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  1. im from suganda so if you say sugondese it's racist 


  2. vytis only character other then jay who has sense of style

  3. rip JEROME KANG

  4. im fucking cool bro

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      *Appears to be a fucking chad*

  5. new profile, no graphics yet. updated relations @Opticillunitic@Red@Iota of Silver and whoever else.
  6. Jayden "Jay" Novak (jayden looking super cool and fresh before the apocalypse) -Jay's theme song- (INFO) Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Age: 24 Height: 6'2 Tattoos: DNA Double Spiral Helix on upper right arm. Nationality: American/Chernarussian [PRE-APOCALYPSE] My name is Jayden Novak, my story isn't that interesting but here it is. I was born to an upper-middle class family in Texas, my father was a Chernarussian business man that my Mother had met on a vacation years before I was born. That's why my last name is Novak. My dadwas quite a wealthy man, so we never really had any financial issues when I was growing up. Life was good, real good. That was until my senior year of High School. About half way through Senior year, my mother was killed in a fatal car crash. I was devastated, I had never really known what it was like to lose family before. It broke me, and I was like that for a long time. My father and I were both depressed, and at this point he didn't have anything to live for in America, so he made plans to move back to Chernarus after I finished my senior year. I hated Chernarus, I didn't want to move there but I had no choice. I couldn't leave my father. Moving back to Chernarus with my father was the worst mistake I ever made. A horrible infection broke out, so now these nasty ass mutant infected dead people chase people around and kill them. [POST-APOCALYPSE] I was separated from my father in the beginning of the outbreak, I had to survive on my own, and I had no idea what I was doing. Scavenging was never hard for me in the beginning, there were lots of supplies everywhere, at-least where I was. But eventually, the places I scavenged were picked clean. I kept to myself for awhile, avoided people. I spent a long time alone until the Winter came. I didn't expect the winter to be so bad, I ended up becoming skinnier then a fucking string bean. The cold, and the hunger was too much for me, and I had run out of ways to make fire so I could keep warm. But then I met Florian. I stumbled across him while he was burning down some log cabin in the woods. I approached him slowly, introducing myself and explaining my situation. He shared his food with me, we talked for awhile while I warmed up by the burning log cabin. We have been travelling together ever since. I owe him my life. I have become really aggressive, i'm hard now. [Relations] Family Florian - "Saved me during the harsh winter, I owe him my life. We've been living and travelling together ever since we met in the winter. He's a brother to me." Close Friends/Friends/Trusted Hadley - "Won't shut the fuck up, she annoying as fuck." (update) "Turn's out she was just dicking around, sort of opened up to her about why I can't trust anybody but Florian. Enjoy talking to her." Vytis - "Gives me ammo, good person to talk to, amazing taste in clothing." Neutral/Untrusted Aidan - "Hides a military background, and I have no idea why. Is also red's butt buddy." Red - "Won't ever be able to trust her, she tried to betray a friend of hers once and hand him over to a bad group of people." Brodie - "Some guy who has PTSD." Gunner - "Lost his brother to some dickheads, sorry bro." Tyler - "Knows what he's doing, a person i'd want to have my back." Liam - "Can't trust him, ran his mouth after being told not to. But we're cool now." Poacher - "Poaches eggs, makes killer soup, that I demolish like a chad." Enemies/Disliked none yet Dead Archie - "Was an idiot, I took that bitches sword."
  7. if you don't play don't starve you won't understand my new appropriate profile

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  8. you don't bench dead characters, they are just dead and their character profiles are moved into deceased character profiles.
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    hey i get all the e-girls here
  10. damn bro she cared about Clark u know it
  11. man can't wait to see what she writes about me bein deaded
  12. adventures of the Chad Florian and the Virgin Jay Novak
  13. bro will you make me some stuff for my new character profile im gonna make