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  1. @Bradley your character called Denim Dan??
  2. Alright u big group of Fucks here you are Ignore the Hair but here you are The Pirate Face Reveal
  3. Pirate

    Roast Pein

    Pein lives in his Bedroom Fantasising about Sniffing Bike Seat's and Licking Swing Sets, Recently got spotted in his local park sniffing Benches, If anybody sees this action taking place please make sure to make a report here at www.ket.co.uk/seshatkeithsgaf
  4. @Red Kept a Large chunk of my Backstory Hidden only way people find out is in RP
  5. UPDATED IT GUYS @Nightly @Mademoiselle
  6. Pretty Sick Character Profile really Like it thanks for the mention
  7. Love the Profile @JkpFrog Great effort
  8. @Opticillunitic didn't know about this one