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    Dominik "Vino" Viemen Alignment Lawful Evil Age: 37 (05/05/1980) Height 185 cm (6'1) Born in Queen's, New York Background Dominik Viemen, AKA Vino, born in 1980. Father, Salvatore Viemen, was a made man for the Gambino family. He was killed in a mob hit in 1981, and his Mother married again two more times, which resulted in another two sons - another dead husband - and an absentee father. Eldest of the three brothers, Vino grow up idolizing his uncle Tony, who was also a made man for the Gambino family. He learnt all about the code of honor and core values of the mafia life. He also learnt various criminal activities from his uncle, who taught him everything that he knew. When he turned 18, his uncle Tony gifted him a rundown car garage called Scarlett's garage - named after Tony's first wife. Vino and his two brothers saved up money from various jobs that they pulled to restore the car garage and put a chop shop out the back. They renamed it to The Scarlet Brothers garage, and named their business Scarlet Brothers Incorporated. With the money from the shop and varying jobs that they were doing for the Gambino family, they eventually put enough money together to open a brothel, which they called The Scarlet Manor. They set up multiple other sites for drug running and some human trafficking, and were asked by the Gambino family to set up a gunrunning trade, using the shipping docks at Svetlojask. They were caught by the border patrol authorities at the docks, in what seemed like a setup, and sent to an offshore Chernarussian prison. But not for long. The day of reckoning came without warning, not knowing what was going on including prison staff, chaos erupted inside the prison. Other prisoners, including him and his brothers, started slaughtering guards and prisoners alike just to escape the madness. Thinking his brothers were right behind him, he swam to the shoreline. Only once reaching the other side did he then realize his brothers were lost in the chaos. And with that he began his search to rebuild his family. Medical Condition “The Scarlet Manor Whispers” - Schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and psychosis combination. All three brothers have it but in varying degrees, the first one to show symptoms was Charlie, who started hearing voices "Whispers" at The Scarlet Manor brothel. Hence the name The Scarlet Manor Whispers. Vino being the least affected but also the best at hiding it. This is aided by his history of psychopathic and sociopathic behavior, although he has never been fully diagnosed. Psychopathy traditionally being defined as a personality disorder characterized by persistent antisocial behavior, impaired empathy, impaired remorse, bold, disinhibited, and egotistical traits. Relationships Family - Joey - My baby brother. Likes to party and joke around, can often be quick to negatively react to situations. I quite often have to redirect him as to what would be a better business decision. He reacted very negatively when he found out that I was sleeping with Ace at the same time he was. I don't know how he didn't realize what was going on, or maybe he just used the situation to claim her for himself. Seems to be losing his battle with the whispers. I'm concerned he may get to the point where it turns on me, like he wanted to turn on Charlie. - Charlie (Dead) - He was funny, but crazy and reckless when it came to trusting people. The most affected by The Whispers out of the three of us - even on his meds he would still struggle. He could be quick to violence and he never backed down from a fight. Joey was concerned that his recklessness would bring us to ruin, and in a way, it almost did. He was killed by the Vybor Reds because he wouldn't bend the knee. They claimed they just wanted to talk to him, but they gunned him down in the streets when he wouldn't go with them. - Aldo (Missing) - The first person who was brought into the family. Very funny and a great photographer; always managed to get really good weed too. Would be good to have him back around. - Ace - Former lover and loyal family member. She's with Joey now and he doesn't like to share. She works hard to make sure we're happy, and is good at apologizing when she screws up. Hard to understand sometimes, but good to have around. I do miss all the casual sex though. - Johnny (Dead) - Been with us for a while now. Follows orders and is respectful enough. Bit of a pervert though and has a tendency to tell bad jokes about penguins. (Dead) Johnny was killed because what happened with Mcgolvky, he was a valued member of the family and will be missed. how did that joke go again. - Makayla - Brought her in to keep Alfie under control, but she soon became a member of the family. With her happy-go-lucky attitude and her natural motherly instincts, she looks after the family. - Alfie - Saved his life from Daltons gang. We were originally going to keep him as a servant, but he grew on us and we decided to keep him on as someone who was under our protection. Even brought his friend Makayla over with us to make him feel better. He laughs and jokes a lot, which makes the rest of the family feel better. Employees - Aldo (Missing) - Was a primary source for food crops and marijuana. He would go off to do his investigating, but would always come back after a day or two. He's been missing for about a month now. If he comes back I think I'll shoot him in the leg so he can't run away anymore. - Ace - Has a tendency to screw up a lot, though she seems to be trying lately not to do it as much. It's probably because she's scared that I'm going to hurt her again. Though I’m currently emotionally manipulating her, so she’ll be on my side in case Joey snaps, I'm afraid if she screws up again I may lose my temper and beat into her. But she knows I have a temper and I think I told her about my condition. Either way, I'm sure I'll be able to talk her down. - Johnny (Dead) - Has a tendency to do things without approval, but they're never usually anything overly harmful to the group. Though he did shoot that girl prematurely before I was done with her. I wonder if I have to come down on him harder for the smaller things as well. Ace thanks if I give him a beating it may just drive him away, but we will see. (Dead) Johnny was killed by that little cunt Marcus. Of cause he went and died right when I need him the most. - Makayla - A bit ditzy, and not so good when it comes to weapons or security, but good for camp maintenance and morale. Has started to form quite a close relationship with Tori that I'll be sure to use to keep Tori in line. - Tori - Can be very arrogant. I was planning on beating that out of her, however she got into trouble with the bikers for what she did to Rick, and I prevented her from getting killed. Now she owes me her life. Says she will do whatever it takes to repay the debt, and I will be sure to put that to good use. She's also one hell of a torturer. - Lee - Will follow orders, even ones that he is uncomfortable with. Doesn't speak a lot, but then neither do I. Maybe a little bit reckless when left to his own devices, but I need the people right now. - Alfie - Follows orders well and is respectful. Apparently killed a couple of people protecting a girl he loved, and also has quite the knack for torture. Given his age, should be quite the valuable employee. Friends - Kurama - Been doing business for a while now. Not so much lately, as he's been in hiding from the bikers. They want him dead for not wanting to do business with them. Says he’ll back me up if I need it. - Jo - Pleasant and cheerful. Often goes around and asks everybody how they're doing and if there's anything you need. Made a great hostess at the bar. - Frank - The only doctor in the land is definitely a good friend to have. He sticks to himself and tries to stay out of everyone else's business. He treats everyone with a decent level of respect, which I like. He also patched me up and pulled a bullet out of my back, which I'm grateful for, and have been showing my gratitude in return. He's also treating Joey for his condition and has treated others in the Family. Seems to be well liked by most people. Acquaintances - Kurama - Had something to do with Charlie's death. He said he had no choice in the matter, but I'm not so sure. Seems to think that it's our job to take care of his problems. I wonder if I should have killed him already, he may still be useful. I'll have to see how things unfold. - Jo - Has changed a lot since I first met her. Seems a lot more ruthless now, but that's probably just Kurama influence. Heard her say once that she wouldn't let anybody stand in the way of her dreams; right before we killed someone who was a spy for the Vybor Reds. - Frank - Skilled doctor. Seems to have a passion for taking care of the weak. Says he's neutral, but there seems to be more going on with him then there seems, especially his involvement in this Raytheon group. The bikers said there were going to take care of him so he wouldn't be a problem for the business partners. Also said he would side with Kurama no matter what happened. - Ghost - Highly trained operative. Maintaining a contract with him may be difficult but worth it. Still wondering if I should have let him leave at all. - Rick (Dead) - Probably one of the biggest loudmouth idiots I've ever met. He seemed to be constantly getting into arguments with people over stupid shit. I told him multiple times just to do what he was told, keep his mouth shut, and everything would be fine. But he couldn't help himself and got himself killed. Now his brother is in danger as well. If the bikers didn't kill him I would have, once he had outlived his usefulness. - Dustin - Rick's brother. The less annoying of the two. He always seemed to be in a pleasant mood, however not so much now his Brothers gone. He may have a grudge against us for not helping his brother, even though all his friends in town did nothing to help. I have nothing against him at the moment. - Marcus - One of Frank's former adopted kids. Seems to have somewhat of a level head and a chance to make something of himself. However, if he keeps spreading rumors, he may find his head in a box next to his girlfriends. - Persephone - Loudmouth and disrespectful little cunt. We'll see how long she'll last now that she's no longer under Frank's protection. - Captain Von - Friendly and respectful guy, always says hello when I see him. - Dimitri - Seems to be friendly, but does have a rather disrespectful tone to him. That will get him into trouble. - Mcgolvky (Dead) - Talks a big game in front of his friends. However, when it comes down to it he will tuck tail and run, just like he did when Rick was killed. He proceeded to rile up all his friends because I didn't do anything to stop Ricks death, instead of focusing on the people who actually killed Rick. Mcgolvky was killed by the bikers. I didn’t intend for it to happen that way, but it was out of my control. - Sarah - Mia's sister. From what I heard, she's a bit of a loud mouth bitch, however she's been nothing but respectful when speaking to me. - Kaz - The local radio DJ. Don't really know much about him, seems like a happy go lucky type of guy. Raytheon They have stated that they only security guards and not hired assassins. Yet they're out to kill Tori for some unknown reason, and tried to draw us out with one of the most obvious traps I’ve ever seen. Bikers - Jack - President of the club. Seems inexperienced, or maybe just inept to the job. Seems to like the idea of killing people just because he won't have to face any consequences in this land. Allows his VP to disrespect them in front of other people. If any of my people disrespected me in the way that his VP disrespected him, I would have killed them on the spot. - Colt - Vice president of the club. Seems to be angry he's not in charge. Has a big ego and likes to be the center of attention. Demands people show him respect by simply shouting that they need to show him respect, while rarely showing any in return or to begin with. Has no problem threatening his own people when he doesn't get his way. - Hawk - Very loyal to his president, and will not act without the approval of his president, even against the orders of the vice president. - Fin - Seems to be the more business minded of the group and knows when to calm things down. - Dale - Don't know much about this one. He seems attentive and always on alert. Enemies - Vybor Reds - Said they just wanted to be left alone and they were gonna stay in Vybor, but they didn't. And they didn't like anyone wearing the color red. They killed my brother Charlie because they could see how dangerous he was, and because he would not bend the knee. - Marcus - Formed a Lynch mob and came down to our camp and kill Johnny because we help the bikers kill Mcgolvky. we've all these people multiple times not to come after us but they still do, now Marcus and his friends that were there are probably all going to die along with any other people who try and come after us over this. Killed - Mia - Loudmouth junkie bitch. She was so pissed off that Frank kicked her out of his camp, she was feeding false information to Johnny to try and make us go to war with Frank. So I captured her, tortured her for information, then had one of the employees shoot her and cut her head off to keep as a trophy. - Parker - Seemed obsessed with Dalton and Kayden. Was feeding information to the Vybor Reds, so I captured her, tortured her for information, then had one of the employees shoot her and cut her head off to keep as a trophy. - Collins - Found out he was sent to prison for gunning down women and children in a shopping center. He threw down his arm band and left the family, so I sent the boys out to put him down.
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    "I Church agree to give Pein at least one bone a day in exchange for the server to be upgraded in slots."
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    Frequently exhausted, always craving Timmies coffee, and usually here to help. I'm Frog, a 25 year old gal who's making her way through University, and also your less than local Community Manager from the great lands of Cananayda. Figured it was about time I posted an introduction. Things To Know About Frog • Has the memory of a very friendly goldfish. • Might accidentally organize your tent. • Likes piña coladas, and getting caught in the rain. ☔️ But prefers vodka paralyzers, and being able to find a raincoat in-game. • Makes the things in Photoshop, when time permits. Poke occasionally for more expedient results. • Resident marshmallow. • Do not agitate the marshmallow. • Has been RPing for years. Wrote characters and scenarios with folks, roleplayed on 7 Days to Die servers, dove into other video games, interacted and created in Dungeons and Dragons / Pathfinder / Stars Without Number, and is now here on DayZ. • Loves witticisms, puns and dirty jokes with friends. • Alignment: Neutral Good Come talk to me if you ever need anything, have questions about the game or staff, or just want to touch base about something! ❤️
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    Evening all! Quarantined Staff Team here, Today was a productive day for us as a staff team, we’ve taken some of the questions and concerns some of you have brought to our attention and discussed them in our staff meeting! Here on Quarantined, we want to make sure everyone's voice is heard and all questions and concerns are addressed. Things discussed at the staff meeting today Sunday, February 18th, 2018 Server lore and organic events - Within the last week a member of the community hosted an organic event known as the Block Party, it filled the server and eventually forced the server into a queue It was nice having a full server once again and we’d like to encourage this kind of thinking and we more players take the wheel in establishing these events in the future. As for server lore events we’ve come up with a couple of events that we’re happy to go forward with, we won’t be giving a date as of yet but when we decide one, you’ll know all about it. Staff roles within the community - (Underlining the basic jobs associated with the staff members specifically Moderators and community managers) Within the community we have 4 ranks that are on associated with the staff, these being Admins, Mods, Community Managers and A Lore Master. These are core roles within every community and we want to outline why they exist in order for you to be able to direct yourselves to the correct rank if you have problems or concerns. An admins main role is to handle reports, update rules and keep the community organized. Admins should be approached with this in mind, we hope you don’t see our ranks and assume they’re here as a SWAT team to just ban people, they’re here to help not punish. A mods role is purely moderation, they keep the community clean of “Shitposting” and other distasteful content that we as a community deem inappropriate. A community managers role is to be the bridge between the admins and the community, the admins are all human meaning we will miss details within the community due to us being in a bubble at times, we feel that this role bursts that bubble at times and helps us understand concerns better, they’re the main role is to communicate with all of us. Inactive groups/hostile groups - Making sure large, influential groups on the server are active, if not providing the community a reason why they are not playing for everyone involved in RP Community perception towards staff/admins and moderators cooperating as kill squads - Treating staff different in roleplay just because they are admins, this has come up in conversation as of late as a legitimate concern as if we are held higher than your average community member, this is of course false. We are players on the server just like everyone else and we are held to the same rules and guidelines, don't let that shiny admin tag deter you from achieving character goals. Transparency - Making sure everything we do as an admin team is not done behind closed doors. Which is why this post has been posted for you all to read! Tent limits/common sense towards base building - Keeping the loot economy in mind when creating camps, common sense for veteran players, not so much for newer members, it's everyone's job to police this amongst groups. Server Balance Hero/Villain numbers and how to make it enjoyable for all - For the health of the server its worth thinking about the balance between antagonist and protagonist roles within a community. You need bandits just as much as you need heroes, keep in mind you don't have a story without conflict! Drinking while roleplaying - communicate in roleplay when you have been drinking can help others better understand your actions. For instance, players around you (friends) could hint towards you drinking or you could drink in front of the people you are roleplaying around. We will NOT restrict people drinking in roleplay, it is their time. Just be considerate of people roleplaying with and around you. As we proceed from here we will keep everyone updated on any changes made to the community and to the rule set, Please feel free to bring any questions or concerns you may have to your staff team, this is just as much of your community as it is ours, this simple philosophy is what makes this community so different from most others. If you have any questions please direct them towards us and we'll answer accordingly.
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    Was a lovely service. https://plays.tv/video/5a8e5dae15af11bb32/the-wedding-quarantinedrp-?from=user
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    Robert Garafalo Hey how you doing? Names Robert, but most people call me Boe. Full Name: Robert Boe Joseph Cowden-Garrafalo Alais: Boe Age: 29 Height: 6'1 Weight: 194 lbs Religion: Roman Catholic (Very Religious) I'm just a guy from Pittsburgh trying to do some good in the world. I grew up in a household that preached good morals and religion. Ya know church on Sundays, bible study on Saturdays, and being forced to join alter boys by my Ma. I will say my parents did a damn good job raising me and my brothers. They taught us all about how to live the lifestyle of a good man. We grew up thinking about everyone else's needs before ourselves. Growing up, I was the oldest of three children. By far, my father and I had the closest relationship out of us kids. I admired my Dad like he was the richest, smartest, and most talented man in the world. I wanted to be exactly like him growing up. I wanted to be a good man that helped other. A man with a nice, well mannered family. The way he held his chest high and spoke his feelings clearly and loudly inspired me. One day, when I was ten years old, my dad and I were getting dressed for church. I remember seeing him slip two handkerchiefs into his pockets, one in his pant pocket on in his shirt pocket. I remember asking, "Dad, what are those for? Why do you keep handkerchiefs in your pockets." Then he told me about his, "one for blow, one for show," rule. I don't know why, but I needed to do it to. I needed to be like my Dad. So, I asked him if I could have a handkerchief to blow and a handkerchief to show. He then handed me a black handkerchief, which I slipped into my shirt pocket. Today, it's my good luck charm, and I will never go anywhere without it. I was a fairly smart kid in school, almost always bringing home straight A's. I played baseball, lacrosse, and ran track throughout my high school years. I wasn't the biggest kid on campus, since I sprouted up fairly late, but I was strong as hell. No one would mess with me, but I still hated bullies. Belittling other people disgusted me, and I found myself in several fights standing up for the kids who wouldn't. I never had to much of an interest in girls, as far as looks go. I was more of a personality type of guy in high school, which is why I was the last one you would see hooking up at party. People used to say I was the best person to go to a party with, since I didn't drink. It wasn't uncommon for me to attend parties just to drive my friends home safely. While sports, studying, and church took up most my time as a teen I had one hobby I absolutely loved. You see, my Dad would take me to the fire station on Saturdays before bible study. We would volunteer every weekend, and even though nothing ever really happened I found it to be the most fun thing ever. The feeling of being someone who is looked up to by kids. The feeling of being someone who could save lives. I knew from those weekends at the stations that I was born to be a firefighter. That was confirmed to me when I was seventeen, though. The feeling of excitement when I found out we were going to help people in a real situation. I rushed to the truck, ready for anything. A fairly large house had been set ablaze by a candle, which was left burning for to long. It took three hours to put the fire out, but those three hours of hard work changed my life. I remember getting in the truck with my dad and stating firefighting was for me. I stuck to my heart after graduating high school at the age 18 , and attended Kaplan University to become a firefighter. It took me six years to get all my degrees, taking a few short breaks from college in between. I moved back home to Pittsburgh, and found myself working at a station just a few miles away from my childhood home. I never found love or any of that bullshit. I just don't think that whole love thing is for me, I just haven't felt anything for anyone. Instead, I spent my free time doing community service, helping out at church, and listening to music. I saw this thing online about a Russian country that is worn torn, and struggling. I think I may apply to go with a group of other to help rebuild this war-torn country called Chernarus. I think it will be fun to see the world from a different perspective, and helping people is right up my lane. There is much more to find about Boe's backstory in character. Equipment Head: Tan/Black Baseball Cap Glasses: Aviators; Designer Sunglasses Face: Black Handkerchief given to Boe by his father; Gas Mask Shirt: M65 Jacket (Color Varies); Checkered Shirt (Color Varies) Pants: Black Jean; Beige Cargo Pants Shoes: Black Military Boots; Black and White Converse Weapons Primary: M4A1; Steyr AUG; SVD; AKM Sidearm: Glock 19; 1911 Engraved Melee: Black Firefighter Axe Hidden in Boot: Combat Knife Friends Black- Damn good guy. We get along, have similar views, and overall I think we will survive a long time together. Makayla- I am going to make sure she gets away from these Mafia people. Anything for an old friend I guess. Alfie- This kid is the perfect mix of serious, funny, and talkative. He is fun to be around, and I trust him when it matters most. Patrick- Another one from the summer camp that made it. He's one hell of a guy....we got each others back. Owen- A good guy with his head on his shoulders. Patrick trust him, and so do I. Quinn- Not very talkative, but a damn good kid. She can shoot and she can be trusted..what more can one ask for? Acquaintances/Uncertain Axel- Barely know the guy, don't want to. I find his presence around Mcgolvky the night he died is sketchy, and I don't like that. Von- Don't know him to well, but he seems like a good, trustworthy man. A little more time for a good read is all I need. Adam- Von's friend, and the same situation as Von. Haven't had enough time to get a good read. Pat- I helped him out the night Mcgolvky died, and he seems like good people. Just gotta be careful for a biker/mafia spy. Grant- Friend of Black's. Don't know much about him, but he seems cool. Frank- I met the guy once, so I don't really know him. I do have respect for this guy though. He seems organized, and Makayla thinks he's a good man. Enemies Colt- This guy threatens me on the street and on the radio for no apparent reason. He is also a leader of some very bad people. He needs to piss off before I take him out. Johnny- Want to get in my face and threaten me? Fuck you man leave me the hell alone before you end up dead. The Mafia- These folks are up to no good. Some of them are just doing what they need to for survival. The others who are enjoying that shit need to die. The Bikers- Who the fuck do you think you are? You don't run the fucking country. Think you can go around forcing people to make deals with you then killing them when its not done right. Ya'll gotta die. Hugh- Fucking traitor! Shoulda scrapped you when I had the chance. Tori- I never fucking trusted you anyways, but then you try getting my family killed. You will die slowly and painfully by my hand.
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    Posting on behalf of @MichTheMedic this is not my screenshot so give all credit to the man. Pictured here we have @JkpFrog (Ace) & @Zeltig (Joey)
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    Dr.Stone Tunes The Screams of a mother can be heard from room 205 in the hospital of George Washington university, the screams carried throughout the hallway and travelling into every broken crevice that the sound waves could travel through. As the mother pushed life into the world giving the world another sacrifice to give up to mother nature one day and having that burden on a new parent’s shoulders carried heavy across the mother and father while they watched life take its first breath or maybe its last. An hour passed then Two, Three and even Four and by the time the moon reached its apex the mothers screams died and her echoes drifted into silence around the hospital and her screams where replaced by her sobbing in relief that the pain was over and her sobbing was quickly taken over by her child screams that filled the hospital with joy and happiness that the mother got through giving birth for the first time. The sounds of the hospital filled the mother’s ears and making her clench her head in pain as she became sensitive to the loud sounds that filled the air around her. The Father face filled with joy and happiness to see his son and hear him crying and taking the oxygen from the air was surreal to him, His emotions filled his head and heart at the same time making a single tear come down his face as to see life that he created with his soon to be wife. The mother on the other hand still clenching at her head in pain sat they’re in the hospital bed thinking how she got through the painful experience and having the sense of guilt bringing another human into their troublesome world. Secrets crawl their way out the dark sooner or later. It was Stevens 18th birthday, Birthdays to Steven were nothing special as his parents never payed enough attention to him on special days like this because they were always moving and going places Steven didn’t understand why but at this point in his life he didn’t really care about things like Christmas or birthdays and even Thanksgiving, days like these were so called “Normal” to him and his family. As the Family moved around in their damaged, old and some may have called it nearly destroyed RV they would always stop at a church on Sunday to pray. Steven always remembered him coming to church when he was younger Sundays were really the special days for the whole family and his family never missed a Sunday service any day of the week it was more important than anything to show respect to the person who created the earth and people around us his mother and father said. The Lore family would always have dashing clothes for any church they went too and even knew all the pastors that were there, and Steven parents would always go into a back room with the pastor at every church for a couple of hours to talk and then they would leave and carry on their journey to their next destination..... People I Love Mr.Marcus Mr.Moe Mr.John ----------------------------------- Friends The Survivors Pink Armbands ------------------------------------------ Not Trusted Miss.Alex Tori " Victoria" ------------------------------------- Hate The Mafia The Bikers Format Inspiration @Harvey
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    Welcome everyone to my realistic medical guide within this thread I will be covering many topics that you may come across when roleplaying a doctor this can be anything from treatments, How diagnose someone, knowing what the player has and many more topics that will be covered within this thread. By no means does this thread cover everything within the medical filed and how you should play your character out not all doctors know everything. I hope everyone enjoys the guide and if you have any questions regarding the guide and the information within the thread then please PM me or leave a comment below thank you once again and I hope you enjoy the Guide. I do warn people there is going to be pictures within this thread that may not be for all people. Before I start I just want to say that I have been playing a doctor in multiple community's for over a year now and I have never turned back from playing one and I hope this guide helps people with playing a doctor within RP and in the game overall once again enjoy. Treatments & Diseases Gun Wounds Stab Wounds Broken Bones Bleeding Brain Prion Disease Cholera Food & Chemical Poisoning Infected Wounds Hemolytic Reaction Salmonella Medical Equipment Wooden Splint Saline Bag / Iv Start kit Alcohol Tincture Charcoal Tabs Morphine Auto-Injector Tetracycline Antibiotics Epinephrine Vitamin Bottle Roleplay Scenarios Text Roleplay Asking Questions Gun Wounds Bullets wounds are going to be common when playing within the medical filed in DayZ, Bullet are very dangerous when it comes to hitting the human body, the damage it can do to a human is astronomical. Bullets are made of different types of metal and most bullets have lead in the core giving the bullet a higher-velocity. Bullets contain different types of metals such as lead, gilding metal, cupronickel, copper alloys or steel. A bullet can travel at different speeds depending on the different factors that day but tested fire arms ( not specified range or what gun ) can travel up to 370 m/s or 460 m/s and of course this can range. Overall bullets are dangerous and can cause major problems for a human. What to do? When being hit by a bullet multiple questions have to be asked for example what kind of gun was it? Where did it hit you? and of course is the bullet stuck or is their an exit hole? All these question have to be running through your head while asking the person too this will help you move onto the next stage of helping the person. Now when it comes to giving the person aid you will need to do multiple things before touching the wound it self, Making sure that your patient is the right colour, loosing blood ( Real life ) can send your body to focus on the wound it self pushing blood to the surface of the skin and out that wound meaning every time that persons heart pumps blood it move's the blood towards the exit wound. If your patient has discolouration you will have to act fast because this can lead to the person unconscious and then you will have another problem on your hand's. Pressure Bandage You will need one of these on your character, you can use "*" within game chat if you want to emote it out, but most people will say it out loud or really say something along the lines of what he or she is doing to help the patient. Firstly, before taking out your pressure bandage you will need to apply a normal bandage to the area and apply pressure for 10 minutes (but in game for a couple of seconds) If the player says that the bleeding hasn't stopped or you just want to apply the pressure bandage anyway then go ahead a do so. 2. While applying the pressure bandage or a normal bandage to stop the bleeding you will need to treat for shock and the same time, most people don't do this because they don't understand that people can die from this as well as the bullet wound. - Talk to the person and cover them up. 2. Blanket Covering up the person is not needed all the time the reasoning for this is just to keep the person clam and warm and not let anything get to the infected area. This step is not used all the time and i really think it should because after being shot the body is going into a state of focusing that area and trying to heal it right away and also your blood is being pushed towards to the surface. Also Infectious are most common with being shot because bullets can be dirty and give a big risk of infections entering the body. Removing A Bullet When it comes to taking a bullet out of a person this becomes complex and really hard for even the most trained doctors to do and is going to be even harder when it comes to not having any professional equipment and overall it being the apocalypse. Not every step is taken when it comes to removing a bullet and some people just don't want to go through every step but when it comes down to it making a step wrong that can kill your character and then just walking off like nothing went on is not realistic to me i think doctors that do remove bullets should follow the right steps to do so. Cleaning around the area -Firstly, when it comes to the cleaning the area people pour (This) item over the wound when this can further damage tissue and also delay the healing of that said wound. This item is not supposed to be poured directly onto the wound itself but onto the rag or a bandage then applied onto the wound. 2. Pain Relief - Pain also is a high factor that people miss because they don't understand that pain can also kill a person over time. For Pain Relief within game people like to use morphine but this increases high rate and is a bad idea to use because your heart is already beating really fast from the shock of you being shot so adding more stress towards your heart to work faster will / might kill your patient. So, within game i would choose pain killers this is great tool to use when it comes to taking away the pain from someone. 3. Removing the bullet - After the pain relief has kicked in and you have tested it that it has. Then you will start to go into the wound and try and remove it with some tweezers. If you can't see the bullet but know where it is located and there is not exit then the bullet might be within that area. Most likely within game you will see the bullet and remove it easily just by slowly pulling it out. But if said person says that it feels like its deeper within the body and you can't see it on the surface of the skin then you will start by making small incisions around the area were the bullet is and you know it is there. After making the incisions and getting a clear view of the bullet you then start pulling the bullet out and move along. 4. Cleaning again - After removing the bullet, you will need to clean the wound again this is because it has been exposed to bacteria and other particles within the area and surface around them that need to be killed before finishing up. This will help to prevent infections and ultimately not killing you patient. 5. Stitching and Finished - You need to stitch the wound up and if playing a doctor, you will know how to do this. When you are done stitching the person up i would then apply a bandage around the wound and then tell them to clean that everyday twice a day this will stop any dry blood from sticking to the area and making it hard for the bandage to latch onto the skin and being hard to remove and also clean the area with some warm water every time they change their bandages. Stab Wounds Stab wounds can be very different from bullet wounds but some cases can be linked together as being some what the same. When it comes to being stabbed their are many questions also to ask yourself how far has the knife went into the body? Is there more than one stab wound? And there is many more that you would ask the person before touching the wound itself. In many cases when their is no doctor around and a person has been trained a little within this filed they would know the "ABC" method before touching the victims wound. This method checks for Airway, Breathing and circulation this should be checked before anything has started. What to do? Within Dayz and a roleplay situation things can get out of hand and the person is in shock or in a state of panic make the person feel comfortable and lower their heart rate quickly before starting. After doing so check the area where the Knife is and do not touch it, be very careful not to this can lead to further damage to the person and the area itself, by not touching the knife this is helping you because it steams the blood flow. But in cases within game you will need to remove this knife as soon as you can this can be done by quickly removing the knife in a upwards direction and not in any other way because it can lead to further problems. After removing the knife you will need to apply pressure to the wound itself and quickly wait for the blood flow to slow down if not do the same as step 1 in the gun wounds section with the pressure bandage. Some people may not have a pressure bandage on them within game so further to this you would have to use an item's that are small and can fit within the size of the wound this will 100% slow down the blood flow and then after remove said object and then apply a bandage ,Of course all wound's and bandages would have to be clean with in game equipment. Treatment for Shock when you come across a person that knows what they are doing in situations like this they might roleplay out that they are going into shock this is most likely to happen when dealing with a person that has just been stabbed or shot but the way to see that they are going into shock is some times not known or known how to treat. When a person is going into shock their blood vessels constrict and sweat glands activate this resulting into cold, clammy skin. When seeing these signs you will have to keep them warm this is why the blanket is used in both gun & stab wounds. Broken Bones Broken Bones are also common within game you an get this by falling from high places, getting shot in the legs, being hit by people and zombies in the arm to get a broken bone and many more things can happen. The questions that have to be asked are where it the broken bone? Is the broken bone out of the skin or not cut through the skin? For broken bones in the arms.legs and really any where on the body is going to be different and factors can play a big role within the way your body heals that said broken bone. When it comes to having a broken bone that is not out of the body or you can not see it at all then these types of broken bones in some cases can be fixed by putting a splint on the person and having them leave it there for a couple of weeks letting the bone move back into the right place and really just letting the body heal itself. ( This can be done by anyone ) The most important thing to look out for when a broken bone is being played out is if their is any damage around the area meaning that when you have a broken bone these bones can apply pressure to near by veins and can cause even more problems for the doctor. Fixing this is fairly simple you can just re position the bone and this will stop anything happening with blood flow. Bleeding Bleeding is going to major part of being a doctor and really knowing how to stop people from bleeding is going to be 100% known from the basic medics to the professionals. When being hit from a person to a zombie everyone is going to be bleed but knowing how to stop the bleeding is a big challenge sometimes for a person in training. Some people don't understand that when bleeding you can have even more medical issues go on meaning infectious and even blood flow being trapped and causing you to remove tat body part so stopping people from loosing blood is major when playing within the medical filed. Within the game people use Bandages and Rags to stop bleeding and in some minor cases that will work but just remember when you are playing a doctor and some asks for your help just show them that you know what you doing by using text chat to show what you are doing is right. Some people may try and call you out for not doing something the right way all the time but when it comes to these situations there are many ways to stop someone from bleeding and helping them in the long run with blood overall. Internal damage i haven't seen really or at all be played out by people when I come to their aid. This is mainly because people don't want to role play out long term illness or injuries towards their character that will restrict them in any way. If more people started to roleplay out more illness and injuries then it will give the people that are playing doctors more passion to put more time within their characters profession. Stop the Bleeding within the abdomen - When being confronted about internal bleeding within the abdomen you will have to think about organs and how you will need to protect them. If you can see any organ then you will need to act fast on helping this person out. Firstly "find a moist, sterile dressing to place on top of the wound (to protect the organs)." This will help protect it from any infections that might come towards the open wound. Easily ask the person if the pain as gone down and then you are allowed to give the person pain medication reasoning for this being that the patient needs to be on the floor and don't want the person to move at all or possibly choke when giving them the tablets. If there is not damage towards the organs (Most likely won't be within game) Then you can stitch the person up and place a bandage around them and tell them to change it daily. 2. Stop the bleeding within the arm or leg area. - Just like normal your main focus should be to stop the bleeding right away, this has been explained above within the many sections on how to bleeding, after doing so and bleeding continuous then apply "pressure to the brachial artery for the arm or the femoral artery for the leg." You will know that you have applied the right pressure because the blood will slow down and finally stop. If nothing is working to stop the bleeding then in extreme cases you will have to lose an arm or leg depends on where it is. Amputation will be covered within a different section of the thread so just link back. Overall internal damage as i said above is not played out a lot or correctly and i know that people are not going to search up everything and all the symptoms but just knowing a little about what your character will have will help out the people playing doctors a lot and will give you the right diagnostic and this will lead to processing within role play and story lines. I know I never covered a lot about the internal damage side this is because i will be here forever and I can't cover every single bit and treatment as this thread will be really long. But If you have any more questions within this section or any type of experience that you have within game with people role playing an internal damage in any sort of way and didn't know how to come act or come across I could give some insight on what i would have done. Cholera This can be caught if a player drinks an unclean source of water. Cholera is really dangerous to get within game because it only takes around an hour for things to start kicking in, there is different stages when catching Cholera, we have 4 stages within 3 sections meaning that we start of we stage 1 and the cholera it's at a mild stage meaning it will still have a chance of killing you but this effect is slower than the rest and will take longer. The stages and section will represent how long you have had Cholera for. ( Picture/ Information Source ) Sadly, its late and you don't see the signs taking place and you have left the diseases settle in then you will die from the cholera but if you notice the messages that you get you can cure this by getting antibiotics and taking them as soon as you can. Sometimes in rare cases the antibiotics won't work and this will only skip thsometages of cholera. Throwing up will help get rid of the sickness logo and you will just have to keep your food and water to the max and wait until you see the sickness logo again this will indicate what stage you are at. Red meaning the highest stage and yellow meaning you might be around stage 2 to 3 this can still be help. Food and Chemical Poisoning Chemical Poisoning people don't get all really, it's but both are the same that's why they are in the same section and the way you treat them are the same as well. This is a fairly longer process to kick in but when it does it's quicker to kill you and take away health, food, water and loads of other stuff that might keep you player alive out there. To cure this some people just let it run its course and when it comes to the serious stages of this then people are also too late to cure it. Normally I would say keep your Food & Water to the max and also take charcoal tablets this normally cures it and if not, it slows it down until it normally passes itself. Infected Wounds People can get this by Zombies when they are bleeding and sometimes when they are not and lastly you can catch this by not cleaning rags or a sewing kit to clean wounds. Infected wounds have four stages that it goes through each one getting worse for your charterer and slowing killing them faster the last stage. Also, by catching this you will have a high chance, most of the time 100%, of being dehydrated a lot so I would say like always keep your food and water to the max. If you see the text message within chat right away then you can clean the wounds this time with some alcohol tincture. If not seen right away then you will kill the wounds like normal but then add antibiotics to stop the infection for spreading around the body. Hemolytic Reaction This infection is caught when giving someone the wrong blood when transmitting the blood to someone else with a different blood type. Sadly, there is not a cure for this and you will fall unconscious a couple of seconds after the transmitting part is done and then shortly after death. This is why you should check if you are having good doctor on your hands before going through with what he or she says and double check that you have the same blood type before anything goes down. Salmonellosis This can be caught when you eat raw meat or raw fish. This disease or not fatal if you don't leave it for too long. This is similar to the having Cholera or Food poisoning. Salmonellosis is not really a big and can be cured very easily just by taking antibiotics and once again keeping healthy by keeping your food and water to the max. Brain Prion Disease This type of diseases is also known as Kuru. To get this diseases is to eat another human being flesh but this is different within real life and I will now be going over the real life way of getting this diseases reasoning being is that is is really different from the game versions and overall is not going to change the way you role play this diseases out. This diseases is not going to kill your character at all but is going to give you some weird things to add to you player for example laughing every couple of minutes and also twitching is also a given factor to be added to your player. There is no cure for this as I have read and really I just want to put this within the thread because some people may not know what Brain prion diseases is. I said I wasn't going to go over the way people got this diseases within real life but I will cover a little on what it doe's to the body and some other things also. Medical Equipment within DayZ is limited to what we can do to a person using these equipment that we have within the game. Anything can be rolplayed out using the star sign "*" within text chat to show that you are doing something that your character can't do or show through the normal game mechanics. In the future the DayZ developers have said that they will be adding in more Medical Equipment so help those that like to play the role or just to treat things that may be added within the future. In this section I will be covering most of the equipment. Wooden Splint A Wooden splint can be crafted by using Rags,100% bandage or duct tape put together with sticks of any amount. Applying a splint can be hard for people that are not doctors, applying a splint to a person has to be in the right place to help the person body part recover over time this equipment is very important when it comes to helping someone. This type of Equipment in real life is very different to within game, Within game it is a make shift one that can only last a short period of time before the sticks will not be able to hold any longer. When comes to applying the splint you will have to place it so it is resting of the joint above the injury and the joint below it. "For example, if you are splinting a forearm, place the rigid support item under the forearm. Then, tie or tape it to the arm just below the wrist and above the elbow." Saline Bag Saline Bags within the game are used to increase the HP of a person that may have lost blood for being shot. When using a saline bag in RP there are a number of steps you will have to take before injecting the person with the bag. The area most likely in the arm were veins are most seen has to be cleaned of course just to kill any bacteria. You will have to ask your patient to squeeze their arm, this helps veins rise to the surface and be more visible, after doing so then you will inject the needle into the vein slowly making sure you are in the middle because there is a big risk of missing a vein or placing it in the wrong area and causing even more health risks. Alcohol Tincture Alcohol Tincture is used to heal wounds and clean rags and other things before using it on a person. When it comes to using this item it is fairly simple and not a lot has to be said about it but when it comes to using it don't use to much reasoning being this item gives of burning feeling and this is used normally on a wound to kill bacteria and clean it. Overall this item can be used by anyone that knows what it does and knows not to use to much because it hurts a lot when applying it on a open wound. Charcoal Tabs This helps with food poisoning that you can get from eating rotten food or food that hasn't been cooked in game. Now within Real life and how this medication should be used and how it is used is somewhat the same from in game. This type of medication does help with poisoning and drug overdoses this can also be used for other types of stomach / kidney problems. Do not take more loads of this medication daily this has some bad side effects attached to it such as turning your tongue black. Morphine Auto-Injector This item fixes broken bones and fractures to a player. I went into some detail about this item above in one of the sections but i will go over it again in a little more detail. Morphine in real life takes away the pain from a person by going through the central nervous system and removing the pain directly. This does not take long to kick in. Above i said that you should not use it when trying to remove bullets because the heart rate will already be increased but from further information i would use it when the heart rate has gone to a normal beat and it not in any way of a risk towards the person. Tetracycline Antibiotics Within the game this item is used to treat diseases this has a (90%) chance of removing the disease from you player. On the other hand, in real life it's kind of the same but not only does it help treat diseases that you may caught within the game it also can help with skin problems or some sexual transmitted disease. People within game don't understand how much they have to take of this drug and maybe they take 1 or maybe 2 but this depends on many different types of factors such as weight,height,diet and many other small things that may change the amount that you player needs. Epinephrine Within the game Epinephrine is used to awake unconscious players but within RP i would use the medical item as it is used within real life. Epinephrine is used to treat treat very serious allergic reactions to insect stings/bites, foods, drugs, or other substances. This helps to improve breathing stop any kind of swelling. Within RP I would not use it for the normal game sense because giving someone this shot when they don't need it can be bad because depending on where you injected the shot it constricts the blood vessels around that area and a doctor will need to see if the person is still getting enough blood within that area. Within most cases people will inject an Epinephrine within their thigh this is due to the thigh being one of the largest muscle mass on the human body. Vitamin Bottle This helps within the game to prevent new infections by (75%) and help recover from old infections that your player had by (50%). Of course, this is something different within real life and the game so and there are many different types of Vitamins within real life so I would stick the how you would use the item within game and not the way people use it within real life because of the difference within both. Text Roleplay When it comes text roleplay I only will be using it for when I'm doing in depth Roleplay with someone medically meaning if in the situation needs text roleplay I will use it now some people don't understand how important text roleplay is for people that need it, For example when I need to check out a wound then I will not say it because that is not immersive so I will type if instead. I would say when it comes to Text Roleplay for people that are trying to play within the medical filed have a save file that has all your actions in them so you will not have to take long to reply and break the roleplay with the other person saying "are you okay?" because they think you are frozen. When it comes to me having a save file with my actions in them I have the following this can change at any time and you can add to it this is some things that I have ran into when playing and I needed all the time. * Takes out Medical equipment * * Checks the infected area * * Stitches the wound * * Places a bandaged around the .... * * Applies Pressure to the wound * * Touches the wound to see inside * * Injections ( Medical Equipment ) into ( Area that is needed ) * Asking questions You might be asking yourself why would I need to ask questions? Well asking questions is very important because as it stands now within the game we can't see the physical wound on said character so we will need to use text to act it out. When it comes to asking questions OOC'ly it can be a bit immersive breaking but it is important because rules always apply and you do not want to force a medical condition or what you see on a person that they don't have or they don't want on their character. When it comes a time to do this here are some examples of that you can type and how to lead into asking these questions. When in these situations you would have a patient with you of course with some wrong with them normally using the asking questions part it would be involved with a open wounded or something a long that line. Lets say that you patient has just been shot in the leg just above the knee ( Would of asked where he was shot ). After asking all about where we was shot? Do you think the bullet has an exit wound? Or this is when you the OOC questions can be asked. After asking him where we was shot you can then proceed to further the RP and start saying the following using the "*" within text chat. * Cuts pant leg up to the kneecap where the wound is visible, inspecting the area looking for an exit wound // Is there an exit wound * Yes this might be a bit long to right that's why I'm going to be linking it back to what I said in text roleplay section meaning you will have these saved within a file or some were that you can easily copy and paste into the text chat. Now I'm not saying that you are going to type/say it like that but this is just an example of something that cam up in my head and I would of wrote it out like this. Now after saying this the person would reply with a simple " No " or " Yes " within chat also using the // this is clear for the person that you have replied to the OOC question with an OOC answer, I have to say this because some times people say yes in game and then that leads to awkward RP and really kills the mood. After the person has said " Yes " or " No " then you would lead onto your next peace of roleplay following it up with something else. There are going to be a lot of questions that you need to ask before forcing lets say high blood pressure on someone because this effects there character forever and sometimes people don't want to roleplay these things out or have then overall. Now people may say but when telling someone that they can't run after having there leg fixed or something is't that forcing someone to not roleplay a way they don't want to. And what i say to this is there is a fine line between forcing a telling someone to act a way that would act 100 percent sense after having their leg fixed to forcing someone a medical condition. Overall Just ask questions before moving on to your next steps when is comes to roleplay a doctor. I hope you like the new style and overall theme of the Thread I wanted to switch it up and make it look more simple and not colourful because I just feel like it goes with the serious vibe that comes with having someones life in your hands. Also the theme is inspired by another medical Roleplayer @Sofie from another community that created a thread like this but way better. Thank you again and I hope this helps people
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    "The Gun Show" Memories.... @Keira @Roast
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    *will update later on(computer died)Just putting in a picture of Svenny Sven Sven right now*
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    @MichTheMedic@JkpFrog@BobbyKyle117@Ninja@Speckles@Malthis@Toker@Pratty@Hazard - All you folks made my night in rp great, had a blast. Amazing role players all around.
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    Stanislav Orlov Born: May 4th 1991 Place of birth: St. Petersburg, Russia Height: 6'1 Weight 192lbs Backstory: Born and raised in Saint petersberg of Russia, Stanislav or Stan had a nice but harsh upbringing. His Father has always been conscious of Stans Health due to stans uncle dying at 28 of heart failure due to obesity, thus making him do 90 minutes of Anerobic excersise everyday since he was 8. Making sure he avoids things like fast food restaurants & smoking/Alcohol ec . His father was part of Spetsnaz GRU and had fought in both of the chechen wars but when stan was only 7 he started showing signs of Post traumatic stress disorder but was not properly diagnosed . Stan was more close to his mother than his father due to his mother doing everything around the house and stan chipping in whenever he can. Adult Years His father was incredibly against him joining any sorts of military since he saw the horrors of war himself in both chechen wars but was ok with him joining the police force. He signed up for the OMON Riot police, enduring intense resistance training for around 6 months. He was officially part of the OMON Riot police and had no idea what he was about to be involved in. A few years of mellow riots and failed communist revolutions, There was a pathogen in the neighbour country chernarus causing massive havoc and was to be contained. The chernarus border patrol needed more assistance so they sent in a dozen units to the border to prevent infected people entering the country. Stan had killed his first person who had violently attacked and ripped the throat out of a chernarussian patrol soldier. A Few hours had passed and the infected started to burst through the lines of both the OMON and the border patrol. Stan had no choice but to escape and leave his unit behind, Now stranded in an unknown country, he will not take shit and will do whatever he has to do to ^^^^ Stan is the one with the AK styled SAIGA12K Stan wears standard issue OMON Unit gear and helmet with either an AK-101 or MP5K but sometimes wears Bars Gorka Uniform he found to keep him dry and to respect his father. He always keeps his fathers pocket watch that he had during the chechen wars to see count the time between gun battles (The longer the interval, the soon the battle would end) PERSONALITY He is usually a nice man, but if people try to get behind him or talk shit to him, He will not hesitate to do what he needs to do to defend himself. He usually questions peoples outfits and weapons. He sees trust in peoples eyes when he meets people with similar goals. He is very cocky, usually taking joy into doing what he wants in an abandoned world. HE DESPISES COMMUNISM/COMMUNISTS & PEOPLE WHO ARE RADICAL LEFT (Anonymous, Socialsts, anti fascists, Feminists ect). Far right, Nationalistic & Dislikes cocky women. << Learned from his father. <<< Radders Sugardaddy
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9gFflgBuUiE ^ Basically Frank
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    You can also read the Book of Sorrows (Which is the lore extension) the lore pages we have a completely understandable as we don't want people to know everything that has happened within the infection, too be honest all your character should know is there's a virus/infection and that there are zones that are more toxic than the others. If people want to know about the lore ask in game, plenty of people running around that know more than they would like to let on
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    So my character has some russian in him and i myself can speak some russian, so i would like to know if it is allowed to speak some russian ingame to add to the immersion of my character. I am not talking about speaking strictly in russian, but a few words here and there, EI instead of saying ''hello'' then say ''Starova / Zdrastvooytye'' I would also like to hear if i do speak some russian is there a way i may translate it via text chat ? i am quite aware that very very few people actually speak any so to not ruin any roleplay i would imagine if i met another russian character i would say whatever and to be polite and kind mabye say in text something like - //Means : Hello, how's it going ?''
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    Really like that idea to be honest, the system that they use in Ark seems to work pretty well, with scissors to customise what your hair and beard grows in to. Personally, and i know it will happen eventually anyway, but a lot more variety of weapons and military clothing. It does get boring expecting to come against the same weapons over and over again, and steal the same 'best' gear (which is obviously down to personal preference again...) A base building system like how it was in the mod, with Epoch and things introducing it, i think would bring a whole new level of individuality to your play style, and even to each server! Every player built base would look different and would bring with it new strategies when attacking unknown base's etcetera. Just a few thoughts, but i could talk about it for ages!
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    Calvin Taylor grew up in Maidstone a place on the outskirts of London. At a very young age Calvin use to dress up as doctors at school and watch all the medical shows which were on the TV. His dream was always to be a Doctor. And be the best one around! Calvin went to follow his dreams and went and studied at Loughborough University in London for 5 years. His parents supported him all the way as they believed in what he wanted to be. Calvin was a clever student and passed his exams with always the top marks. He later went to study at the same university to do further studies in Emergency Medicine for an extra 4 years. Calvin had a good life with many friends and went out having a good time and wasn't the sort of geek who stayed in and studies. Calvin passed all of his courses with top marks and later applied for a job at The royal London Hospital which he got. Calvin was soon after offered the position of Consultant and said yes to the offer. Calvin was living the dream he had always wanted and was enjoying life. He was even told that if he carried on the way he was working, he could be clinical lead by the end of the month. Soon as the outbreak hit, it was all over the news and Calvin was asked if he wanted to go over and aid people with his training. Of course Dr Taylor said yes, as he wasn't a bad person and was very kind hearted. A week passed and he left to aid survivors over in Chernogorsk. Calvin aided in anyway he could. But for most people it was too late. He was trapped here and was no escape. Kind-hearted Peaceful Intelligent Campaigner Fruits Helping people Spending time with friends and family Nasty people Beans Any kind of spirits N/A
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    Johnny Mcgolvky (born - 2/4/1989) (Died 2/17/2018) Johnny Mcglovky was born and raised in Brooklyn New York. At the age of three Johnny's mother left both him and his father. Not many people knew why Johnny's mom left, but it certainly left his father torn. For the next twelve years Johnny's father would become more and more of a drunk and abusive to his son and less of a father. In the breaking point between Johnny and his dad, Johnny had come home from school late and his father in his normal drunken state asked Johnny where he was. Johnny told his dad to "fuck off" which caused his father to pull a gun on him. Johnny defending himself grabbed the gun from his father beating him with it until his father laid weeping on the ground. Johnny pointed the gun at his father the only thing his father said to Johnny was to shoot him as it would end his suffering. Johnny left his home that day at the age of fifteen never to return. Events Occurring After - Age 15, Johnny drops out of school. - Age 16, Johnny is selling cocaine for local gangs. - Age 17, a bad deal leads Johnny to kill a man/ this changes everything. - Age 20, Johnny has built a reputation as 9th streets local gang member. - Age 22, Johnny has established his own gang. - Age 23, notorious gang member Johnny Mcgolvky claims Brooklyn's 9th street as his own. - Age 24, Brooklyn PD out for huge gang member Johnny Mcgolvky. - Age 25, a new gang referred to as The Charlies threatens to take Mcgolvky's turf. - Age 26, huge gun fight leading in several members of 9th streets notorious gangs dead. - Age 28, Mcgolvky meets with foreign gun dealers, setting deals to meet a man by the name of Eddy Alfonsi in Chernarussia. -Age 29, Johnny flies to Chernarussia... Stuck I don't know what happened, I've just arrived and things have gone to shit. The people here are crazy and the cities seem to be fucked. The airports have closed and the ships have all sailed. Looks like I'm shit outta luck with nowhere to go. I never did find Eddy but who cares about the guns anymore I have to look out for me right now and get mine. Think I'll shack up for a bit tell things die down, I mean this couldn't last to long right? What Now? Welp seems I've only stolen enough food to last a couple months. Which means I gotta go out there. I've been cooped up in this small house up north for what seemed to be forever. I guess I don't mind getting outta here. I'm sick of looking at these walls and eating canned beans anyways. Besides shouldn't be too bad out there now.... People People, something I haven't seen much of around here at least not living ones anyway. Found myself a baseball bat which seems to be doing a pretty good job at killing those crazy fuckers. Hell I even went found myself some guns which would've seemed like a lot before this but now that I think of it, they're kind of a necessity now. Its been at least a week and still no human contact, I'm beginning to think I may be the last one. At least in this country anyways, but there's gotta be someone else. I'm not the only one. I found a radio and it turns out there's more met some guy named Rick and his brother Dustin. They seem to be hicks not my type of people but better than no people. I've also quickly become friends with a man named Pattrick ( I call him Pac cause Pat's a lame fucking name/ He doesn't seem to care). I've soon come to find that with the good people there's also a bunch of crazy ass holes who are out to kill. This doesn't fly to well with me and I think I'll be helping more of these good folks out with this trouble. Friends Pac - Out of everyone I've met so far I think I can trust him the most. Rick - One of the hick brothers he tends to piss me off but I don't mind it too much, it reminds me of when I'd fight with my friends back on 9th. (dead) Dustin - Brother of Rick, he's a little more chill than his brother, calm and collected I like that. Capt. Von - Older dude seems like a good person. Someone who I know will watch my back. Dimitry - Creepy looking fucker but it's kind of cool in a way he seems to know how to shoot which is a good thing and he's a friend of Caps. Marcus - Seems like a good guy pretty young but he acts mature for his age...well most of the time. Mia - She seems down on her luck and I know how that is I cant help but want to help her. (missing) Sarah - Mia sister, she really gets on my nerves and has pissed me off on multiple occasions but she can be trusted. Owen - Younger guy seems a bit goofy but he makes me laugh gonna keep him around. Acquaintances Frank - I think he's a good guy, he has strong opinions on things. Not sure if I like him yet. Johnny (Mafia) - I like him, he's helped me with a situation in the past. Vino (Mafia) - I don't know too much about this guy accept he's a leader of the mafia trusting him seems hard, but at the moment I have no choice. Enemies Vampires - Crazy fuckers who were holding up people and taking their blood. (dead) Bikers - Ass holes who think they can take everything and control everyone. Killed "Crazy Doctor Fucker"
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    Melanie Quinn "Quinn" W.I.P. "She's got that devil touch That apocalyptic lust I swear I'm not a sinner I'm just beautifully broken" ~~~~~~~~~~ You Don't Own Me I was raised in Chernogorsk. My parents were extremely religious, which led to their downfall. They'd call me the devil, or that I was possessed by a demon if they saw who I was now. But, I'm the one alive now, ain't I? Quick with my feet, probably not as quick with my tongue but I know when to throw things people's way. Survivin' on my own for quite sometime, remarkable considering my age... and what I've had to do. But, that part..you'll have to find out for yourself. I ain't afraid to raise a gun, I'm not afraid of much.. but to survive in this world most have to not show their weaknesses. I'd been living on my own among the "eaters" and the living; picking and choosing who I run into or meet, though sometimes things happen without your control. Whether it's the good, the bad, or the ugly. In all reality, I prefer being alone; it's safer, you only have yourself to rely on, and no one to betray you. But that gets a bit lonely doesn't? I suppose it does after awhile... only the "eaters" to talk to. To smash their heads in--- ahem. I suppose time will tell what will happen. Who I get to know. Chatter Over the Radio: Frank: Talked to the most, still gauging what kind of guy he is...offered to meet and trade but I cherish my batteries. Black: Spoke to him a tad on the radio.. not sure if I like being called "kid" but he was willing to give me a chance upon running into him... Relationships: Black: Someone she feels has her back, and she kind of has his. Still testing his limits... and showing more of herself. One person she feels she trusts enough to show her true self to, the kind of person she has become because of this world. Traits/Quirks: Hates farming Keeps knives/bladed weapons on her Prefers to hit "eaters" with her nailed-bat Has a pistol stowed away in a barrel Tends to wear 'quirky' clothes and changes a lot Wears a dress out of habit sometimes Bang... bang..bang. No mercy left. It's a cruel cruel world... It'll break your heart.. Cruel world...
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    In a time where we thought the old ways would stay and not linger into something new.. clearly things failed along the line.
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    To find the battery you have to become the battery.
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    I'm doing this for our lore writer. Hello, I am Atlas. I played on the server once and got knocked out by @jobyonekanobi, oh and I write the lore. @Atlas
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    That's alright, it's actually meant to be based off of the information posted in this thread: People were supposed to read the things in here to make a decision , but the voting is supposed to close soon , so up to you if you want to bother voting or not. Just remember though, a vote for Malthis and Frog is a vote for true love!
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    cant say i recognise you, nice to meet you though! good luck and i hope to see you in-game sometime
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    I will try and cook something up for you.
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    Prepare to read!!! Severograd (High School Parking Lot) - Any house/shed South of the Construction Site along the road to Devil's Castle. Krasnostav (Houses and those little garage things on the buildings that have lockers and tables in them.) Chernaya Polana (Houses) Svetlojarsk (Houses and Garages) - Train Depot/Docks Olsha (Houses Mainly) Berezino (Too many to list.. x.x) Dolina (Check the houses close to Police Station.) Staroye (String of houses East of Police Station never failed me.) Solnichniy (Houses Southwest of Factory on that hill.) Kamyshovo (Check everything here. 2-3 in a few minutes.) Car Piles Any collection of Garages Small Shrines Summer Camps I know this is a rather large list, but my advice to you is to look under and around everything you see. Sometimes things spawn in the most random of places. 1PP makes it that much more interesting so you have to think outside the box. If you come across a location with a TON of clothes bunched together, take the time to check every article of clothing. Not only do you find Batteries this way, but you can also find a series of other useful supplies to help you hang in there a little longer until Infected, Crazed or literally biting the bullet from insanity does you in. Hope this was helpful. o7
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    @Katzy for some reason I think our characters are going to get along swimingly or end up killing each other ^-^
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    @Kouketsu Black Willing to give my character a chance.. heh..
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    Where to begin?? April 5th 1966 says most you need to know about the resident fossil. Many hours on Miscreated R.P. servers (to many) hardly any in DayZ. (I still get lost so don't ask me where anything is or where I came from as I will be forced to politely lie)
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    This is the start, will post more as acquired.
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    RIP Johnny, fun character while you lasted, only regret is you never got to bang Kaz, Joey, Kurama, and Frank.
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    *Transmission starts, the person speaking is wearing a gas-mask, and is sort of hard to understand.* "There is good business in the drug trade now, I am able to craft and procure several types of pure controlled substances such as Methamphetamine and benzoylmethylecgonine. AKA cocaine. I know my chemistry, and am willing to provide drugs or work out other types of deals in this field." *this message repeats every two days at 4.20PM.*
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    Hello all, Name is Slave, Nice to be here. I hope the Roleplay is good and I look forward to seeing everybody. Thanks.
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    With Beta on the horizon, Dayz is seeing lots of potential in the near future. The development team has been speaking about opening the files to the modding community, which will give many opportunities to introduce some amazing things into Dayz. What would you like to see come to the game most above all. Personally, I would like more character customization so everyone would look different. It's kinda like how the older characters have been wearing Santa beards to show their age lately. I would love to see characters slowly grow facial hair the longer they are alive, which I know they are working on, and I would also like to see different hairstyles. I feel like hair on the head should grow along with the facial hair as the character progress' through their life time.
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    Nothing quite like cracking open a cold one at the beach with your boys. Righteous.
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    haha I wasnt cringing at you but the people you were talking about!
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    thank you for standing up for me but hes my friend
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    because an edgelord is different then a dick >.>
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    The months of February and March for both the Forums and DayZ server have been funded by the community. I'd like to thank all of you for the continued support of the staff team and the community we're running, we've had a great time housing all of your gaming addictions and hope we can continue to give you the thrill of roleplay in the future. If you have any questions about the donations and the ranks that go along side them, send me a private message.
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