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  1. Everytime I visit your profile you're changing your picture. STAP.

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    2. Bradley


      They look fucking disgusting full size ew! Never 

    3. Pein


      At least centre them.

    4. Bradley


      It does not work ! 

  2. Bradley


    If you are talking about in game then I believe this was discussed before as some prior to you tried this over radio chatter, and ( I think ) it was removed due to the reason of not knowing if it should be allowed or not. Now we have a section I believe when making groups you can add a section where you can place “ notes “ for only your group to read but this is not for IC purposes but OOC talking / chatting and for other things that you might wish to use the feature for.
  3. Name of the character: Dr. William Brook Reason for benching: Got No time to play / Moving on to a different playstyle Is your character in any hostilities (If so please state the names of the hostiles): Nope Are you involved in any ongoing story-lines? If so please give as much possible detail: Nope How long have you been playing the character?: Since March 22nd. ( Only Been in game twice )
  4. Recent work for some character profiles, If any GFX is wanted from me then please message me as I have closed my " graphics shop " But still doing some Graphics as seen above. Check out the above pages for some inspiration for my work. And there are others around on the website. But if you want some, please PM me with what you want and then we can work from there. 

    Note: Only doing Character Profiles & Profile Pictures ( Gifs ) ;):ph34r:

    1. Opticillunitic


      They look amazing! Love every design you do.

    2. Bradley
    3. Powerjake


      yeah they are fucking awesome

  5. I would love to see a character's tab meaning a section solely dedicated to your character just like the character profile's section but built into our profiles and we can see new characters made by people. within a drop down section at the main tab section under the section of community maybe? And click on peoples character profiles and see all that they want us to see. This wont make character profiles less viewable but more accessible and better looking overall and again adds something to your profile. Maybe the time you spent on the website showing your dedication not only through your post but the amount of time you have spent on the website overall, I think it would be a good feature and just like the bones system give a certain name to the said time for example 100 hours " Noob " that's the first thing that came into my head but something more creative and way better then that of course. Also maybe a little logo of what group you are in by your name or something some where on your profile and when clicked on it goes to the club section, I think this will be nice just becuase it shows that you are apart of a group and it just adds a little something to your profile and as well as something that you post. Brining it to the post thing this logo could be shown somewhere by your name of your character that we already have but not making it to big so that we have a lot of things under you profile picture and making it all ugly and stuffed with things.
  6. Hey @Pratty, I love the story It's really clear on what you're trying to aim at and overall it stands out to the point that you are trying to give. I can't wait for the next updated part of your lore, and how my character implicates within the story of yours. Remember I here to help you with that section as It might be a stressful time for you to read my characters backstory and the log books of the black sea put together so any additional information that you need from me I will be happy to give you pointers and gain information on what you need. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think we talked about before some GFX for your thread and I'm still down to do all that for you but just shoot me a PM with what you want or we can talk about it over TS when you get the time and then I can get started on that for you. Again great work on the story Pratty and I can't wait to meet your character in game and get some RP from you and to see where it goes.
  7. Bradley


    As I’m out at the moment doing IRL stuff but I’m going to be back soon I will give you some information about what you need. Also, PM if you need help with your character backstory and information that you might need within it.
  8. Congratz @TheDuckNinja for the awesome art piece is looks stunning and fits the website well my dude +1 

    1. TheDuckNinja


      Thanks man, wasn't expecting to win at all, caught me by surprise.

  9. Go give the new lore section called " Animal Anatomy " a read and see what you think. I hope you all like it and please give me feedback so I can improve my work next time around.

    ( And feel free to give bones here ;))


    Image result for thumbs up gif

    Also looking for extra help please if you feel like helping out with lore fill out the application below.


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      Looks really good, really well put together. Maybe that contractor group with the Doc might find it useful ;P

    3. Opticillunitic


      @MKBADDOGYep that's what we are going off of! Looks amazing Bradley, keep it up!

    4. Bradley


      Thank you @opticillunitic <3 

  10. Very seductive and I like the grey theme 8/10 @Ninthgenesis Edit: The background doesn't match the theme of your profile picture and cover photo. I love Matching everything it looks cleaner.
  11. WHO AM I 

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    2. dany


      if u ever gonna let me know

    3. dany


      yuh! suicide!

    4. Bradley


      I’m stupid it was from my song, thanks for telling me. 

  12. The lore is gonna get better now ;) 

  13. 7/10 - Due to the profile picture being a bit pixelated but that's me being picky