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  1. Lost

    i am the great cornholio
  2. rick would have wanted to be there
  3. hey butthole wheres RICK and DUSTIN
  4. rick looked up to frank, and respected him greatly. a really well researched character, and is being very well played. props
  5. @Bradleythey have to be 800 x 180 pixels or else they dont work. but, i really like the 2nd Canadian one and the first USA one. they're all really good but they're too big, i feel bad asking you for all these signatures because i'm giving you nothing in return. if there is anything i can ever do to help you out let me know.
  6. everyone was there to kill the mafia anyway and it wouldn't have gone any other way so what is your point
  7. @Bradleyfucking amazing only problem is they're too big so the website wont let me use them, if you ever have time to make another patriotic signature for canada or the usa i'd gladly appreciate it.
  8. @Monacard2 patricks on the server