor to a house. Once I heard the sound of his footsteps, I knew he was inside. I waited and met Herr Kruger. My knowledge of German was just good enough to understand a few things. He was pointing to a chopper that was downed and told me the name of the town. Told me something about the Russian Federation and Green Mountain, but I wasn't 100% on it. I'll sneak a visit when I get the chance. He was fully decked out in camo and geared up. I, on the other hand, was wearing a mask I found, but forgot I was wearing it and took it off. I dress all in leather from animal pelts. Only thing that isn't is my hat, for the time being. I wanna begin seeing if there are other colors I can tan a hide into. I got black down pretty well. I'm thinking, when I get the chance, I might pick up a few military tents and drop them off at Dedushka's last known location. I don't imagine he'd wander far and I did see an offroad vehicle around that location, so I think things are probably good for him. Looks like the storm affected him as well. Anyway, it's been a long day, tanned some hides, got some food reserves and water at the hq to drink! No more going somewhere else to refuel. Also, I'm going to keep at least a single slot for bones, as you never know when you'll need a bone tip for a cow or self-defense... I'm also going to start stockpiling on rags. At night, torches covered in resin last much longer than any fire does...and it looks nice. This whole ordeal with this storm destroying everything and monopolizing my time has actually been a god-send. It delays me going to Cherno to see if I can find out anything about what happened to my Grandma...
  10. Well done profile! Gives a taste of the character without burying details. I love the work.
  11. Randy Hill M. D. Character Music Chaotic Neutral Age: 40s? Height: 5'10 Weight: 220? "Where you are is as important as where you're not, and I'm never going back to prison." Department of Homeland Secrutiy wanted dead or alive for leaking information, last seen in Chernarus TRAITS Talkative with an empty stare, usually on Uppers Helpful to all survivors Unfriendly to Americans Unsettling when quiet Will take a contract anywhere BACKSTORY About a year ago UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT United States of America vs Randy Hill Case no. 105941 1. I, Randy Hill , hereby acknowledge that I am the defendant in felony charges listed before this court. Charging the offense(s) of; Count 1. IMPERSONATION OF A FEDERAL EMPLOYEE , Count 2. MURDER IN THE FIRST DEGREE - MALICE INTENT, BATTERY WITH A DEADLY WEAPON. Count 3. TREASON AGAINST THE UNITED STATES 2. I, Randy Hill , hereby acknowledge that I, now in custody of Republic of Chernarus , am being charged with felony offenses in the United States of America, and have been informed by Judge Yuri that I am being surrendered to Camp Delta, Cuba. 3. I, Randy Hill , hereby acknowledge that I waive my right to habeas corpus, and any verdict reached is considered final and without potential of review. Defendant signature: Hours after U.S. says 8 Americans killed in Chernarus. Earlier today, the state department released a statement with the identities of 8 American soldiers from a classified unit or units. The statement provided few details, but we're told these young men were involved in an explosion while on a routine training exercise. The statement detailed a lack of proper explosives storage. When State Department spokesman declined to be questioned out of respect for relatives who died and investigations still ongoing, this statement raised a lot more questions than it answered, but one we certainly all wanted to ask: Why were U.S. classified units on foreign soil?
  12. Damn this weather...managed to save some essentials....the rest is ruined
  13. The 102.5 The Ramble Chernarus Rally Race begins April 28, 2018. 6:30 PM Central US Time ( 4:30 PM Pacific Time, 7:30 Eastern Standard Time, 12:30 AM GMT)

  14. Once again, Kaz raises his radio to his lips and presses down the PTT “Hey Hey Survivors! This is Kaz Changas of 102.5 The Ramble! Some of you may know me, some of you don’t. My radio show will be sponsoring a rally race to commence this Saturday (April 28, 2018) at sun rise. No Entry Fee. Sign up by responding to this broadcast. Must be at least 18 years of age. Limit of 2 people per car/team. Pit crews maybe used and will be provided by the racers. Racers must provide their own vehicle (no vehicle restrictions) and parts. Waivers must be signed by all racers before the race. Racers must be listening to 102.5 The Ramble During the Race. No rules. Just Racing. Must hit all checkpoints. Race Start: Severograd School Check Point 1: Sinistok Railroad Crossing Check Point 2: Kabanino Church Check Point 3: Berezino Hospital Check Point 4: Svetlojarsk Docks Race End: Severograd School Prize: 2 VSS Vintorezs with scopes and a Metric Ton of Ammo. Disclaimer: Kaz Changas and 102.5 The Ramble are not responsible for any injuries, death, or damage to property caused by the Chernarus Rally Race. Enter at your own Risk. Welcome to the Quarantine.” Kaz releases PTT. Then he puts on his mean face and poses with the 2 VSS Vintorezs. This message repeats every 6 hours for a week. //OOC Race begins April 28, 2018. 6:30 PM Central US Time ( 4:30 PM Pacific Time, 7:30 Eastern Standard Time, 12:30 AM GMT)
  15. 23. A. Woke up early... The wind is blowing like a mother fucker!!! I'm going to grab some stuff and hide...this is crazy... B. Everything went bye bye. I don't know how these terrible storms sweep across the land like they do, but it took nearly everything. I spent the good part of 4 hours getting everything back together. HB looks good right now, and I survived my first wolf attack and got wheels. Now I just gotta start the planting and a base water supply system, and I think I can start leather crafting again. I'm really enjoying it. Right now though, I'm just gonna relax and call it a day..
  16. It was a good turning point in my character's story, meeting someone. Now he's just hanging out around Cherno, looking for a gas mask, then he's likely going to go in with a gun and check out the place his Grandma (who raised him), lived and see if there is any trace of what happened to her.
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  19. I think Tony is dirty old man, he is sucker for the ladies that is sure yes...eh but who is not yes? He bring home a stray that he rescue from a basement she was lock in. Who does these things? Locks womens in basements? Maybe we both get lavish with gift...been long time no company...she must have been in basement long time...she to skinny... Musíš být opatrný. To může vést k nebezpečí. Kdo ji zamkl v suterénu, bude ji chtít zpátky. Může to být past. Kdo by zajistil vězně v suterénu, ale nechal je s útočnou puškou?
  20. Vague... what a nice way of putting things about Dedushka in general...
  21. 22. A. Yeah, I think I'm going to hang out near the coast a bit. I seen some nice deer I wouldn't mind hunting. I've also found several SLs. Based on the vague description of Dedushka, I was able to locate a trail and track down several locations down there. Found a v3s that moved up the hill to a more populated location. Found a few barrels hidden in the area I'm not sure anyone knows about... Found a literal base filled with tents. There are always flaws with security setup that way, but after looking over their supply, I got the hell outta there...must be a trade post or a supply for an army. I'm not that interested to find out for sure yet. Found a location, cozy spot near Cherno that I think is the location of this AnneMarie person Dedushka was referring to. I'll likely establish a foothold down there for further exploring. After seeing the base Dedushka has and seeing these tent bases down there and seeing these bases, I don't feel that my location is really that bad anymore. :) Might just change it up and go from bow hunting to using an mpk with a silencer for a while...just until I've adjusted. The infected population seems denser here, though the vegitation and stealth potential is much better down here...which makes it a wonderland for me.
  22. Saw this and thought of Kruger
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