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  1. Having those Real Sad boi hours Nothing to do and nobody is about...

  2. Hey thats Pretty Good!!!
  3. Might do some Cards Against Humanity later hit me up on either Discord,Steam or the website if you want in.

  5. My mother always said to me "You can be anything in Life, But Only Wise Guys will make it to the top". My Name is Brodie Jarvis. I was born in the UK and Raised there Till I was around 4. I moved to Italy shortly after my Birthday. My Father is British but my Mother is Italian. I'm not sure why we moved Italy but I was told it was to do with starting a better life. We moved to My mothers Birthplace of Sicily. I grew up around Down town Palermo. I dropped out of School when I was around 14 because I knew I would never get far from School. I started a Job at a Small Deli just across from the street. The Owner of the Deli was called Paul Romano. He was the boss of the Romano Family. They Ran most of Palermo. I started out Serving Drinks to Top members of the Romano Family. I got to know most the Members and the people who was part of this Family. It was Shortly after my 17th Birthday that Paul gave me a Job selling Clothes and Different Items on the Black Market such as Cigarettes, TV's, Liquor and many other Things. I became that good at being able to sell the Items that He made me head of the Black Market Business in Palermo. I Gradually worked my way up the ladder. I moved from Black Market Dealings to Car Dealing to Loan Sharking and Running Different Businesses Including Stealing Goods from the Docks. Paul realised how much money I was bringing in for him and My self that He approached me one day and said "Brodie, You are a real Wise guy now". That right there was probably the Proudest Moment of my Life. I began to earn a Reputation of someone who was not to be fucked with. I arrived in Chenarus Shortly after my 24th Birthday. I knew This place had potential. I started off with fixing the problems that the Elder couldn't do and started setting up more Businesses. I set up Nightclubs,Bars,Casinos and Restaurants. I had Connections at the City Docks so I would know when the best Shipments were coming in and Which ones I would make sure came Straight to me. In total I ran a good Portion of the country. Everybody in Novigrad knew me and or of me. I earned a lot of money here. I was Bringing in around 1.5 Millions Dollars a month. 600k of that money went back to Paul but the rest went straight into my Pocket. I became a Ruthless person though. If people didn't pay there Debts on time they would get a Punishment. If somebody harmed any body under our Protection they would "Disappear", And anybody who dealt Drugs would be Killed. It was a rule in the family that if you sell or take drugs you will be killed no exceptions, But this Life didn't last forever. When the Infection Broke out I had never seen anything Like it. I mean shit, Fucking gigantic Riots was breaking out, people was attacking people and mauling them. It was terrible. I ordered my boys to Lock up the Club and keep our Family's inside. One Event Changed my Life and the way I acted. A boy came running in, He was Mauled up and was Covered in Blood. The Doorman wanted to Help him and I screamed "Get this Boy out of here I don't want him fucking up Business looking like that". We was held up in my Club for a few hours when a Truck came Ploughing through the wall. I knew I couldn't stay here. I told my Boys to make a break out. I climbed through a Window and ran down the alleyway behind my Club when I saw him. The boy who I kicked out. He was... one of them... That was the moment I realised what I had done. After that Moment I knew I had to Change the way I looked at this world. I fled East to try and Get out of Novigrad. I ended up in A Small town called Balota. I tried to Bribe the guards at the gates of the airfield to get me on a flight but it didn't work. I hid in a house with a Family who was also trying to get out. I slept in the Attic and the family slept downstairs. Around 3AM a group of people came into the house and attacked the Family. I heard Gunshots and I just stayed hidden. I came down the Next Morning and they was all dead. I grabbed some things and put it into a backpack and headed out into the street. I found a Military Truck at the side of the road. There was a dead soldier there. I took some ammo of him and I looked in the back of the truck. I found some Machine guns and Ammo. I took one and Grabbed as much ammo as I could. I headed west to find new people and to start the beginning of my new life..... 6ft3 Tattoo of a King Playing Card with a Skull face on his Right arm. Loyal to the people I trust. Don't Piss me off. Anatoly- Guy I've met in Lopatino, Seems Pretty Chill, Bit brain dead after getting shot in the head. Max- Austrailian who I also met in Lopatino, Seems a good guy like. Nia- She is one of the strongest People I have met. Goes out of her way to save other survivors. I can trust he with my life. She saved my life so I owe her so much. Lynx- Some little man who Things he is something, Only things about himself and Is in general just a little Fuckwit. Vadim- Met him also in Lopatino, He is a funny man but a Right Lunatic. Fletcher- He is a good guy. Yeah he has some Problem half the time but I have Faith in him and I'm gonna Mentor him to be something of Importance. Credit: @Bradley for Graphics
  6. hail victory!

  7. Warning points removed. Good luck.

  8. *Sings songs to Praise Comrade Stalin*
  9. Friday Nights the New Game Night
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