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  1. The thread has been unlocked as the admins that reviewed it feel the post has value and a civil discussion can still be had.
  2. @Iota of Silver Instead of being the Brian to my Caedis, you can be the Valentine to my Brian. There are too many reasons to reasonably list as to why I would more than love to be your valentine, so I will only list a few. 1. Silver such a genuine person. Whether it's his humor or his taste in music, he is 100% authentically him, and that is something I greatly admire. 2. He is incredibly kind. I honestly don't know how he manages this, but this is something I admire as well. He is just so incredibly nice to everyone he speaks to it borderline makes me sick, but in a good way. 3. He is a phenomenal roleplayer. Silver is easily one of the best roleplayers I have ever had the pleasure of playing with. Him and I met via DayZ roleplay, as his post describes. All of Silver's characters are a pure joy to hang around and build a story with. I have built more memories than I count with his characters beginning from near two years ago, and I can honestly say, none of the time spent was wasted. Brian and friends paying respects to Valentine's favorite grave in Chernarus.
  3. He will be missed, not by my character by any means lol, but by many I am sure.