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Realistic Medical Guide

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Welcome everyone to my realistic medical guide within this thread I will be covering many topics that you may come across when roleplaying a doctor this can be anything from treatments, How diagnose someone, knowing what the player has and many more topics that will be covered within this thread. By no means does this thread cover everything within the medical filed and how you should play your character out not all doctors know everything. I hope everyone enjoys the guide and if you have any questions regarding the guide and the information within the thread then please PM me or leave a comment below thank you once again and I hope you enjoy the Guide. I do warn people there is going to be pictures within this thread that may not be for all people. Before I start I just want to say that I have been playing a doctor in multiple community's for over a year now and I have never turned back from playing one and I hope this guide helps people with playing a doctor within RP and in the game overall once again enjoy. 


Treatments & Diseases

Gun Wounds 

Stab Wounds

Broken Bones 


 Brain Prion Disease 


Food & Chemical Poisoning 

Infected Wounds 

Hemolytic Reaction


Medical Equipment

Wooden Splint

 Saline Bag / Iv Start kit

Alcohol Tincture 

Charcoal Tabs 

  Morphine Auto-Injector

Tetracycline Antibiotics 


Vitamin Bottle

Roleplay Scenarios

Text Roleplay

Asking Questions 

Related image


Gun Wounds

Bullets wounds are going to be common when playing within the medical filed in DayZ, Bullet are very dangerous when it comes to hitting the human body, the damage it can do to a human is astronomical. Bullets are made of different types of metal and most bullets have lead in the core giving the bullet a higher-velocity. Bullets contain different types of metals such as lead, gilding metal, cupronickel, copper alloys or steel. A bullet can travel at different speeds depending on the different factors that day but tested fire arms ( not specified range or what gun ) can travel up to 370 m/s or 460 m/s and of course this can range. Overall bullets are dangerous and can cause major problems for a human. 

What to do? 

When being hit by a bullet multiple questions have to be asked for example what kind of gun was it? Where did it hit you? and of course is the bullet stuck or is their an exit hole? All these question have to be running through your head while asking the person too this will help you move onto the next stage of helping the person. Now when it comes to giving the person aid you will need to do multiple things before touching the wound it self, Making sure that your patient is the right colour, loosing blood ( Real life ) can send your body to focus on the wound it self pushing blood to the surface of the skin and out that wound meaning every time that persons heart pumps blood it move's the blood towards the exit wound. If your patient has discolouration you will have to act fast because this can lead to the person unconscious and then you will have another problem on your hand's. 

Pressure Bandage

You will need one of these on your character, you can use "*"  within game chat if you want to emote it out, but most people will say it out loud or really say something along the lines of what he or she is doing to help the patient. Firstly, before taking out your pressure bandage you will need to apply a normal bandage to the area and apply pressure for 10 minutes (but in game for a couple of seconds) If the player says that the bleeding hasn't stopped or you just want to apply the pressure bandage anyway then go ahead a do so.   

         2. While applying the pressure bandage or a normal bandage to stop the bleeding you will need to treat for shock and the same time, most people don't do this because they don't understand that people can die from this as well as the bullet wound. 

- Talk to the person and cover them up.

        2. Blanket  

Covering up the person is not needed all the time the reasoning for this is just to keep the person clam and warm and not let anything get to the infected area. This step is not used all the time and i really think it should because after being shot the body is going into a state of focusing that area and trying to heal it right away and also your blood is being pushed towards to the surface. Also Infectious are most common with being shot because bullets can be dirty and give a big risk of infections entering the body.

Removing A Bullet

When it comes to taking a bullet out of a person this becomes complex and really hard for even the most trained doctors to do and is going to be even harder when it comes to not having any professional equipment and overall it being the apocalypse. Not every step is taken when it comes to removing a bullet and some people just don't want to go through every step but when it comes down to it making a step wrong that can kill your character and then just walking off like nothing went on is not realistic to me i think doctors that do remove bullets should follow the right steps to do so.  

Cleaning around the area 

-Firstly, when it comes to the cleaning the area people pour (This) item over the wound when this can further damage tissue and also delay the healing of that said wound. This item is not supposed to be poured directly onto the wound itself but onto the rag or a bandage then applied onto the wound.  

      2. Pain Relief  

- Pain also is a high factor that people miss because they don't understand that pain can also kill a person over time. For Pain Relief within game people like to use morphine but this increases high rate and is a bad idea to use because your heart is already beating really fast from the shock of you being shot so adding more stress towards your heart to work faster will / might kill your patient. So, within game i would choose pain killers this is great tool to use when it comes to taking away the pain from someone.  

      3. Removing the bullet 

- After the pain relief has kicked in and you have tested it that it has. Then you will start to go into the wound and try and remove it with some tweezers. If you can't see the bullet but know where it is located and there is not exit then the bullet might be within that area. Most likely within game you will see the bullet and remove it easily just by slowly pulling it out. But if said person says that it feels like its deeper within the body and you can't see it on the surface of the skin then you will start by making small incisions around the area were the bullet is and you know it is there. After making the incisions and getting a clear view of the bullet you then start pulling the bullet out and move along.  

      4. Cleaning again  

- After removing the bullet, you will need to clean the wound again this is because it has been exposed to bacteria and other particles within the area and surface around them that need to be killed before finishing up. This will help to prevent infections and ultimately not killing you patient.   

    5. Stitching and Finished  

- You need to stitch the wound up and if playing a doctor, you will know how to do this. When you are done stitching the person up i would then apply a bandage around the wound and then tell them to clean that everyday twice a day this will stop any dry blood from sticking to the area and making it hard for the bandage to latch onto the skin and being hard to remove and also clean the area with some warm water every time they change their bandages.   

Stab Wounds

Stab wounds can be very different from bullet wounds but some cases can be linked together as being some what the same. When it comes to being stabbed their are many questions also to ask yourself how far has the knife went into the body? Is there more than one stab wound? And there is many more that you would ask the person before touching the wound itself. In many cases when their is no doctor around and a person has been trained a little within this filed they would know the "ABC" method before touching the victims wound. This method checks for Airway, Breathing and circulation this should be checked before anything has started.

What to do?

Within Dayz and a roleplay situation things can get out of hand and the person is in shock or in a state of panic make the person feel comfortable and lower their heart rate quickly before starting. After doing so check the area where the Knife is and do not touch it, be very careful not to this can lead to further damage to the person and the area itself, by not touching the knife this is helping you because it steams the blood flow. But in cases within game you will need to remove this knife as soon as you can this can be done by quickly removing the knife in a upwards direction and not in any other way because it can lead to further problems. After removing the knife you will need to apply pressure to the wound itself and quickly wait for the blood flow to slow down if not do the same as step 1 in the gun wounds section with the pressure bandage. Some people may not have a pressure bandage on them within game so further to this you would have to use an item's that are small and can fit within the size of the wound this will 100% slow down the blood flow and then after remove said object and then apply a bandage ,Of course all wound's and bandages would have to be clean with in game equipment. 

Treatment for Shock

when you come across a person that knows what they are doing in situations like this they might roleplay out that they are going into shock this is most likely to happen when dealing with a person that has just been stabbed or shot but the way to see that they are going into shock is some times not known or known how to treat. When a person is going into shock their blood vessels constrict and sweat glands activate this resulting into cold, clammy skin. When seeing these signs you will have to keep them warm this is why the blanket is used in both gun & stab wounds.

Broken Bones

Broken Bones are also common within game you an get this by falling from high places, getting shot in the legs, being hit by people and zombies in the arm to get a broken bone and many more things can happen. The questions that have to be asked are where it the broken bone? Is the broken bone out of the skin or not cut through the skin? For broken bones in the arms.legs and really any where on the body is going to be different and factors can play a big role within the way your body heals that said broken bone. 

When it comes to having a broken bone that is not out of the body or you can not see it at all then these types of broken bones in some cases can be fixed by putting a splint on the person and having them leave it there for a couple of weeks letting the bone move back into the right place and really just letting the body heal itself.   ( This can be done by anyone )

The most important thing to look out for when a broken bone is being played out is if their is any damage around the area meaning that when you have a broken bone these bones can apply pressure to near by veins and can cause even more problems for the doctor. Fixing this is fairly simple you can just re position the bone and this will stop anything happening with blood flow. 



Bleeding is going to major part of being a doctor and really knowing how to stop people from bleeding is going to be 100% known from the basic medics to the professionals. When being hit from a person to a zombie everyone is going to be bleed but knowing how to stop the bleeding is a big challenge sometimes for a person in training. Some people don't understand that when bleeding you can have even more medical issues go on meaning infectious and even blood flow being trapped and causing you to remove tat body part so stopping people from loosing blood is major when playing within the medical filed. 

Within the game people use Bandages and Rags to stop bleeding and in some minor cases that will work but just remember when you are playing a doctor and some asks for your help just show them that you know what you doing by using text chat to show what you are doing is right. Some people may try and call you out for not doing something the right way all the time but when it comes to these situations there are many ways to stop someone from bleeding and helping them in the long run with blood overall. 

Internal damage i haven't seen really or at all be played out by people when I come to their aid. This is mainly because people don't want to role play out long term illness or injuries towards their character that will restrict them in any way. If more people started to roleplay out more illness and injuries then it will give the people that are playing doctors more passion to put more time within their characters profession.   

   Stop the Bleeding within the abdomen  

-  When being confronted about internal bleeding within the abdomen you will have to think about organs and how you will need to protect them. If you can see any organ then you will need to act fast on helping this person out. Firstly "find a moist, sterile dressing to place on top of the wound (to protect the organs)." This will help protect it from any infections that might come towards the open wound. Easily ask the person if the pain as gone down and then you are allowed to give the person pain medication reasoning for this being that the patient needs to be on the floor and don't want the person to move at all or possibly choke when giving them the tablets. If there is not damage towards the organs (Most likely won't be within game) Then you can stitch the person up and place a bandage around them and tell them to change it daily.  

            2. Stop the bleeding within the arm or leg area.  

- Just like normal your main focus should be to stop the bleeding right away, this has been explained above within the many sections on how to bleeding, after doing so and bleeding continuous then apply "pressure to the brachial artery for the arm or the femoral artery for the leg." You will know that you have applied the right pressure because the blood will slow down and finally stop. If nothing is working to stop the bleeding then in extreme cases you will have to lose an arm or leg depends on where it is. Amputation will be covered within a different section of the thread so just link back.  

Overall internal damage as i said above is not played out a lot or correctly and i know that people are not going to search up everything and all the symptoms but just knowing a little about what your character will have will help out the people playing doctors a lot and will give you the right diagnostic and this will lead to processing within role play and story lines. I know I never covered a lot about the internal damage side this is because i will be here forever and I can't cover every single bit and treatment as this thread will be really long. But If you have any more questions within this section or any type of experience that you have within game with people role playing an internal damage in any sort of way and didn't know how to come act or come across I could give some insight on what i would have done. 


 This can be caught if a player drinks an unclean source of water. Cholera is really dangerous to get within game because it only takes around an hour for things to start kicking in, there is different stages when catching Cholera, we have 4 stages within 3 sections meaning that we start of we stage 1 and the cholera it's at a mild stage meaning it will still have a chance of killing you but this effect is slower than the rest and will take longer. The stages and section will represent how long you have had Cholera for. ( Picture/ Information Source ) Sadly, its late and you don't see the signs taking place and you have left the diseases settle in then you will die from the cholera but if you notice the messages that you get you can cure this by getting antibiotics and taking them as soon as you can. Sometimes in rare cases the antibiotics won't work and this will only skip thsometages of cholera. Throwing up will help get rid of the sickness logo and you will just have to keep your food and water to the max and wait until you see the sickness logo again this will indicate what stage you are at. Red meaning the highest stage and yellow meaning you might be around stage 2 to 3 this can still be help.        

Food and Chemical Poisoning

 Chemical Poisoning people don't get all really, it's but both are the same that's why they are in the same section and the way you treat them are the same as well. This is a fairly longer process to kick in but when it does it's quicker to kill you and take away health, food, water and loads of other stuff that might keep you player alive out there. To cure this some people just let it run its course and when it comes to the serious stages of this then people are also too late to cure it. Normally I would say keep your Food & Water to the max and also take charcoal tablets this normally cures it and if not, it slows it down until it normally passes itself.  

Infected Wounds

 People can get this by Zombies when they are bleeding and sometimes when they are not and lastly you can catch this by not cleaning rags or a sewing kit to clean wounds. Infected wounds have four stages that it goes through each one getting worse for your charterer and slowing killing them faster the last stage. Also, by catching this you will have a high chance, most of the time 100%, of being dehydrated a lot so I would say like always keep your food and water to the max. If you see the text message within chat right away then you can clean the wounds this time with some alcohol tincture. If not seen right away then you will kill the wounds like normal but then add antibiotics to stop the infection for spreading around the body.  

Hemolytic Reaction

This infection is caught when giving someone the wrong blood when transmitting the blood to someone else with a different blood type. Sadly, there is not a cure for this and you will fall unconscious a couple of seconds after the transmitting part is done and then shortly after death. This is why you should check if you are having good doctor on your hands before going through with what he or she says and double check that you have the same blood type before anything goes down.  


This can be caught when you eat raw meat or raw fish. This disease or not fatal if you don't leave it for too long. This is similar to the having Cholera or Food poisoning. Salmonellosis is not really a big and can be cured very easily just by taking antibiotics and once again keeping healthy by keeping your food and water to the max.  

Brain Prion Disease

This type of diseases is also known as Kuru. To get this diseases is to eat another human being flesh but this is different within real life and I will now be going over the real life way of getting this diseases reasoning being is that is is really different from the game versions and overall is not going to change the way you role play this diseases out. This diseases is not going to kill your character at all but is going to give you some weird things to add to you player for example laughing every couple of minutes and also twitching is also a given factor to be added to your player. There is no cure for this as I have read and really I just want to put this within the thread because some people may not know what Brain prion diseases is. I said I wasn't going to go over the way people got this diseases within real life but I will cover a little on what it doe's to the body and some other things also. 



Medical Equipment within DayZ is limited to what we can do to a person using these equipment that we have within the game. Anything can be rolplayed out using the star sign "*" within text chat to show that you are doing something that your character can't do or show through the normal game mechanics. In the future the DayZ developers have said that they will be adding in more Medical Equipment so help those that like to play the role or just to treat things that may be added within the future. In this section I will be covering most of the equipment. 

Wooden Splint   

A Wooden splint can be crafted by using Rags,100% bandage or duct tape put together with sticks of any amount. Applying a splint can be hard for people that are not doctors, applying a splint to a person has to be in the right place to help the person body part recover over time this equipment is very important when it comes to helping someone. This type of Equipment in real life is very different to within game, Within game it is a make shift one that can only last a short period of time before the sticks will not be able to hold any longer. When comes to applying the splint you will have to place it so it is resting of the joint above the injury and the joint below it. "For example, if you are splinting a forearm, place the rigid support item under the forearm. Then, tie or tape it to the arm just below the wrist and above the elbow." 

 Saline Bag

Saline Bags within the game are used to increase the HP of a person that may have lost blood for being shot. When using a saline bag in RP there are a number of steps you will have to take before injecting the person with the bag. The area most likely in the arm were veins are most seen has to be cleaned of course just to kill any bacteria. You will have to ask your patient to squeeze their arm, this helps veins rise to the surface and be more visible, after doing so then you will inject the needle into the vein slowly making sure you are in the middle because there is a big risk of missing a vein or placing it in the wrong area and causing even more health risks. 

Alcohol Tincture

Alcohol Tincture is used to heal wounds and clean rags and other things before using it on a person. When it comes to using this item it is fairly simple and not a lot has to be said about it but when it comes to using it don't use to much reasoning being this item gives of burning feeling and this is used normally on a wound to kill bacteria and clean it. Overall this item can be used by anyone that knows what it does and knows not to use to much because it hurts a lot when applying it on a open wound. 

Charcoal Tabs

This helps with food poisoning that you can get from eating rotten food or food that hasn't been cooked in game. Now within Real life and how this medication should be used and how it is used is somewhat the same from in game. This type of medication does help with poisoning and drug overdoses this can also be used for other types of stomach / kidney problems. Do not take more loads of this medication daily this has some bad side effects attached to it such as turning your tongue black.  

Morphine Auto-Injector

This item fixes broken bones and fractures to a player. I went into some detail about this item above in one of the sections but i will go over it again in a little more detail.  Morphine in real life takes away the pain from a person by going through the central nervous system and removing the pain directly. This does not take long to kick in. Above i said that you should not use it when trying to remove bullets because the heart rate will already be increased but from further information i would use it when the heart rate has gone to a normal beat and it not in any way of a risk towards the person.

Tetracycline Antibiotics

Within the game this item is used to treat diseases this has a (90%) chance of removing the disease from you player. On the other hand, in real life it's kind of the same but not only does it help treat diseases that you may caught within the game it also can help with skin problems or some sexual transmitted disease. People within game don't understand how much they have to take of this drug and maybe they take 1 or maybe 2 but this depends on many different types of factors such as weight,height,diet and many other small things that may change the amount that you player needs.


Within the game Epinephrine is used to awake unconscious players but within RP i would use the medical item as it is used within real life. Epinephrine is used to treat  treat very serious allergic reactions to insect stings/bites, foods, drugs, or other substances. This helps to improve breathing stop any kind of swelling. Within RP I would not use it for the normal game sense because giving someone this shot when they don't need it can be bad because depending on where you injected the shot it constricts the blood vessels around that area and a doctor will need to see if the person is still getting enough blood within that area. Within most cases people will inject an Epinephrine within their thigh this is due to the thigh being one of the largest muscle mass on the human body.   

Vitamin Bottle

This helps within the game to prevent new infections by (75%) and help recover from old infections that your player had by (50%). Of course, this is something different within real life and the game so and there are many different types of Vitamins within real life so I would stick the how you would use the item within game and not the way people use it within real life because of the difference within both.   


Text Roleplay

When it comes text roleplay I only will be using it for when I'm doing in depth Roleplay with someone medically meaning if in the situation needs text roleplay I will use it now some people don't understand how important text roleplay is for people that need it, For example when I need to check out a wound then I will not say it because that is not immersive so I will type if instead. I would say when it comes to Text Roleplay for people that are trying to play within the medical filed have a save file that has all your actions in them so you will not have to take long to reply and break the roleplay with the other person saying "are you okay?" because they think you are frozen. When it comes to me having a save file with my actions in them I have the following this can change at any time and you can add to it this is some things that I have ran into when playing and I needed all the time. 

* Takes out Medical equipment *

* Checks the infected area * 

* Stitches the wound * 

* Places a bandaged around the .... * 

* Applies Pressure to the wound * 

* Touches the wound to see inside * 

* Injections ( Medical Equipment ) into ( Area that is needed ) *


Asking questions

You might be asking yourself why would I need to ask questions? Well asking questions is very important because as it stands now within the game we can't see the physical wound on said character so we will need to use text to act it out. When it comes to asking questions OOC'ly it can be a bit immersive breaking but it is important because rules always apply and you do not want to force a medical condition or what you see on a person that they don't have or they don't want on their character. When it comes a time to do this here are some examples of that you can type and how to lead into asking these questions.      

When in these situations you would have a patient with you of course with some wrong with them normally using the asking questions part it would be involved with a open wounded or something a long that line. Lets say that you patient has just been shot in the leg just above the knee ( Would of asked where he was shot ). After asking all about where we was shot? Do you think the bullet has an exit wound? Or this is when you the OOC questions can be asked. After asking him where we was shot you can then proceed to further the RP and start saying the following using the "*" within text chat. 

* Cuts pant leg up to the kneecap where the wound is visible, inspecting the area looking for an exit wound // Is there an exit wound *  

Yes this might be a bit long to write that's why I'm going to be linking it back to what I said in the text roleplaying section meaning you will have these saved within a file or some where that you can easily copy and paste into the text chat. Now I'm not saying that you are going to type/say it like that but this is just an example of something that cam up in my head and I would of wrote it out like this. Now after saying this the person would reply with a simple " No " or " Yes " within chat also using the // this is clear for the person that you have replied to the OOC question with an OOC answer, I have to say this because some times people say yes in game and then that leads to awkward RP and really kills the mood. After the person has said " Yes " or " No " then you would lead onto your next peace of roleplay following it up with something else. 

There are going to be a lot of questions that you need to ask before forcing lets say high blood pressure on someone because this effects there character forever and sometimes people don't want to roleplay these things out or have then overall. Now people may say but when telling someone that they can't run after having there leg fixed or something is't that forcing someone to not roleplay a  way they don't want to. And what i say to this is there is a fine line between forcing a telling someone to act a way that would act 100 percent sense after having their leg fixed to forcing someone a medical condition. Overall Just ask questions before moving on to your next steps when is comes to roleplay a doctor.  



I hope you like the new style and overall theme of the Thread I wanted to switch it up and make it look more simple and not colourful because I just feel like it goes with the serious vibe that comes with having someones life in your hands. Also the theme is inspired by another medical Roleplayer @Sofie from another community that created a thread like this but way better. Thank you again and I hope this helps people :D 



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Very good job on this one, but remember guys items can be used as "Substitutes" such as using Vitamins as Birthcontrol bottles etc. Many have done and it's welcomed here. 

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I just want to thank everyone for the positive feedback on the thread. I love helping out people within the community in any way possible. This will not be the last guide I make I have many more to come within the future. I love making guides I have a lot of free time on my hands so most of it goes into making these. This guide is not yet 100% done if i feel like anything needs to be added I will create and update comment in the comment section just show casing even more information that people want me to put into the thread and also maybe going to even more detail about something that i might of not of went into detail on. 

I know I am missing some major key parts within the thread like more about the body and how it works ad thinks that doctors may know or not know. I will cover a lot more within the future and again i just want to thank you for the positive feedback it really shows that you like my work and it makes me want to create more. 

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most important thing for doctors is to know their info on their schooling



so they don't get schooled by frank

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arterial blood and venous blood model

Medical RP: Note- Veins, carry non-oxygenated blood (Purplish) IN towards heart, Arteries carry fresh blood out, away from heart. (Red). As soon as blood interacts with Oxygen,...it turns red.

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I really don't know what's going on with this thread at the moment but major updates are coming to it for example

  • New graphics
  • Layout
  • Style / Theme
  • More information
  • Different topics  
  • Other Stuff

At first I wanted to get this out for the people but now I am just trying to make it easier to read and have a simple look but still has that eye catching feeling towards it. The thread layout and style / theme was inspired by an amazing person for a different community that I was in and created an outstanding Medical thread. The layout was amazing I had to pitch it and make it easier for you guys to read and I thought this would be the best way. 

On 09/02/2018 at 8:28 PM, Malthis said:

Excellent job on this!

Thank you  @Malthis I hope you like the updates to come to the thread in the coming weeks and I hope you can give me your feedback on the new thread thank you once again for the positive word's. 

On 09/02/2018 at 8:30 PM, Preacher said:

Agreed, good stuff.

Thank you @Preacher correct me if I am wrong but I have heard some were that you have played a medical character before, or I'm just thinking I have heard it some were, But if so I would love to ask you a couple of questions about your experience playing within the filed and put it in the thread? But if you never played within the medical filed and I just thought i heard it some were then It don't mind. 

On 09/02/2018 at 9:10 PM, Powerjake said:

just kidding but holy shit, great guide!

  Thank you @Powerjake Quick question if there is anything that you would like to see changed or added within the thread what would it be? I'm looking for more inspiration for the thread and looking to see what the people also want? 


On 11/02/2018 at 7:32 PM, Powerjake said:

most important thing for doctors is to know their info on their schooling



so they don't get schooled by frank

I think you tried to do this to me last night asking where i studied and went to school good try. 

On 13/02/2018 at 6:10 PM, Keira said:

Thank you!!!!

Your welcome @Keira.

If there is anything that people want me to add please let me know so that I can add it in within the thread and just anything you want to see at all again thank you all for the comment I hope you like the new thread soon.


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