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QuarantinedRP Forum Updates

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This will be the official QuarantinedRP Forum Update thread.

As of now we currently have all the basic functions that I feel we should have as a community, from now on all the things that are changed/updated will be posted within this thread. You will all be alerted when an update is made through the announcements message.


1.0.0 Included

  1. Default theme, standard navigation bar.
  2. Standard forum settings.
  3. Home page used Gametracker as a server search engine.
  4. Profiles had a strange color scheme that worked for the time being.
  5. Clubs we're a standard template without any form of editing available.
  6. Google forms iframe was implemented within the whitelisting section

1.0.1 Includes

  1. An Updated profile look, this includes Profile songs, GIF Profile pictures, Profile Backgrounds, Cover Photos (Able to use a .gif)
  2. Forums have been revamped in order to make them more optimised.
  3. Color scheme has been tweaked and made more clean for profile pages
  4. Home now contains a server tracker of its own rather than Game tracker. The Tracker updates every 120 seconds (2 minutes) and allows you to see players online.
  5. A Donation page has been made rather than using the standard one on the home page, this one will auto reset every month in order to give you all an outlook into what is paid for and what isn't, one you donate a certain amount to the community ($20 and $30) you'll be given a rank. More ranks will become available in the future but for now these ones will be the one that stay until the cheaper ones are added.
  6. Custom User Icons can be used when you have a donor rank.
  7. Forum user info has been updated to look cleaner.
  8. Admin/Moderation tools have been added in order to keep the community safe.
  9. Club enhancements have been made in order for us to remove the "Groups" forum completely and have it in one area at a time.
  10. Groups now need to be approved by admins in order to be accepted on the server, this is to keep the roleplay organic and fitting with the lore.
  11. Whitelisting applications have now been made and the Google iFrame has been removed, we feel this will help admins approve applications quicker rather than having to go through multiple pages to do so.
  12. Header/Announcement messages have been added in order to keep users updated on updates.
  13. A Scroll to top button has been added in order to make viewing topics quicker and more user accessible.
  14. "Secret" Forums have been made for donors but have yet to be completed.
  15. Navigation Icons have been added in order to make the site more universal for users who struggle with reading.
  16. Signature size limits have been put into place in order to reduce the space between posts.
  17. Forum badges have been added to the topic right corner of posts for specific ranks.
  18. Legend and VIP Ranks have been added as donor ranks, both giving users perks that they may desire instead of the Member rank.
  19. Added a feature so quotes are auto minimised in order to stop clusters of quotes in posts.
  20. User names now take on the properties of the Users group (Aka. takes on the color.)
  21. Permission updates within the website to give staff and users a more structured experience.

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1.0.2 Includes

  1. Tweaked the post info in order to make room for "Titles/Trophies" for contest winners.
  2. Created comment/post backgrounds making donors and staff members standout.
  3. Discord Widget has been added in order to allow users to join from the website.
  4. Updated the text editor to contain Font editing and Spoilers, making it easier for less BBCode users.
  5. Moderator rank has been removed and their role has been integrated into the Admins.
  6. Header messages have been added along with users able to hide them.
  7. Store has been added with VIP and Legend ranks that auto assign to users with a PM notification when brought.
  8. Profile song volume fixed in order to allow them to auto-play without being too loud for users.
  9. Added new forums such as Benched Characters and Dead Characters.
  10. Homepage revamp with a hidden message for guests to sign up and a server monitoring tool.
  11. Lore page is being edited to make it more digestible for users/new whitelists. [WIP]
  12. Book of Sorrows page is being edited so it behaves more like a book rather than a complete block of text. [WIP]


Rule Updates

  1. Re-worded the Third-party communication rule in order to make it for ALL forms of software rather than just Teamspeak. [Rule 2.5]
  2. Maximum snipers added to the rules. [Rule 3.10]
  3. Updated the sniper rule so you now MUST record the interaction on the radio otherwise users will abuse this. [Rule 3.11]
  4. Returning to an area after death has now been made 2 hours rather than an hour due to players going back before the roleplay has ended. [Rule 5.6]
  5. Child characters will now be required to wear a YELLOW armband at the age of 17 and below. [Rule 6.2]


Teamspeak Updates

  1. Added new icons to the ranks. (Created by @Alexis)
  2. Created the VIP rank.
  3. Removed the Moderator rank and replaced it with the Community Manager rank.

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1.0.3 Includes

  1. Brought in new staff members @Peg4YourBackpack as a Community Manager and @Bradley as a Lore Master welcome to the team.
  2. Added a "Character name" to your posts! (This can be seen on my posts as an example of how it will work but a lot more work will be done on it so you can include links)
  3. Added an "All Activity" section to the website which is featured within the navigation bar.
  4. The new lore master ( @Bradley ) has created a new page within the lore section relating to the "Animal Anatomy" of the infection! Go and Read it here
  5. Punishments for users/players who break rules have been update to where now you acquire "Expiry points" these are given by admins for minor rule breaks.
  6. Book of Sorrows removed.
  7. Store prices have been increased for tax.
  8. Created a new store page.


WIP Information and Features

  1. Quarantine Zones are being updated, new locations and maps will be located on the website at some point this month!
  2. A clock on the website that will tell users when the next server restart will be happening.
  3. A new website look (Such as a new header designed by @TheDuckNinja will be uploaded to the header later this week.)


Rule Updates

  1. Child rules have been updated. [Rule 6]
  2. Global radio rules have been updated. [Rule 10]
  3. Teamspeak username/nickname rules have been updated. [Rule 2.8]
  4. Glitches and Exploits rules have been updated. [Rule 5.20]


Discord Updates

  1. A bot has been added in order to reduce spamming and to clean up the discord. You can gain 9 infractions in 30 days before a 7 day ban is given by the bot automatically.
    1. Users can gain 9 infractions/warning points by the bot before they're auto removed by it.
      1. The infractions are gathered by spamming capital letters, spamming emoji's.
      2. Community managers and admins have full right to inflict warning points if they feel your spamming or being disrespectful.
  2. Ranks are now auto-given to users but I'm working on an auto rank updater that links to the website.

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