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  1. "FOOK nationalist!" The lot of us cracked up on that one.
  2. Same, and very much want too! D:
  3. Yellow armbands can be found plenty of places, but if anyone is having trouble then seek out an Admin / Community Manager and we can see about finding you one -- @Malthis often collects some just in case it's needed. There are also yellow armbands currently available in the Pogorevka church (at least as of April 3rd, 2018) but that's not a mainstay. Unfortunately they're not as common or easily available as a rag. The main reasons I would guess that white wasn't chosen, is firstly that a white armband is often used in roleplay to signify bandages for a wounded character. And, more importantly, with the current version of DayZ the dyed armbands will occasionally appear white for people, sometimes not gaining back the intended color even when directly next to an individual -- which would only draw more attention too them (players asking the color) when child armbands are the single armband that's not supposed to not be mentioned.
  4. @Toker Aw Toker that's awesome! Love the picture you put together with Ace at the graves and Vino, and reading Jacks opinion. But please, for the love of all things good and pure, change it from comic sans D:
  5. Ace is gonna miss spotting Quinn out of the corner of her eye when she was hiding, teasing her about squeaking over the radio, and the kids infectious laugh. The Mafia had plans for you kiddo, devious and evil though they were. May she Rest in Peace.
  6. DAYZ CHARACTER DEFAULTS Having trouble figuring out what new or future characters might look like? When you enter the Character screen to choose which character look you'll spawn with, are the models not appearing beside the menu? Same here. So awhile ago I took some screenshots and made this for anyone making new characters! Take a gander and consider the various character models when you think about character creation. Ordered as they appear on the list in-game: _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________
  7. Love the updated profile! Very clean and easy to read, with intriguing background entries and relationships as well.
  8. "Hands up, small child! I'm gonna grab you by the ankles, turn you upside down and shake until everything falls onto the floor. Mwahaha!"
  9. A great thing to learn from this is that when it comes to general tips -- make sure there's a cool off time between the incident you wanna speak about and the tip. This goes for everyone. And if you do want to make a post about it? Then make sure that your post doesn't refer back to the original fight/scenario/rp situation that occurred. I know that seems strange, because we all like to provide context and make ourselves clear, but General RP tips are great because they're universal. "Something I've learned recently is to be careful when posting on the Global Radio. Too much information about your camp location, or being too up front about evil intentions, can lead to danger or death. Make sure you're careful if you post, and please keep in mind that what you say can have a major affect on your characters." That's a good example of what was trying to be said. Another good tip post in the future would be one for hostile RPers, perhaps newer ones, if you're wanting to talk about drawing things out or making sure that folks who engage in that consider build up and future RP. Heck, lists and posts like that should even include tips that might not have anything to do with the situation you're thinking of -- but could still be good information for folks. Especially when enough time has passed from the altercation. Because doing better in RP is great, and learning is as well, but when things like this happen, it's easy to slide into accusations/focusing on the situation that led to the post. Hence why I mentioned that general tips should be phrased generally and with enough time that folks feel things aren't being passively or actively aggressive. It's something people forget about when they're upset. Because valuing RP with others is important, and there's plenty of folks here in the community who want good RP and have things to learn in RP -- hostile RP included. But there's also something to be said about making sure that the well-intentioned thoughts are actually coming out in a helpful way. And that any obvious current frustrations are discussed in TS.
  10. Ninja is completely right, the sheer amount of work put into this is amazing. Still reading, but I had to say something cause wow. <3 What happened with Doctor Stone? Or is this for a future character? Regardless, loving it so far.
  11. Love the update to the backstory! Also thanks for the brief chatter on the radio, between Ace and him that conversation wasn't going anywhere fast, but it made me cackle.
  12. I like the recent updates! And the BOE title at the top! Although I had a giggle at, "The group is run by Ace, and Lupe seems to be his bodyguard or something. Apparently they got some guy named Joey, only met him once though." Ace is her own bodygaurd now apparently Kidding aside, I think you meant Vino there.
  13. Ace's entire way of speaking is a grammar issue. But fixed! Glad you like. @opticillunitic I had a few descriptions disappear when I was editing it, Ajax included! Gonna fix that when I update it agian. @Hazard
  14. UPDATED MARCH 15, 2018 — New Graphics for the Relationships section! Also added a few "update" sections on a few relationships AND changed and updated many older relationships descriptions without putting in a separate section (cause sometimes things change without a "as of the moment" thought) so go ahead and read through for more changes. Not everyone's been added, but I'm trying to get the ones Ace would think about.