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  1. Finally ready to splash my cash.
  2. This would really be good for the income on the server as stated by @Coreena and also seeing more the legend ranks around would be fun. Also as we are on the topic of ranks I think there should be more ranks higher and lower so that more and more people would look diverse around the community. And overall just seeing more ranks would look nice. It's up to you what we have as perks and what the names will be of these said ranks but I would love to upgrade soon and put more into the community.
  3. Get back in TS you.......................  lovely person. 

  4. I love the first set of three pictures on this thread they stand out so much. 10/10
  5. Just to add to this. A few months ago I believe there was a discussion about having the profile pictures that have the dimensions of 150x200 I believe. But something was going wrong with coding. I’m just wondering if anything has been updated on that and see now that people can have these types of dimensions on their profile pictures. I would love to see the tick / drop down box option implemented into the website so that we can choose between the ones that we would like so all profiles look semi different from everyone else’s.
  6. I guess it's time for a profile change today what should I go for? I just feel like I've done every theme possible. 


    Image result for thinking gif 

    1. Alexis


      You should do wybie from coroline and we can twins till your next change 😂😂

      Also, your never in ts anymore!! Come around 

    2. Bradley


      @Alexis I'm down to be twinning. I've got work so it will be updated later on in the day. And I don't have a microphone so I'm waiting to get paid and then getting one. I do sometimes just sit in TS but I leave a little after. When I get my microphone I'll get in game and in TS more often.  

  7. I loved the introduction too much tbh. Welcome @TheBush hope you park your bush somewhere fitting in game ;D
  8. Well if you are trying to kick-start your youtube channel and what some good ass content you gonna have to put something into your channel and you will get something back from it. That's how I look at it so I would at first just use the free editors that you can get your hands on and then move up to something that you can pay for. Paid editors are always the best way to go and if you are feeling like you are going to put effort into this then I would go for the paid version and go on youtube and get some starter videos and see what you can work from. Either way, it's up to you, everything takes practice and when you just keep practicing then you will soon see that it will just come to you like you have been doing it for a while. Free Video software: 1) Windows Movie maker: I've used this before and it's so simple to use and will help you get the feel of something easy and the way to navigate around a simple edit software. And it gives you the simple tools like text, cut & paste and transitions. 2) Lightworks: From what I know of this it's just a little harder then windows movie maker and gives you a lot more tools to get you started on the semi-advanced / getting their look at what a editing software is supposed to look like for people that are taking things seriously. 3) Shotcut: This is also the same as light works but again has more of a professional look towards it and gives you way more tools to use than windows movie maker. All these are free ( That I know off ) and are easy to use when you get the hang off them. I'll leave some videos for you so you can get your head around what all of these software's are like. Videos: 1) ( Click Here ) 2) ( Click Here ) 3) ( Click Here ) I'm going to leave the free versions here and maybe update my reply with paid versions next time when you got the feel with the free versions and I'm guessing from your thread you are new into this and maybe jumping into a paid version is something that you don't wanna do. Hope this helped. - Bradley
  9. Thank you @Alexis I know the logo too @Dvlinhb it’s like a camera lens so I thought it would look good as body art. And thank you for the nice words. Dont even @Opticillunitic you are too kind. Thanks for the kind words. You know anytime you need graphics hit me up.
  10. Bradley


    Lies! He gets nothing don't trust him!
  11. @Pirate I'd rather say Trendy Tim ( I feel like that doesn't work but I'm going to go with it anyway) @DrMax, I miss playing him so much. Don't bring bad memories back. And thank you by the way I know you never asked but I'm going to say it any way I took that sick ass picture between my backstory 10/10 photography skills by yours truly.
  12. @Nozza what you mean! I always rock denim on denim it looks super nice with the right things. @Pirate thanks pirate hope to see you in game. Plus I have no microphone yet I don’t get paid from work yet so I’ll just let you enjoy the profile for now and I’ll embrace you with my sweet rp soon.
  13. @Nozza You can never have enough denim.