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  1. New member? Well, welcome to the community man.

  2. South-Zargoria is as we expected, a lawless waste filled to the brim with psychopaths & undesirables. The Infection seems to be airborne & moves like radioactive fallout, contaminating specific areas and relocating with the wind. The local population or what is left have seem to be resistant to change, warlords and tyrannical leaders hold small pockets of land claiming it as their own. We have subdued some of these fowl, lawless Heretics. Those that are held up in Novo have became a thorn in my side, their insistence of their own self importance has become a deep and en-grained issue in their little tribe, they see their survival as the only thing that is important, they betray their own people. If the Emperor is willing, we can and will complete our duty and prepare for our reclamation.
  3. I will be away for around two weeks due to me being at a meetup with a bunch of people from QRP.

    I will be hanging out with @BobbyKyle117 and @Pein just to name a few names. 

    1. BoNe M4N 666

      BoNe M4N 666

      The World is gonna implode.

  4. Church

    Are you creative?!

    I cosplay a alcoholic. "Cosplay"
  5. Church

    Are you creative?!

    What is this thread for?
  6. Church

    Are you creative?!

    I don't get it?
  7. Church

    Are you creative?!

    Yeah, no worries.
  8. Church

    Are you creative?!

    No, I'm not.
  9. @Jasperthe lyrics to that song kill me (cb4), too funny