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  2. *wave* Sometimes I have to stop and smell the roses. Smells pretty good around here. Nice cologne Malthis. Heavenly perfume JKP. Good beer breath Church Good job on the site guys, I am humbled to be here and bid you a warm greeting. I hope that I can live up to the tenacity and awesomeness of everyones roleplay here. It looks and feels like a wonderful place to be. On that note:
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  4. lol Yeah that was quite a ride. Sven never would've have come about without Jamal
  5. Any time mate and always a pleasure! o7
  6. Tonight was great thanks to @Powerjake @Patgar @Katzy @Toad @Kouketsu Black and more. Thanks for an awesome night fellas!
  7. @MichTheMedic@JkpFrog@BobbyKyle117@Ninja@Speckles@Malthis@Toker@Pratty@Hazard - All you folks made my night in rp great, had a blast. Amazing role players all around.
  8. *Rucks looks at his Radio and listens into the broadcast* about 10 minutes later he starts speaking* "uhh... Hello, I am Rucks, Rucksie or Schnieder, each name gets the attention of the same person. I am responding to your recent broadcast that you put out, I am currently hanging around your Office and would like to talk to you, that is all"
  9. *Stanislav would take off his K6-3 & jack barnes would give him his radio, Stan then sits down in his newly found office in Kabanino Piano house, he presses the PTT* I have met 4 other survivors with the same mindset and goals as i have. These men have vowed to do whatever it takes to secure what is rightfully theirs. And that is Kabanino Town and Vybor industrial estate. Anybody who tries to seize these areas from us will be met with Extreme consequence. I, as a former riot Control officer, will not take any bullshit from me or my fellow men. If you have any inquiries, please visit me in my "office" in kabanino where i am usually located, if not then i am inside vybor industrial estate. If this goes smoothly with no backfire from other survivors, then we will take other areas as our own. We were thinking about securing gorka and the Vybor Military camp next. Onto other things that happened today inquiring the dickheads at gorka: im a nice man, always have been, always will. But if you are going to be a dick to me and my allies & call ME A COMMUNIST! ME OF ALL PEOPLE! then you know you have truly fucked off the wrong man Oh, and to those mafia cunts we heard about and to those pricks with the cars in kamyshovo that were talking shit to my new allies, You will hear from us, and we dont like your kind. Anyway, now thats over and done with, We will hopefully see you soon and to come across some nice and cooperative people. You will recognise us from our red coloured arm bands! Dasvidaniya! *He would release the PTT, passing the radio back to his new ally Jack Barnes and would pick his AK from the table, He would mutter to himself "Gorka seems nice" before leaving with Jack and Rick where they are heading to the airfield for supplies"
  10. Name of the character: Rucksie Schnieder Reason for benching: RP is becoming Stale and boring, story line is also going nowhere Is your character in any hostilities (If so please state the names of the hostiles): no Are you involved in any on going story-lines? If so please give as much possible detail: no How long have you been playing the character?: 2 weeks
  11. Patrick's fire is lost. He carries McGolvky's brown checkered flat cap. He would apologize to everyone, but he's too ashamed of himself for not doing anything, he tends to hide his face away from those with who he was with. He tried going back to Von, but got caught up into more stuff and forgot about him.
  12. I absolutely love this. First time I see a RIOT Control character, AND he's russian. Great job, love this, especially the weight * age to height balance
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    @Funnyman440 Sorry
  14. Stanislav Orlov Born: May 4th 1991 Place of birth: St. Petersburg, Russia Height: 6'1 Weight 192lbs Backstory: Born and raised in Saint petersberg of Russia, Stanislav or Stan had a nice but harsh upbringing. His Father has always been conscious of Stans Health due to stans uncle dying at 28 of heart failure due to obesity, thus making him do 90 minutes of Anerobic excersise everyday since he was 8. Making sure he avoids things like fast food restaurants & smoking/Alcohol ec . His father was part of Spetsnaz GRU and had fought in both of the chechen wars but when stan was only 7 he started showing signs of Post traumatic stress disorder but was not properly diagnosed . Stan was more close to his mother than his father due to his mother doing everything around the house and stan chipping in whenever he can. Adult Years His father was incredibly against him joining any sorts of military since he saw the horrors of war himself in both chechen wars but was ok with him joining the police force. He signed up for the OMON Riot police, enduring intense resistance training for around 6 months. He was officially part of the OMON Riot police and had no idea what he was about to be involved in. A few years of mellow riots and failed communist revolutions, There was a pathogen in the neighbour country chernarus causing massive havoc and was to be contained. The chernarus border patrol needed more assistance so they sent in a dozen units to the border to prevent infected people entering the country. Stan had killed his first person who had violently attacked and ripped the throat out of a chernarussian patrol soldier. A Few hours had passed and the infected started to burst through the lines of both the OMON and the border patrol. Stan had no choice but to escape and leave his unit behind, Now stranded in an unknown country, he will not take shit and will do whatever he has to do to ^^^^ Stan is the one with the AK styled SAIGA12K Stan wears standard issue OMON Unit gear and helmet with either an AK-101 or MP5K but sometimes wears Bars Gorka Uniform he found to keep him dry and to respect his father. He always keeps his fathers pocket watch that he had during the chechen wars to see count the time between gun battles (The longer the interval, the soon the battle would end) PERSONALITY He is usually a nice man, but if people try to get behind him or talk shit to him, He will not hesitate to do what he needs to do to defend himself. He usually questions peoples outfits and weapons. He sees trust in peoples eyes when he meets people with similar goals. He is very cocky, usually taking joy into doing what he wants in an abandoned world. HE DESPISES COMMUNISM/COMMUNISTS & PEOPLE WHO ARE RADICAL LEFT (Anonymous, Socialsts, anti fascists, Feminists ect). Far right, Nationalistic & Dislikes cocky women. << Learned from his father. <<< Radders Sugardaddy
  15. Timur Suvorov Born April 14, 1987 Place of Birth: Sochi, Russia Height: 6'1" Weight: 252LBS Timur was born in Sochi, Russia in 1987. His father was a higher-up within a branch of the Russian mafia operated out of the various hotels that operated in the city populated with tourists. They would use the hotels cellars and basements as some of the various warehouses for narcotics and weapons that were then distributed throughout the country and Eastern Europe. Timur lived within one of these hotels with his family who were mostly protected from what the mob would do within the hotel. When Timur had reached an older age and had learned of his fathers involvement in the mafia, he decided to follow in his fathers footsteps and in fathers footsteps even against his old mans wishes. He was assigned to run the contraband with his partner. He'd run for the mod for years, only doing other lower classed jobs that he was assigned to do. Even with his fathers reputation with this branch, he hadn't climbed in the ranks whatsoever. Then one day, he was forced to tie some loose ends that no one wanted to do. Him and a few others had went into a small hideout and wiped out the inhabitants swiftly and quietly. After this event, he was tasked with more of these killings with continued success. After word had spread, he had gained the reputation he had wanted. He continued to run the narcotics with his partner while doing dirty work for the bosses. After a few years, him and his partner were tasked with securing a spot for some former IRA member to rest. After they had met the man, he opened a pub which had interested in using his pub as a front for a small arms business and had Timur and his partner ask if he would like to participate. He agreed and business flourished. Timur was assigned to stay and help run the business out in Chernarus, which he was initially against, but had come around as he had acquainted with the Irishman and other Chernarussian people in the area.
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  17. Rick Gunderson - Birth - 03/12/1992 - - height : 6,0 - [Theme Song:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKtsdZs9LJo] - Pre Apocalypse - Rick is from Norway, cars and hunting was a hobby. Rick owned a Ford Mustang 1969 as a daily driver. Rick loved hunting in his free time as well, he became great with firearms. - Apocalypse - -Been staying in my hotel for a while, running out of food, need to get out of here. *Rick closes his book and stands up* Work in progress
  18. Jack Barnes Born: 16th January 1999 (19) Place of birth: Lewisham, South London Height: 6'0 Weight: 200lbs Brief Backstory Growing up in South London was hard, Jack found that he had anger problems when he was younger. He wasn't a bad kid at all, but stressing living in poverty and his father's departure really messed with his head. The only thing he wanted to do was help his mum make money, she was the only one he cared about. Moving small drug packages turned into moving bigger ones, more expensive ones. The group of friends he was trying to "get rich with" from the road had run into a problem, an older boy and his pals didn't like the fact some young fifteen year olds started to act like they ran the hood. The older boy's name was Sparkz, he was massive, he robbed Jack's friends with a twelve inch knife. Jack wanted to assert his dominance, he bought a rusty old revolver and set out looking for the kid. -2 Years Pass- Jack's eighteenth birthday was coming up and his close friend has just passed away, he was murdered by Sparkz and his gang. He still had the old revolver, his mind was split into two. He should just kill him, he deserves it, but he would never be able to spend those years in prison but it is to avenge his friend. The second thought in his mind was that if he could still be able to sleep at night if he took someone else's life. Dressed fully in black, balaclava and gloves on. Jack was waiting in a quiet alley close to where Sparkz lives on a quiet estate. After hours Sparkz finally came out and it was only a few seconds of loud bangs and flashing lights and Jack was sprinting home. It all happened so quick he ran back into his house, gun still in hand, he managed to quickly hide it as his mum walked into the room. He said the balaclava and gloves were because he was cold. Jack woke up to his mother slapping him in the face, she was screaming at him and showing him the news, it was a picture of him running through the street, gun in hand. His mother knew it was him from the balaclava and he was wearing the exact same clothes that she had seen him in. -3 Weeks Later- Jack was sitting in the airport with his mum, she was sending him to a country called Chernarus to live with this grandparents as it was not safe for him in London anymore, especially with the police investigation of Sparkz's murder and rival gang members coming after him. He hugged his mum and stepped onto his flight, no idea what he was about to experience.
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  21. Jamal & Calloway, ugh I need to bring Calloway back at some point.
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    Whats poppin boys New to the server, hoping to get my white list accepted soon, sounds like fun from what I've heard.
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