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  1. Thats exactly what I am saying.. we had like 10 guys there.. 10 v 1. My point was already stated.
  2. In my opinion, It is an unreasonable demand and one that cannot be complied with seeing as how you cannot KNOW that the people shooting at you are someone's friends. I also think that unless you know for sure someone is alone, you probably shouldn't initiate on them because the consequences are death. You did not HAVE to initiate on Lincoln. No one forced you to take him hostage either.
  3. Keira

    haha I wasnt cringing at you but the people you were talking about!
  4. Keira

    This was not what I named this intro thread!
  5. RIP, Im sorry I had to shoot at you...
  6. Ooooo, I fall apart. 

    Down to my core. 

    Ooooo, I fall apart.

    Down to to my core.

  7. And I quote...

    "A match made in heaven"