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    Long story short, my Grandpappy moved over from Ireland to a place called Chernarus. Both me and my mother questioned why. Hell, he didn’t even speak their language but somehow he managed to pass. That was how it was. I was very much, and still am, into photography. When my Grandpappy told me about the place he now lived at, I had to go. I was going to University in September to get an honours in photography and thought I could use the images for future projects in case they asked. I liked to believe I was a few steps ahead of everyone else. I had just finished college at the start of June and had enough free time to go and visit him. Ma and Pa didn’t really want to come, especially with them expressing I needed to be independent on these sort of things. I think it was all an excuse not to see Grandpappy. Why did I think that? Well the flights were cheaper than anywhere else you could book! Anyways, I made it over safe and sound. He was waiting for me at the airport and everything seemed perfectly fine. I wanted to spend summer with him since I never get to see him anymore. And well, let’s say I never got to go to University because of this weird… disease. It wasn't soon Grandpappy was taken over by this weird illness too. I felt lost. It was too soon. Phone calls from my Ma explaining I should get on the next plane back to Dublin but when I checked, everything had grinded to a complete halt. I couldn't get home. And not only was it that but the calls stopped working from my parents... I don't know if they were taken like my Grandpappy but... If they have... I'm alone... And I didn't know what to do but turn to pills to numb the pain and fear that built up inside me... I'm nothing. I never was. But that's all I can resort too to ease my mind... Poets of the Fall - Cradled in Love | Poets of the Fall - False Kings Christina Aguilera - Fighter | Jennifer Hudson - Spotlight | Billie Eilish - Bellyache Florence and the Machines - Dog Days Are Over | Nico Vega - Beast of America (None as of yet) Life is like a cup of tea, it's all in how you make it! 10th July 1999 (19 years old) Letterfrack, Ireland Irish White-Irish English | (Gaelic) Irish Single Cathreen DeWitt [Ma] | Henry DeWitt [Pa] Father's side: Vincent DeWitt [Grandpappy] | Louisi DeWitt [Nana] Mother's side: Charlotte Kerrigan [Gram] | Charlie Kerrigan [Gramps] Catholic [Non-Practising] 5ft6 55Kg Petite | Atheletic Auburn Green Neutral (Natural) Minor Freckles (Unnatural) Head: Body: (Front) 15/08/2018 - Friendly fired into the left shoulder by Sam it seemed from in the distance... He thought I was one of Brock's sheep. (Back) Arms / Hands: Legs / Feet: Left Bicep (Inner) On both thighs... University Student Edward Blackwood | Nia & Fletcher | The Highway Men's Slave | Refugee Survivor Photographer - Photography - Poets of the Fall - Codeine / Morphine / Painkillers - Tattoos - Death of Loved Ones - Being manipulated or treated inhumane - IRA jokes (especially ones used against her because she's Irish) - A Bad High - Rehabilition - Any sort of torture or murdering Alive | Unknown | Dead Loved | Friendship | Aquaintance | Untrusted | Enemies Edward - I can't really put my finger on him. It's like he doesn't mind or care that he's stuck with me. But at the same time, it's like if I disappeared, it wouldn't be a loss. I don't think he knows about the codeine, and hopefully he never finds out. It's my only time I find happiness. I've been with him since March and yet I know nothing about him... The only thing he knows about me is my drugged up self as me acting 'normal'. - I watched him get sprayed down by a tosser skittish enough to think anything but... My heart sank... I felt lost once more... Michael & Nia- I can't thank them enough. I will find a way to show them how grateful I am... Even if hiding the codeine addition starts going more into something stronger... I don't want my problem being a burden on them... But this is the only thing that numbs the pain in my chest... Fletcher went missing and is apparently dead according to Nia.... Brodie shot Nia back in the head saying he had no choice. He had a choice. He was the one who pulled the trigger, not her. Now she's dead... Probably eaten by wolves... Dima - He seems nice enough, I keep overhearing him through the cracked windows with vague compliments. I'm not sure though... After everything that has happened... I'm scared that people are going to hurt me over and over again. I think he's trying to show there are good people... But it isn't getting into my mind... Especially what happened after Edward and Nia... Kaz - A friend of Dima's. Liza - I felt like I could just be open, probably stupid of me. We just stood there, like we had known each other for a long time. It was weird. I spoke about things that I never thought I would... But then again... Maybe I was high off of my rocker to know that... The 'Resistance' - Resistance my ass, if anything they're a bunch of morons that run around like headless chickens not knowing what the feck to do. Half of them, if they died, it wouldn't be a loss. In fact, more innocent people like Edward may be breathing. I'm kind of routing for these Imperil people. They left me to be abandoned, hopefully other people see they're not good people like they act to be. - Good riddance of the lot. Brodie - After what happened to Edward... Brodie made sure I wasn't let alone. His friends are absolute cunts but I wouldn't associate their mistakes to him. I can see he has a heart of gold, I hope to God he does not get hurt from their actions. But then I learn't more about him... And it turns out he will kill anyone to save himself... Red - Four words. What a fucking bitch. From the moment I met her on unfortunate circumstances, I knew I felt uneasy with her presence. She plays this good to get woman, damsel in distress it seems like. With her band of merry men. Probably tryna get into her pants to be frank. They say crazies are good in bed... Until they get their necks sliced open. She's a fucking psycho. Carving into people and trying to keep me as a pet... And best part was, no one thought it was wrong... Apart from Brodie... But then again it's like good cop bad cop. Zee - Dima told me he was looking for me, but the sideline was he had gone crazy. And I believe him. With Zee's bossy attitude and wanting me to stick around so much in his 'camp' I was already sketched out about him... I don't want him anywhere near me...
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    Hey there! So basically the rule of muting while in game, to an extent, is extremely helpful and can stop a lot of meta-gaming. I take issue with this rule whenever it starts to become a little too strict, and starts to make the server feel like a chore. Now, if I am on the server at 4:30 am, and there is only a few others on. All I am on to do is to be relaxed, and enjoy the dayz game mechanics, I am not in active role-play and probably won't find any even if I tried. I decide to have a nice convo with another community member, who isn't in game, just because its 4:30 and I am super relaxed and literally just want to chill and chat and enjoy the alone time on the server. I think it would make more sense to update the rule, making it so you must mute when in active roleplay. Though people may not always follow this rule, thats when you give warning points becuase they knowingly are meta gaming. It just makes the server seam less fun when I am high and want to relax and play. I am sure others can agree as well:)
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    Character Song 1 Character Song 2 Age: 24 Years old Height:6'1" Weight: 182 lbs Hair: Brown Eyes: Green Born: Chicago, Illinois Alignment: Lawful Evil Chapter One: The First Months. The first few months were the easiest. People still had hope for civilization, the dead could be managed, as could the bandits. For a lawless country in the first few months of an apocalypse, it couldn't have been easier, Compared to the Winter. Eddie roamed with many groups for the first few months. But he was a wanderer. Never really fit in anywhere. When winter came, he was roaming with a small group of no more than 15. Men, Women, Children, most of whom Eddie hadn't even spoken to. But he helped them, and they helped him, the Eddie felt the relationship was just a close as it needed to be. If only he knew what was to come, that this, wasn't even the beginning of his story, nor anywhere close to the end. Chapter Two: The Winter. There wasn't a choice really. Everyone was dying. It was kill or be killed. It all started when Brock and Eddie met, and Brock let Eddie into the plan. They'd hold up all they could and steal all the food they could. That worked for awhile, until the people they held up stopped having food. It was so cold people had stopped scavenging, so those they found were out of food themselves. There was little to no choice. So eventually, they stopped holding people up, and started ambushing, shooting on sight and killing a few survivors at a time. Sometimes when bullets were scarce they went in quiet, slitting throats or strangling as freezing survivors slept or weakly attempted to fight back. The butchering process was a learning curve, and being able to keep the meat down was another, but once they had done it it became routine. Brock and Eddie hardly spoke directly about it, it was just life. It was about a month in they found Paul, passed out in a hypothermic coma on the side of the road. He was badly frostbitten, and honestly what saved him was his weakness. There wasn't enough of him to eat. So they saved him, and brought him in to the group as their own. Nursed him back to health with what food they had, and eventually, just like Eddie and Brock, Paul became adjusted to "how life was" and they settled into routine yet again. About 2 weeks after meeting Paul, they met Carter. He actually was strong enough that he was conscious when they found him, and saw by the amount of canned food he had that he had been doing the same as them. They brought Carter in and spared him as long as he promised to share some of his canned food. The canned food didn't last long. But when it came time for them to revert back to their winter sins, Carter was scarred permanently. He knew it was survival, and did it willingly, but something in his mind didn't allow him to mentally survive it, that's why he reverted back into the childlike state you'll find him in today. The last one they found during the winter was Brodie. It was in the last month of the storms, and his integration went just like all the others. They bonded over a lack of food, a lawful evil alignment and a passion of firearms. Soon after meeting Brodie, the winter finally ended, and the group began to attempt to seal their sins in the past, resuming normal robberies to supply their food. Chapter Three: After (In progress) In progress Relationship Key: Family Friends Unknown/Unsure Enemies Killed Brock Blythe: Eddie Wright.webp
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    Character Song Born: February 14, 1995 Age: 23 Height: 6'3 Nationality: American Personalities: Tyler and Dallas Alignment: Chaotic Evil Weapons Of Choice: AKM, M4A1 and SVD Scars: Blind in the left eye and a Fracture to the top of the Zygomatic bone Dalton's Gang and The Red's You know... It's funny how much one human being can hate a group of people, especially during the zombie apocalypse. Making me think about it really just makes me chuckle aha. Some of you might be asking "Who are you?" "What are you talking about?" or "What did you do?" before I explain that let me tell you a bit about myself before hand. As you already know the names Tyler got the nickname Dallas from my old group I used to spend most of my time with, Some of you might know who I am and some of you might have 0 clue who I am. Let me start by saying this I am in no way, shape, or form a good person. If I told you how many people I robbed, killed or injured back when I was with my boys, you would probably drop dead on the spot. Call me whatever the fuck you want, it's survival of the fuckin fittest out here and unlike you people I will do anything to keep myself alive. Eventually everyone dies in the end, I'm sorry Dalton, Thomas and Black... I'm sorry that I got caught up at the bar with something and you guys took off without me. I had no clue where you guys went and when I heard all the shots at Vybor Industrial I came running as quick and god damn possible but I was too late. The survivors of the gunfight were gone, it was a battlefield, dead bodies laying everywhere. I grabbed what I could carry which wasn't really much, Most importantly I grabbed Dalton's red face mask and fucked off before I got killed. Ever since that day, I promised Dalton that I would kill every sort of military personnel. I needed my time alone, but during this time I met Kaiden and "The Reds". Kaiden always gave me a sense of safety when I was around him, I respected him on a very high level because if anyone did something wrong or bad in Kaiden's eyes, he would punish you for it. One thing I vividly remember is Kaiden staged a hold up and I fucked up which meant that Jace and I had to crawl all the way from Kabanino side of the North-West Airfield back to Vybor Industrial and all I'll say is that crawl was not fun what so ever. It was shortly after this that we got word that people apart of this stupid township in Pulkovo wanted to kill us so Kaiden decided to take a trip up that way, long story shot that guy who wanted to kill us, had his brains splattered all over a small little park bench. It was short after this time when The Reds took off and went into hiding, I know Kaiden and The Reds are out there somewhere, lurking in the shadows and watching your every move. This was also around the time where I lost my a lot of the vision in my left eye due to a gunshot wound inflicted by the remaining Military, Mafia and Karuma and/or The Bar Owner. Till this day I still think I should be dead but I can tell you for a fact whoever shot me is a fucking shit shot. The dude shot me in the left corner of my left eye meaning the bullet grazed my eye and went through my the beginning of my skull where my eye ends, Lets just say i'm not the prettiest man anymore but I sure am lucky to be alive which I am grateful for. After this, I was really fucked up and these guys would soon realize that I actually wasn't dead. I needed to hide out for a few months and let the heat die down. I hid for a few months before the heat died down and then winter hit and that was so rough for me, I didn't expect winter to hit around that time. Luckily I had just enough food to last me throughout the whole winter but I was super skinny towards the end of the winter. Since the winter is over now, I guess lets just see what shit I can get myself into haha. Relationship Status: Family Friends Unknown/Curious Enemy Kaiden and The Reds - They took me in when I needed it the most, gave me a sense of safety. I'd consider them family but Kaiden and The Reds lurk in the shadow... They are still around hell they are probably watching your every move so if I were you I'd be very careful what you do. Red - What kind of a name is a fucking color? Whatever, she nearly gave me a heart attack when I was shooting infected in Lopatino and her and 8 other people run up behind me and start killing infected. Other than that she seemed nice although she asked for Dalton's red face mask, I had to say no because that mask means a lot to me. If I find one though you will be the first to get it. [Updated] Me and Red have grown closer over the past few days, We killed this kid named Archie earlier today, he tried to turn on us with an AKM and it didnt turn out well for him. I feel as if I can really see through Red, Her and I are very alike, Although She's by far the hardest person to read though. I feel as if I can trust her but I dont know what her intentions are. Aidan - Seems like him and Red got something going on, not 100% sure on that to be completely honest. Kinda seems fake though, other than that Aidan seems pretty chill Trudy - Seems pretty chill, might be some kind of doctor as she popped a guy named Brodie's arm back into the socket. She is also Red's friend so thats something else i guess. Timo - Met him in Lopatino and travelled to Vybor with him, he seemed pretty chill. We had a long conversation about really everything that has gone on during the breakout. Brodie - Gave him a hunting bag when I first met him then he drank alcohol tincture. Again today when I saw him today apparently he popped his shoulder out of the socket. [Updated] The kid is really fucked up in the head, I almost feel bad for him. I can see the signs of how I was when Dalton first went, You needa get yourself some help before its to late kid. Gunner - Ran around with Gunner for about an hour or so, met these sketchy ass dudes who had some weird twitch and were wearing clown masks like mine. We got outta there as quick as possible before shit went south. I think I can sort of trust him. I remember him telling me some people killed his brother and some friends last night, I'm sorry for you loss buddy. Poacher - Met the dude while running around with Gunner. Cooked some soup for me and it wasn't half bad compared to what I've been eating the past year or so. Billy - Sketchy kid who had a weird twitch and a clown mask, I didn't trust him what so ever so I got out of the area as quick as possible. Calloway - Some kind of contract killer that sort of worked for The Reds, I met him with Corbin. He never wronged me so he is good in my books. Corbin - You are lucky I didn't let Dallas on your ass, you would be dead if it weren't for me. After I found out you setup Dalton I've wanted to kill you but Kaiden would have killed me if I did that. Kaiden isn't around anymore and isn't controlling me. Jack Kennedy - Fucker was there when they killed Dalton and apparently he is still alive. U.S. Military - These boys killed Dalton, I made a promise that I would kill every soldier that I came across for the involvement of killing Dalton, Thomas and Mr. Black. [Deceased] Dalton Weathers - Dalton was like a father to me, he taught me the ways of the land and how to survive in this barren wasteland. If it weren’t for him I highly doubt i’d still be alive. I’m sorry I couldn't make it to that last gunfight brother, I will make sure your death does not go to waste. Thomas Smith - Dalton always referred to Thomas as his protégé. Dalton thought Thomas would survive to carry on his legacy, things didn’t turn out that way. Thomas was a good kid, corrupted by this world of bad people. Mr. Black - He never really spoke much. We met Black in Sinnastok with 2 and they wanted to join our us as they heard of us before and dreamt about being in the group. Those 2 other guys ended up getting killed in the process and Black was the only one who ended up joining the group fully. Tom Osiris - Good man. We had our ups and downs, Osiris just disappeared the one day. Never saw him again but I always suspected Karuma killed him because he was the last one person I ever saw Osiris with. Wilson - Stupid kid, he got himself killed. Was one of our spies and publicly announced that it was him and to untie him during the hold up of the UN camp. Kai Karuma - Karuma was there when those fuckers shot me in the eye and tried to kill me. I want him fucking dead by my fucking hands. Haven't heard anything from him in months, if I had to guess hes definitely dead. Eleanor - Tried to plot against Dalton's gang towards the beginning of the outbreak and lied to our face. In the end she paid the price, Thomas blew her head off with a 12 Gauge Sawed Off Shotgun. The Mafia - These boys were there when they tried to kill me at the bar up in Novo. In a way I got my sweet vengeance while I was with The Reds. They liked to wear the Red armbands and Kaiden didn't like that, nor would they bend the knee to Kaiden so we had to make them take off the armbands forcefully by killing one of their brothers. Preacher - Was the leader of the military at the time, he died at the Vybor Industrial gunfight. Cpt. Grace - Was another one of the military guys that fought them at the Vybor industrial and died while doing so. Lt. Edward - Put a .45 into the back of his skull because Cpt. Grace tried to kill us, tied a loose end. Archie - Apparently he betrayed Red and her group, got some of her group killed, fuckin asshole. They cut em down like I cut down every single military personel. (This will be updated as I get more info and as the story progresses)
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    Sister Mary Kolbe Bonnie Duffy was born to hard working, Irish/American, catholic parents on March 19, 1958 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The 2nd of 8 children, the first daughter. Being the second oldest child in the home, Bonnie was sensitive to her younger siblings and treated them with more compassion than most older siblings do. Her parents worked hard so Bonnie was expected to do many tasks around the home at a young age. Outgoing and energetic, Bonnie would always lend a hand to someone in need. Her gentle touch and kindness were well known in her community of blue collar families. She always knew she would enter the convent as soon as she had finished her schooling. On July 2, 1975, Bonnie made her request to join the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity and left the suburbs of Milwaukee behind. She was given the new name of Sister Mary Kolbe after a Franciscan Saint and began her life in the Holy Family Convent in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. She was not a novitiate very long and made her First Vows on December 3, 1977. Then she took her Final Vows in March of 1979. Over the next 30 years she worked selflessly for those living in the rural areas of Wisconsin. In 2005, Sister Kolbe’s mother superior requested her to take a leave of her duties and spend a quiet year in a Franciscan monastery in Brasov, Romania. Sister Kolbe did as requested and renewed her vows and strengthened her love for Christ during her time in Romania. At the end of her year there she was ecstatic to be asked to stay longer and assist in the rural villages along the Eastern border of Romania. She lived in Romania, moving between villages with a couple of Romanian sisters and priests for the next 10 years. She did whatever was needed wherever she went. One day in 2015 while she was hanging laundry up to dry on a line stretched across the tiny parish yard, squinting into the sun as she hung the garments, Sister Kolbe had a vision of the Virgin Mother reaching her hand out to her. On the Virgin’s hand was what looked like a train. Sister Kolbe fell to her knees and asked the Virgin to give her understanding. She stayed knelt in the church yard for several hours praying. She would have remained in prayer but she was interrupted by the other sisters, saying there was a messenger with a letter for her inside. She weakly stood and went inside and received the letter from her mother superior back in the States. She silently opened the letter and read it quickly and to the shock of the others, she started to praise God and weep. The very next day she, she did as the letter had requested, and boarded a train for war torn Chernarus with several other Franciscans. There was a lot of apprehension about going to the rural areas among her companions, but Sister Kolbe was at peace. She knew she was doing as requested not only by her superiors but by her Lord as well. As expected, they were very successful in the rural communities of Chernarus. Helping the families torn apart by the brutal fighting. Until….one day, when the earth shook and the world as they knew it was turned upside down. If anyone has material possessions and sees a brother or sister in need but has no pity on them, how can the love of God be in that person? Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth. -- 1 John 3:17 -- O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O Those to lift up in prayer..... Aug 14 - Dear Lord, Divine Physician and Healer of the Sick, I ask that You restore your servant to health again. I know that through trials we gain knowledge and I pray for understanding at this time. I place this injury and my worries in Your hands. Restore me to health so that I may continue Your work in this place. But through all things let Your will be done. As I face tough choices and hard situations, help me remember I am Your child and Your representative to the world around me. Help me live everyday in a way that brings honor to Your holy name. Make whatever work I do be marked with excellence rather than perfectionism, as I seek not to make a name, but to make a difference. Help me to treat each person I encounter as You would, with respect and love, forgiving others and asking for forgiveness myself when needed. Keep my feet from stumbling and my mind strong. I thank You for all Your many blessings, even in times of great trial. I thank You for a radio that worked for several hours and for those I met over the radio. I ask for Your blessings for: Vytis - that he finds whatever he is needing and knows that You love him. Grey - please heal his injury. Kaz - for success with fixing his radio towers. Gunner - protection. Unknown voice - may he discover who You truly are. Thank you for today, a new opportunity to love, give and be all that you want me to be. Amen. Aug 17 - Heavenly Father, Creator and Protector, I thank you for providing what I needed to treat my wounds. Help me be strong through the pain they cause and continue to heal. Thank You for the rain coat I found in the fire station this morning and for all the lovely rain You brought to the earth this afternoon. Your timing is perfect. I ask for your blessings on Ashley. Please lay Your hands of protection on him and guide him to you in this confusing place. Thank you for keeping us safe as we traveled today and we ask for continued travel mercies as we head west. In your precious and most Holy name, Amen. O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O~O
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    Yo Jim can you hit me up with an investment?
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    Song It was a quiet day in the slums of Port Harcourt, Nigeria when Mongo was born. Well as quiet as it could be. The slums of the city where Mongo's family lived their lives off the sea were a hive of crime. There was little organization outside of ones own family and the only allegiances were to one's own family. Mongo's birth was nothing special and went about as well as any birth could go for a poor Nigerian family. Mongo's grandparents, Magunta and Bwembe as well as his father, Akin were the only ones present for his birth. Mongo's mother, Chubundo was well known among the Okeke's crew for her tough nature and this toughness helped with Mongo's birth. Mongo was an only child which was very rare among Nigerian families, but he was never alone as his family's crew was always there to entertain him. The crew always liked Mongo since he was comparatively, even to the oldest members, quite smart and he was extremely gifted in terms of seafaring. Despite Mongo's clear gifts for the pirate life which the majority of his family supported, his mother wanted more for him than simple piracy. Saving up through many raids she was able to scrounge up enough money to send him to the University of Port Harcourt. In University Mongo majored in engineering with an emphasis in auto maintenance. Mongo didn't much enjoy college since he was comparatively poor to the rest of the students. Besides his lower status in terms of finances many of the students also knew all about the Okeke family and their many violent exploits. Mongo's grandparents were not supportive of his schooling at all. His grandmother, Magunta, was especially clear in this. It wasn't uncommon for Mongo to be met with lashings and verbal attacks from her on any given visit to his home. The one thing that kept Mongo from giving up on his college life was his obsession with a girl named Abebi. Abebi was the exact opposite of Mongo as she had grown up wealthy and had never experienced any form of violence or crime. Their relationship grew quickly and Mongo decided to ask for Abebi's hand in marriage. She emphatically agreed and the plans were set in motion immediately. The announcement lead to many family parties on the Okeke side where drugs and alcohol were consumed in the plenty from the crew and the older Okeke's. Up to this point Mongo had avoided consuming any form of drug in extreme amounts but he decided that for this special occasion he would indulge himself. Mongo went on a massive binge, drinking huge amounts of ogogoro (Nigerian moonshine). This was Mongo's first taste of the partying life and he was certain he was ready for more. Just a couple weeks before the wedding Mongo received the news that his love, Abebi had been killed by muggers who had wanted to take her engagement ring on her way to Mongo's familial home. Mongo was destroyed by the news and he immediately fell into a deep depression. He dropped out of college in his third year and coped with the pain by drinking and eventually consuming hard drugs like heroin and cocaine. Throughout this time he spoke with his family very little and his whereabouts were unknown for several months. Mongo's pain drove him to a desire for revenge and he went about exacting this revenge the only way he knew how. He finally came out of seclusion and confronted his father about receiving his own ship for pirating. Mongo began his exploits like any new Nigerian pirate with a small motorboat and a small crew of about 10 people. Mongo's crew was different in one major way, however. Mongo's knowledge of seafaring as well as his higher education helped him lead his crew very efficiently. In no time at all the Akache pirates which they had become known as were feared and respected in the Gulf of Guinea. They were famous for their extreme brutality which was the most important factor to Mongo in his quest for revenge. Any ship that was sacked by the Akache pirates was rarely left with any survivors and even more rarely left with anything of value on it. While Mongo was living out his life as a succesful captain he enjoyed the niceties which came with it. He was constantly trying to drown his pain in ogogoro and narcotics. As the many years went by Mongo's extreme drug use began to deteriorate his mental prowess that had lead him to so much success, but somehow still he found the drive to lead his crew. When the years had finally caught up to Mongo and Abebi was only a small painful thought in the depths of Mongo's terrifying memories he decided to pass the leadership to his first mate Adonde Akrabutla. While Mongo maintained his title of captain it was rare for him to be seen outside of his chambers on his ship. He kept himself in a constant state of haze through drug and alcohol use. Mongo had reached a state of near brain deadness late in his life and was simply a figurehead for his crew which was one of the most feared in all of coastal Africa. They were known for their extreme efficiency and their captain who remained a mystery to the world at large. Mongo's final order was to take a large yacht which was inhabited by a large amount of rich South Africans. However, the crew only noticed at the last minute that Mongo had not joined them in their final mission. They looked down in the water to see the old, insane man attempting to fight a herd of sharks with his bare hands. Amazingly Mongo managed to finish his voyage passed out on the shores of Chernarus whether by pure luck or otherwise. Akachi Muladir First Mate Cayman Okonkwo Challenger to the Captain's Chair Deceased Uwae Moka First Fishman (Pictured: Uwae Moka after stealing a wheelchair as a young child). (Enemies) Chedaki
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    Anna and Adrian were born in Richmond, Virginia to Anya and Mark Kramer. Except Mark was no where to be found the day Anya went into labor. He had left, walking out on his family. For the next three years their mother struggled as a single parent. Their older sister Kaycee taking up the motherly role as Anya was forced to work two jobs to keep them above water. It wasn't until Anya met Dennis that things started to get better. The twins were four years old when the choice was made to move to Jacksonville Florida with Dennis. From there on they lived a normal and happy life. Their mother was a baker and their,now, step father was a local police officer. The two were always busy, but they tried to make as much time for family as they could, this lead to Anna and Adrian being raised by their sister just as they had back in Virginia. Her mother was from Chernarus, having moved to the states when she was just 18 and meeting Mark. So she had family still over in Chernarus that she hadn't seen in well over 20 years. It wasn't until all the news of the current events and that their grandmother had grown ill that they decided to risk it and make the trip. It wasn't the safest thing to do but family was family and they were needed. Annas grandparents lived in Novaya Petrovka, and the siblings had a couple aunts and uncles who lived in Severograd. What the siblings thought was going to be just a family visit get turned into a lot more. When the infection broke out the family spent the first few months in their grandparents, only going out when needed to look for food or gather water. When their parents didn’t return from a trip out it was Kaycee who left to find them, then Adrian, eventually leaving Annabelle home alone with her dying grandmother. The months following that was hard. Anna was left to take care of, and keep her grandmother safe. It wasn't until she woke to find that her grandmother had passed away in her sleep that Anna grew tired of waiting. Venturing off on her own was hard...she would use the night to sneak out and look for supplies taking with her just a small lantern. She had no experience with guns so she choose not to use them, instead she would sneak around and found that the 'sick' were unable to find her if they couldn't hear her. So it made it easy for her to get in and out of town without much problem. She needed to find her family...the lack of human contact was slowly getting to her. Anna is a very quiet, and shy young girl. She doesn't like being around large groups of people and will run to hide whenever something startles her. She is very touchy when it comes to people who have guns, and is very sensitive to insults. Even the smallest comment can cause her to start crying. She likes to keep to herself and can be far too trusting at times. Once Anna gets comfortable around people she with start to show a bit more of herself. At this time people will come to see that she is stubborn and doesn't like being told what to do. However It takes a lot for her to be able to get comfortable around people. Books Rain Swimming Blue ✘ Heights ✘ Crowds ✘ Two faced people ✘ Cowards x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x ● Find and keep her family safe {ongoing} ● Get over her shyness {ongoing} ● Get over her fear of guns {ongoing} ● Learn to shoot {ongoing} ● Find a group of like minded people {ongoing}
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    We have no way to verify when people are in active RP or not. The rule is there to cut down on third party communication metagaming occurring. As everyone else seems perfectly capable of muting up when they are on the server, and you're literally the only person who has been warned multiple times by the majority of the Admin team to mute up, I think the rule is perfectly fine. If you want to talk to people at 4:30 on the server, log off the server and talk to them.
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    - Florian's Theme song - Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Age: 23 years old Nationality: American "This plague? It was my lucky break, Ya hear? Finally everyone agree with what I knew from birth - The world had to burn." My story is not that special. Whose is, really? I was your average American male - Born to a middle class Family in California. The only strange about me was that I ended up getting burned alot young. Growing up, my parents became experts in learning how to treat light burns - I had never listened to their warnings to keep my hands away from fires. It never got better, either. I learned how to make a fire while camping at the tender age of eight. My parents kept the lighters firmly after they learned I was setting fire to my school textbooks. In class. They kept trying to insist that I was a normal, well adjusted child. I tried my best to resist the urges to burn until high school. I was the awkward kid who always smelled like smoke and was bullied constantly. They wouldn't leave me alone. I decided to take actions into my own hands and thus I promptly tried to burn their homes down. Suitable punishment, isn't it? After lighting the fires I wandered for a bit - Then I got a call from mother. The police were at our home looking for me, and I was to come home immediately. Fuck. That. I wasn't going to jail. So, I spent my days wandering and burning across the Wide and Open USA. My wanderings ended in Galveston, Texas. The police were hot on my trail, and with little to no options left - I boarded a ship. Guess where it ended up? My lucky day. A free land - I'll be able to burn as I please. Fuck. Yeah.
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    im from suganda so if you say sugondese it's racist
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    Here's a picture of me enjoying a nice pizza. I really like meat combo pizza. Does anyone else have pictures of themselves eating pizza?
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    Rest In Peace NLF Press F to pay respects
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    So, some of you may or may not know me, but I'm assuming from the name I've read, you do. My name is Kain and I come from DayZRP. Before it was TheTrueHawk. However, I've decided that I really wanted to try out this community as it's been in the back of my mind for quite some time now. As the title suggests, I'm a wannabe Russian, so chances are you will see a lot of Russian characters being made from me, including the one I am (hopefully) going to play as Ulman Romanov Tolstoy, which was one of my favorite characters and I'm sure @Taryn will know about him. I'm really glad to see some of my friends hanging around here and I hope to really enjoy my time playing on this server! Also, I'm dragging @SofiaL with me < 3
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    +1. I'll make it happen.
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    So like... I hate to be that guy, but i can't hear shit over IG radios. Realistically you could do the whole "You must have a radio in your bag to use TS" thing, and honestly it's just as easily policed as requesting people to record as @Iota of Silver did in Discord today. To me there's no difference. Not to mention you could make STRICT IC rooms and if you're caught OOC in them you get points... There are many ways around this... but just my opinion/suggestions.
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    // If you wish to giving someone specific - And we know why you made this post, recommendations on how they could making a situation more interesting - Then try to talk it out with them. Don't make a forum post which is basically a call-out. We had reasons for why we made our verdict and it will stay. If you want to make a tip post that suggest something like this - Don't use it to call out people. Thanks #Hallejuah //Locking the thread.
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    Nah no 3rd party. If we're using TS in your server, we're in your TS. I'll try and get everyone on the same page but like I said, I'd like the staff team to keep a dialouge open on this rule, as stated on my post. Will use in game radios from here on tho I guess dad.
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    Most recent work and one of my favorites. I draw only every once n awhile. You got a lot of tools? I only use number two pencil... haven’t tried color in a long time either.
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    South-Zargoria is as we expected, a lawless waste filled to the brim with psychopaths & undesirables. The Infection seems to be airborne & moves like radioactive fallout, contaminating specific areas and relocating with the wind. The local population or what is left have seem to be resistant to change, warlords and tyrannical leaders hold small pockets of land claiming it as their own. We have subdued some of these fowl, lawless Heretics. Those that are held up in Novo have became a thorn in my side, their insistence of their own self importance has become a deep and en-grained issue in their little tribe, they see their survival as the only thing that is important, they betray their own people. If the Emperor is willing, we can and will complete our duty and prepare for our reclamation.
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    Thank you @Mademoiselle for such a lovely day
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    Close friends and Family Jayden "Jay" Novak - "Saved him during the winter. He's kind of...how do I say it? Not well equipped for this world... He is sticking with me for now.. I'll see if he gets any better and can take care of himself. - He seems to have become more aggresive and able to take care of himself. Good." Neutral/Allies/Friends...? Irish? Girl - "Didn't catch my attention initially... but I haven't seen someone look into a fire like that since I've seen my own reflection. Definitely caught my interest." Jesse - "Gave this guy food on the coast while he was starving. He left pretty quickly." Poacher - "Cook? Running the weird gas station place?" Hadley - "Funny girl. Told me her name was "Eat my ass." on the radio. Was involved with some short unpleasant business with her.... but it ended alright and I don't think she was too pissed. I hope to see her again." Red - "Friend of Jay's. I enjoyed a day with them and look forward to seeing them in the future." Brody - "Bit of a nut case. Hope he gets better since he seems to have alot of people who care for him." Aiden - "Red's twin. (Not actually.) He doesn't seem like that bad of a guy." Enemies N/A N/A Current Health & Scars Healthy....? - Lightly burned Right hand. Mild pain. - Burn scars on his left hand and arm - His skin is still quite disfigured, but the scar has faded over time. His hand has lighter burns then his arm and he is able to use it freely. -Patches of burn scars across his body in various stages of healing.