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  1. moose broke my PC won't be on for awhile

    1. BoNe M4N 666

      BoNe M4N 666

      I hate Moose and Squirrel..

    2. eqsanctum




  2. hey man, we all good dude. welcome back
  3. yeah hazard stop acting like you are a pvp god it makes me cringe
  4. yup updated all new backstory its cool
  5. update or your a reterd
  6. straight outa compton!

    1. BoNe M4N 666

      BoNe M4N 666

      Straight outta Cherno!

  7. too much gamer gamer
  8. @Opticillunitic@Monacard@Katzy@devilblade12 added all the academi fuckers and monacard
  9. Bradley's graphics are cool as shit

    1. Ninthgenesis


      Yeah, he's pretty damn talented!

    2. Opticillunitic


      Not cool as shit they are The Shit.

    3. Bradley



      Image result for oh stop it gifs


      Thanks, guys it's greatly appreciated I do try my best to put out my best work that I can do. :$

  10. the wolf among us was a good game