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  1. Topic has now been locked due to this thread being somewhat irrelevant because of the votes.
  2. Also, make sure you use the reporting template next time.
  3. Updated relationship, Jo and Kai's now married!
  4. Agree to disagree then, lore will be staying as it is, we dont want people knowing the ins and outs of the lore. More than enough information there to understand whats happened, a soldier also wouldnt know anything unless they were a high ranking officer and a native would only know about the history of the country + the bombs that hit the country.
  5. You can also read the Book of Sorrows (Which is the lore extension) the lore pages we have a completely understandable as we don't want people to know everything that has happened within the infection, too be honest all your character should know is there's a virus/infection and that there are zones that are more toxic than the others. If people want to know about the lore ask in game, plenty of people running around that know more than they would like to let on
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    @Bradley Make a "Graphics Store" thread.
  7. Thread has been pinned due to the high quality. Good job on this @Bradley hope to see more from you in the future.
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    We're all irrelevant in the grand scale of this thing we call life, don't forget life is just a simple bloop in which we see light between the two-deep dark voids that we call Before-life and the Afterlife.
  9. Don't see the point in these posts. Topic is now being locked.
  10. Atlas

  11. If someone wants to get some form of video production hype I'd be more than willing to help, it would honestly take a while to make about two weeks if people really want it to be good. Just need the footage.
  12. As long as the character speaks and understands English you're fine!
  13. Evening all! Quarantined Staff Team here, Today was a productive day for us as a staff team, we’ve taken some of the questions and concerns some of you have brought to our attention and discussed them in our staff meeting! Here on Quarantined, we want to make sure everyone's voice is heard and all questions and concerns are addressed. Things discussed at the staff meeting today Sunday, February 18th, 2018 Server lore and organic events - Within the last week a member of the community hosted an organic event known as the Block Party, it filled the server and eventually forced the server into a queue It was nice having a full server once again and we’d like to encourage this kind of thinking and we more players take the wheel in establishing these events in the future. As for server lore events we’ve come up with a couple of events that we’re happy to go forward with, we won’t be giving a date as of yet but when we decide one, you’ll know all about it. Staff roles within the community - (Underlining the basic jobs associated with the staff members specifically Moderators and community managers) Within the community we have 4 ranks that are on associated with the staff, these being Admins, Mods, Community Managers and A Lore Master. These are core roles within every community and we want to outline why they exist in order for you to be able to direct yourselves to the correct rank if you have problems or concerns. An admins main role is to handle reports, update rules and keep the community organized. Admins should be approached with this in mind, we hope you don’t see our ranks and assume they’re here as a SWAT team to just ban people, they’re here to help not punish. A mods role is purely moderation, they keep the community clean of “Shitposting” and other distasteful content that we as a community deem inappropriate. A community managers role is to be the bridge between the admins and the community, the admins are all human meaning we will miss details within the community due to us being in a bubble at times, we feel that this role bursts that bubble at times and helps us understand concerns better, they’re the main role is to communicate with all of us. Inactive groups/hostile groups - Making sure large, influential groups on the server are active, if not providing the community a reason why they are not playing for everyone involved in RP Community perception towards staff/admins and moderators cooperating as kill squads - Treating staff different in roleplay just because they are admins, this has come up in conversation as of late as a legitimate concern as if we are held higher than your average community member, this is of course false. We are players on the server just like everyone else and we are held to the same rules and guidelines, don't let that shiny admin tag deter you from achieving character goals. Transparency - Making sure everything we do as an admin team is not done behind closed doors. Which is why this post has been posted for you all to read! Tent limits/common sense towards base building - Keeping the loot economy in mind when creating camps, common sense for veteran players, not so much for newer members, it's everyone's job to police this amongst groups. Server Balance Hero/Villain numbers and how to make it enjoyable for all - For the health of the server its worth thinking about the balance between antagonist and protagonist roles within a community. You need bandits just as much as you need heroes, keep in mind you don't have a story without conflict! Drinking while roleplaying - communicate in roleplay when you have been drinking can help others better understand your actions. For instance, players around you (friends) could hint towards you drinking or you could drink in front of the people you are roleplaying around. We will NOT restrict people drinking in roleplay, it is their time. Just be considerate of people roleplaying with and around you. As we proceed from here we will keep everyone updated on any changes made to the community and to the rule set, Please feel free to bring any questions or concerns you may have to your staff team, this is just as much of your community as it is ours, this simple philosophy is what makes this community so different from most others. If you have any questions please direct them towards us and we'll answer accordingly.
  14. Yeah, the introduction is a little long, but its relevant to the server.