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  1. Taking off some of the wheels and then moving left or right it will take some time but it normally works and gets it unstuck.
  2. Hello everyone I fully updated the thread and Hoping to some request from people in the community if there is anything that you want please ask thank you. -Bradley 🌹
  3. "If you want one of these graphics done for you then please comment below or PM me with what you want please make it detailed as you can so i can get everything you want in the image thank you" Group: Headers & Logos [Available] The Forums: Headers [Available] Profile: Cover Photo & Profile Photo [Available] Price: One Bone :Extra Information: When It comes to asking for graphics can you please put as much detail as you can if you don't really care or don't have a theme that you are looking for then please say that its up to me or anything like that so I know that I can be creative with it. If you have a lot of detail in what you say that I will know what to do and you will know what you are going to get back. I will be taking request until I get a lot then this page will be updated saying " Work Load High " something like that meaning I am closed for the time being. Waiting for graphics may take some time depending on how much I have and how much you ask for. I will give you a time when you message or leave a comment on this thread. If you do not like something about the graphics that I give you then please say so I can improve the next time I do it for others. Also I am new to this so everything I use is basics and I just working hard to help people within the community I hope you like my work that I will post when I am done with job.
  4. I'm working on one right now.
  5. Welcome @TheProxJack If this is the real one! :D

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      whats good bruv

  6. This looks so cool omg. I love the headers that you made for the thread also the photos and the gif it really fits together well. Cant wait to meet another Dr in game
  7. Steven started to feel fiat and passed out halfway out of the RV window luckily the people around the area could drag his body into safety where he would be taken into hospital and taken care off for a couple of days. After 3 days passed Steven was finally was allowed to leave the hospital and fully recovered from his injury's that he had not that many off, the major injury was to hip where was still in the process of healing, at this point we was told the news that both his parents died within the car crash and no remains were left because of the car exploding and leaving everything destroyed and turned into ash. Everything was going to hard for Steven from this point on and he never felt like we wanted to take his own life but help others over the time he was hurting from this loss of his parents. That feeling of sadness was there and it took him time to come to terms that he is now all alone in the world that just took his parents from him. After a month went past and the police were done with questions and gave the clear for Steven to live his life. Steven always money in his bank account and thankfully always hand his bank card in his pocket so he took his plan that he told himself he was going to do and help people with an ongoing infection that was taking over a place called Chernarus within the local hospitals and killing people by the mass. Steven finally made it to the place and went straight to work but something felt off the air was filled with silence as we made his way to the city's that he forgot the names off. Steven didn't know that his story was just about to begin.
  8. @Funnyman440 Here are your Canadian themed signatures I hope you like them. If you want anything added them just please ask.
  9. Okay I miss spelt back opps okay I will get that done as soon as I can for you.
  10. @Boe Logo meaning a letter with a background and a cool style or something If you can describe what you want then I'll see if I can make it.
  11. @Funnyman440 That is fine I will make you something a long the lines you want. Also I will make the Canadian styled one as well just to see which one you like the most. Lastly which one of the Canadian styled one do you like out of the three?
  12. I resized them. And its fine no problem i love helping out . Also sorry for them not working @Powerjake
  13. This was really hard for me meaning that the dark and light aspect to what you wanted but the theme came to me when I searched up light and dark and i thought I would place a bad and good image within the text and also added a little text underneath for the lols If you want this removed then that is fine. Also you want something else I could make you some more if needed.