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Announcement: We've temporarily closed down the server until version 0.63 has been released.


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  1. Pein

    .63 Hype

    0.63 will be good, from what I've been told by multiple hosting companies the server files will be released to them but not individuals. Not sure why as of yet but I'm sure its to do with performance. Hopefully, server prices drop.
  2. Bugs have gotten into the site since the newest update of the software. They'll be fixed! Just give me some time :)

  3. Events are coming.

  4. Everytime I visit your profile you're changing your picture. STAP.

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    2. Bradley


      They look fucking disgusting full size ew! Never 

    3. Pein


      At least centre them.

    4. Bradley


      It does not work ! 

  5. Pein

    Why do you have porn music?

    1. Toker


      Someone on these fucking forums needs to have some god damned style.

    2. Pein



  6. moms is the best waifu.

    1. momsemor62


      ayy pappi


  7. Pein


    Negative, we don't allow "in-game notes" on the forums currently as it is assumed it will be fixed within the 0.63 patch. If there is no fix for the notes in the next patch the admin team will talk about this for future situations.
  8. Please keep these forum posts for rating / giving opinions on in-game characters, don't want IRL spam on these posts with people all saying the same thing. Thanks.
  9. Oh boy, you blue now.

    1. DeweyFew


      :ph34r: Shhh, don't tell anybody! I don't think anyone will notice.. :)

    2. Bradley


      * Notices * :ph34r:

  10. *stares* Check to the left to see who I am.
  11. Feels good man someone doesn't know my voice for once.
  12. You boys are legit adding nothing to this convo.
  13. Ok so to be clear on what this suggestion is, something like this: