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  2. yo somebody be my Valentine so I aint Sad boi
  3. Axel Winters You see I'm not so different To most People. I liked Play sports,Hang out with Friends and well do Normal Teenage things. Well all that came to an End After my 17th Birthday. I was born In Chenarus. My mother was from the UK, she met my father when she Lived in the UK were They would Eventually have there 1st Child. They Gave me the name Axel because they wanted me to be Unique, They didn't want me to be another John,Paul or Gary of the world they wanted me to be something different to all other people. I moved to Chenarus when I was 2. My father wanted us to come back to his country because he knew he could Make money here. But in actual fact it was Just a Lie so that he could be Closer to his 2nd Wife. When I turned 5 my mother found out about this and tried to take me back to England with her but my father wouldn't Let her. All I can remember is them Arguing and a very loud Bang and then it all went Quiet. I Had to grow up with my Father who was an Alcoholic Piece of fucking shit. His new wife wasn't Much different. They never taught me how to Read or Right and I never Went to School because as far as the Government was Aware I Didn't Exist. I had Friends but It was hard to talk to them because I didn't speak the Language so I had one of my friends Translate it thats when I met Marcus. He knew both English and Chernarussian so Learn't me how to speak some of it but would do a lot of the Translating. When I Turned 17 I was told I was going to have a Sister which I couldn't wait for. When She Finally arrived I thought they men't that my Stepmother was Pregnant but actually she already Had a child. She was only a couple of Years Younger then me which I didn't Mind. She fit in well in the House To be Honest but that all changed after about 3 or 4 Months. 1 night my father came home Extremely Drunk and just Started being an Arsehole to us which we was accustom too. But He Proceeded to Hit My Sister for Nothing and Started To Scream at her. All I saw was Red and Couldn't let it happen, I grabbed a Hammer and Started Hitting my Father over the Head With it. By the Time I stopped I didn't even Recognise him anymore. My sister was Screaming and Crying. I tried to talk to her but she was Scared of me, She ran upstairs and Blocked her door off. I was Sat there for about 10 Minutes when I could see the Reflection of Blue Flashing Lights. The Neighbours had Called the police because of the Shouting and Screaming. I saw 4 officers come to the Door with the Guns out, I knew I had done something wrong at this Moment. They came Charging in through the door were 2 Officers Looked at me Screaming at me to put my Hands on My Head. I did it but I felt Immobilised. They Brought me Back to the Police station were I was Held there for 2 weeks on Suspicion of Murder. When It came to My court Hearing I knew I was going to go to Kids Prison Which I was Prepared for. When The Judge said I was going be Tried as An Adult. I was given 25 years in Prison with A chance for Parole in 15 years. When I arrived on the Island It was a lot different to back at Home. I mean Yeah we spend 22 Hours a Day in Our Cells and Eat in Our Cells but It's a lot better then Home. I'm respected by most of the Other Prisoners and A few of them Have Taken me under there Wing and are Teaching me the way in Life. All that Changed When some Of the Prisoners started Getting Sick. People was Saying that they Started Attacking the Guards trying to Maul them and shit and They had these Red fucking eyes. They Quarantined Half the Prison. It was about a few Days after it was Quarantined that One Of the Guards Started to Attack the others. That's when All Hell Broke Loose, One of them Was unlocking a Cell when He was attacked. 3 Prisoners grabbed his Keys and Opened all the cells, We knew That this wasn't no Ordinary Riot. Me and my Cell mate Diablo and a Few others Made our Way across the Walk way above the Courtyard that's when we realised this Wasn't no Like Drug symptom or Something. The entire Yard was Swarmed with Those Things, Bodies on the ground,these Things trying to Get out it was fucking Chaos. We made our Way back into the Block and Used the Guards Keys to Unlock the door to the Main Walk way. We ran Like hell towards the Main Gate but there was 2 Guards Gunning down anybody who Ran for It. We Gathered what Prisoners we could and Made a Break for it. I stayed at the back so I knew I wouldn't get shot. They Empty'd There Ammo onto the Prisoners. I lost many Friends that day. They Ran out of Bullets but Failed to Stop Us all, I watched as 2 Prisoners Kicked them to the ground. I ran down towards the Jetty but there was No Boats, But there was a Hand full of Row Boats. I mean 6 Boats for about 30 Prisoners Maybe more was Easy but these Fuckers had Shot Holes in these things we wouldn't Make it. We Rowed about 3/4 of the way there before The boat Went under. I Swam Like Hell to the Shore line. The only Person who I knew with me was Diablo. We made a Break into the Forrest and waited it out for around a week or 2. When We Eventually came out of the Woods I was just Shocked. The Place was Empty, It was Like a Scene from a Horror Movie. We looked around a few Housed and Just grabbed what Food we could. We found a Police car about 2 Miles down the Road. We found a Pistol and a SMG in the Trunk. I took a Listen on the Radio to hear about some Kind of Refugee Centre been set up, We Decided to Make our way towards it. We Walked for Nearly for 3 or 4 Hours Until we Heard some Shots going off. We checked it Out and saw 3 Men Stealing from a Defenceless Woman. I Opened Fire onto One of them and Diablo shot the Other, The Last Guy Ran hopefully the fucker's Dead. This Woman's Name was Paige. We Stuck with Paige until we got to this Refugee Centre. She was Allowed in but we Was turned Down. I was Told "Sorry we don't allow Criminal Scum in Here". They Gave us Some food and told us to be on Our Way. Diablo wanted to Head to the Mountains and Try and Cross it, I wanted to Find My little sister, we came up with the Agreement that we would Split the Food and Be on our Merry way. I made a Promise to Paige that If I couldn't Find my Sister that I would come back. I Grabbed my Stuff and Began my Long Journey to what ever Lay Ahead.
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