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  1. @MichTheMedic@JkpFrog@BobbyKyle117@Ninja@Speckles@Malthis@Toker@Pratty@Hazard - All you folks made my night in rp great, had a blast. Amazing role players all around.
  2. Jamal & Calloway, ugh I need to bring Calloway back at some point.
  3. Lost

    Welcome to the community, brother.
  4. Both offenders are being banned until they join teamspeak to speak to an admin.
  5. Hey, welcome. Hope to see you in-game.
  6. BL4DE

    Hey, man. Welcome to the community!
  8. if we are getting patriotic signatures, I will need one. U.K represent.
  9. Atlas

    I'm doing this for our lore writer. Hello, I am Atlas. I played on the server once and got knocked out by @jobyonekanobi, oh and I write the lore. @Atlas
  10. "I Church agree to give Pein at least one bone a day in exchange for the server to be upgraded in slots."