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  1. Yeah what he said, and I'll look into moving Akande to the active character profiles. As far as your active character you set that yourself in profile options. Edit: Seems Akande is already in active character profiles.
  2. @Jasper Have better things to do. This will be my last post in this thread. If an official post is made at a later date, won't be from me. We've explained this so many times in the past, I just can't be bothered.
  3. I feel ya bubba, trust me and as for clogging up the forums I agree. We've been down this road multiple times, always ends the same. For talking about it over TS, its futile pal. Don't wanna waste your time or my own.
  4. Let me put it to you this way. Along with perma death, and first person, no third party comms are pinnacles of our ruleset. That being said, out of every rule we have these shall never change. While the numbers against this rule I can absolutely guarantee outmatch the numbers of folks that approve of it, that in no way means that we are willing to waver. @Jasper It was partially a joke that I'm glad you received, but seriously QRP is not a democracy.
  5. BAN ALL DAYZRPERZ, including @Church and myself.
  6. Pein

    Why do you have porn music?

    1. Toker


      Someone on these fucking forums needs to have some god damned style.

    2. Pein