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  1. Put in your age, mister! And Ace's response to your opinion of The Mafia would be a rude one.
  2. @Pirate @Atlas @Church I'm surrounded by sarcastic asshats. Thanks lads. Good to meet all of you again, for the first time, obviously. @Powerjake You wanted advice, and you got it. Just helping an up-and-coming potential Canadian out. @brringbumf @Malthis ❤️❤️❤️
  3. Frequently exhausted, always craving Timmies coffee, and usually here to help. I'm Frog, a 25 year old gal who's making her way through University, and also your less than local Community Manager from the great lands of Cananayda. Figured it was about time I posted an introduction. Things To Know About Frog • Has the memory of a very friendly goldfish. • Might accidentally organize your tent. • Likes piña coladas, and getting caught in the rain. ☔️ But prefers vodka paralyzers, and being able to find a raincoat in-game. • Makes the things in Photoshop, when time permits. Poke occasionally for more expedient results. • Resident marshmallow. • Do not agitate the marshmallow. • Has been RPing for years. Wrote characters and scenarios with folks, roleplayed on 7 Days to Die servers, dove into other video games, interacted and created in Dungeons and Dragons / Pathfinder / Stars Without Number, and is now here on DayZ. • Loves witticisms, puns and dirty jokes with friends. • Alignment: Neutral Good Come talk to me if you ever need anything, have questions about the game or staff, or just want to touch base about something! ❤️
  4. Keira

    @Preacher 🚰🚰🚰 Oh shush. Even spamming the local well won't help your thirst, mister.
  5. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You've no choice in the matter, mister. You're already stuck with me. Through good times and bad, Malthis has stuck with me as a dear friend -- and then as so much more -- for over the last few years. We've always managed to pull off a few very interesting characters back and forth, always drawing on inspiration from one another and creating together as we've RPed and made stories. It's one of the many reasons why even though he's already my Valentine offline, I'd like him to be here as well. He's always been such an amazing inspiration. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Originally we RPed many different stories together in other games. His thuggish Scotsman and mute brother befriended and tormented my poor stuttering military recruit. Then my city slicker drug dealer dealt booze to his older southern lawman. My little lost gal to his serial killer Russian. His very Irish assassin quite literally trashed his room making love to my less-than-with-it drug addict. And finally my drug addict would go on to find his original Scotsman, a rival to the previous man, and they'd trash plenty more places afterward. That's when we realized that those two weren't the only ones interested in one another. <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Then I begged and pleaded and dragged him into RPing with me here on DayZ. Handcuffed him to his desk. Threatened. Bought him the game. And so began something new! Here's to all the stories so far! From our two "We're not Lannisters" criminal siblings Nicholas and Natalie Moore who tried to outlast them all and found out that the end proves bloody and sad. And playing characters ranging from Scottish, to Mexican American, to New Yorker. To finding our footing and learning how to create stories in an even more complex world than before. We've had a blast RPing, learning, growing and creating together as we've learned what Loving and Caring about one another really means. Looking forward to the many characters still to come as we keep on creating together. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thank you for the time spent, the caring on days when things have been rough, the support and love and laughs, and all the rest. It's meant the world to me. ~(And so did the flowers you sent my way for Valentines Day)~ So I just want to say, THANK YOU MALTHIS for being my Valentines today. I Love You! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  6. communist