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  1. Pein

    Why do you have porn music?

    1. Toker


      Someone on these fucking forums needs to have some god damned style.

    2. Pein



  2. Entschuldigung, ich nahm dein Auto. Waffenbrüder.
  3. What I don't understand is how I just watched all these videos last night, wake up this morning to you making a post about them... you got cams on me boss? @Preacher
  4. Updated relations please!!!! Give me shit to do it and you don't!!! Damn Canadians. <3
  5. I'm so done with you woman. <3 <3 <3
  6. *tips cowboy hat* Thank you Father.
  7. 10/10 creepiest shit on profile ever, all the time. lol <3
  8. Lol. Thanks. I don't see all those options for fonts.
  9. You change it, lucky ya got what ya did.
  10. Updated relations. @JkpFrog @Malthis @MichTheMedic @Zeltig