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  1. Saw this and thought of Kruger
  2. You realize it all comes down to skill level right? A person with a pistol (especially if it's a .45) can still get the first shot and drop you with a single bullet depending where they hit. M4 vs UMP doesn't mean anything either if it's a close range battle. You have the advantage in mid to long range combat, but if there's 2 people firing at you and they aren't right next to each other, there's a good chance you're not walking out of that, or at the least not walking out of it without a few holes in you.
  3. I own GTO, forgot about it because all my stuff has been boxed away for years. Amazingly funny anime, definitely worth a watch
  4. He's one of my funnest characters to play. Only has a filter when he knows what he's about to say will get him killed, otherwise he generally speaks his mind. Nia has to stop running off without saying goodbye though, people are starting to get suspicious...
  5. Alistair's job was well done then, if he doesn't leave you blushing or shaking your head in disbelief at something he's said, then he hasn't done something right.
  6. 4/6 Relations and Last Thoughts Updated. @JkpFrog @Toker @Ninthgenesis @eqsanctum @Ninja @Hazard @MichTheMedic @Zeltig @Pein @Peg4YourBackpack @EggEater @Opticillunitic @Katzy
  7. Honestly, it's not related to character profiles, but I'd like a section on the forums that shows all registered members of the site. It's hard to locate individuals sometimes, especially when you can't remember a specific username, they're not online, and they haven't made any recent posts.
  8. They'd get dumped, tent stolen. It's a nice idea but there's enough people who don't like child characters being RPed that they'd likely sabotage any attempts at a location like that. If anything it'd work better to talk to the owners of trading posts that pop up on the server, provide them with the armbands for them to hide somewhere nearby and bring out whenever there is a child that needs one.
  9. Welcome to the community, make sure to put that all in your character profile whenever you get around to making one for your character
  10. Yup, I keep 5 on me at all times in case I come across someone that's playing a child character and having issues finding them. I don't mind meeting up with someone and bringing you one OOC either as long as I'm not busy or in the middle of RP at the time.
  11. Profile looks good , nice to see a different profile than what's the norm around here, keep up the good work, hopefully run into you in game.
  12. Can't wait to see these characters!