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  1. We have a massive abundance of bandit characters at the moment on the server, albeit they're slowly dying off. So if you're going to play a villain, maybe play something a little more unique so it's memorable.
  2. I checked our logs to make sure you didn't die to anything while logging out, can't seem to find any death involved. There was an issue in the past with people who swapped back and forth between .63 experimental, and .62 that were having this issue, but it was supposed to have been fixed. Not sure if you've been playing .63 experimental or not.
  3. Not much to say...I was born and raised in the hell hole that is Arizona; I wind up nearly dying to heat half the year and nearly getting killed by old folks from other states causing traffic accidents the other half. I've been RPing through various games such as DnD for over 15 years now, been playing DayZ for a bit over a year.
  4. The thing is we don't want people knowing these programs and trying to find ways to circumvent them. It's the same as a video game developer using anti-cheat detecting programs to catch people using hacks. The moment they find out about them and how they work, they try to find ways to circumvent them.
  5. You're right, people will try to circumvent the third party communication rule by using other programs and even other teamspeaks. Regardless of whether or not people are or aren't doing it, we're not going to allow it on our teamspeak, and if we find people are using other third party comms to get around it they are going to get warning points. Something people don't realize is that we have tools that allow us to see if people are connected to other teamspeak servers. I also don't view trying to stop metagaming to be a waste of my time and energy, am more than happy to investigate any case of metagaming occurring within this community.
  6. We have no way to verify when people are in active RP or not. The rule is there to cut down on third party communication metagaming occurring. As everyone else seems perfectly capable of muting up when they are on the server, and you're literally the only person who has been warned multiple times by the majority of the Admin team to mute up, I think the rule is perfectly fine. If you want to talk to people at 4:30 on the server, log off the server and talk to them.
  7. Look forward to running into your character Peg, funny enough just got done RPing with a skateboarding Nun, so this'll be fun.
  8. If we ever get the ability to customize character sizes/mod in models and we'll get rid of the yellow armband, until then it's something that will stay as a way for people to identify child characters on sight.
  9. This isn't a requirement, some people do this so they can easily identify their friends in the middle of a firefight and not shoot them. We don't require groups to wear any armbands, and it's a personal choice. Some groups use it as a sign of fear as well; people see your armband color and your group is notorious for cutting off limbs for example, you're probably going to be more weary around people wearing those colors.
  10. We want to make things less complicated, not moreso, and are also trying to limit the amount of rules that we implement for the server. While it's true that there are no models for short, fat etc. , we don't have rules restricting people who are short/fat. As for what we gain knowing on the spot, it's that as an Admin I'm able to see a child character from afar, see what gun they have, immediately know the character age range they are supposed to be in, then I can make the decision of whether I want to investigate to make sure they are in fact following the rules. If I see a person wearing a yellow armband carrying an M4 with an Aug on their back, I'm probably going to be investigating that. Without the armband I'd have to go up, interact with them and through RP find out they are a kid character, or wait for them to post their copy/pasted description.
  11. I think that would become overly complicated for people to have to remember what each color represented in game. Someone's height or weight doesn't really play a major part in RP unless they specifically design a character to be noticeably abnormal. It's far easier to just keep a copy/pasted couple sentences you throw out when you run into people to describe anything you want people to physically notice rather than putting rules to multiple colors of armbands and clothing. The yellow child armband while meant to signify a child character due to not having a child model in game, also serves as an Admin tool to be able to verify at a range that child characters are following the proper gun rules.
  12. Hey Lori , try not to get Roxanne maimed by cannibals this time round
  13. Yup, we also have a wonderful Community Manager @JkpFrog who you can always go to about issues; that is willing to listen and relay information to the Admin team if you still for whatever reason feel that you cannot approach an Admin regarding your problem, however we want to let the community know that no Admin is going to seek revenge on you, or belittle you for putting in a report about situations that occur in game. We have a wide variety of Admins with different views regarding RP to cover different aspects and maintain a neutral outlook in all situations, and should it come down to a situation where a report does have to be filed against an Admin's character in game, a neutral party of Admins will handle the report to offer you the most non-bias outcome possible. We want the community to feel they can come to the Admin team with any problem they are having, our inboxes are always open to message us about situations too.
  14. While I like the idea behind this, I see this being abused and people going out of their way to kill characters as an ultimatum to force these sort of situations on individuals. People can already take hostages, injure people through basic RP, and all this would accomplish is now giving people a way of forcing injuries on people that might have denied it in the past through threat of death. For example: Lets say Bob gets taken hostage by Greg at some point in RP. Greg asks for permission to perma scar Bob and is denied, they RP out the scenario, Bob is released. A couple days later Greg goes after Bob and because Bob denied him perma scar rights, now all he has to do is threaten to kill him to force perma scar on him.