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  1. So Combat logging is allowed and having the person who combat log, log back on and kill them is allowed? Having kill rights last longer then an hour aswell I guess? Just opening fire at people is also allowed then as that's exactly what them have done.
  2. Someone ambushed him. They just opened fired on them. In my eyes it should of been voided as it was an act of RDM.
  3. Ralph "Wolf" Brooks Chaotic Good Age: 23 Height: 6' 1" Weight: 206 Ibs Blood type: Unknown Ralph grew up with his small family at there small little house in Atlanta, Texas. His father and mother where a team of bounty hunters. They often left him alone at home when they went to work, Ralph always was interested in how guns work, he would take apart his 12 gauge shotgun learn how the insides work. Once his father learned that his son does that, He showed him how to do it with his glock 19 that he used for his work. A few years later, on his 13th birthday his father gave him his first truly nice gun. He was given an AR-15, he spent days at his father's shooting range, where he would practice using his AR. He had it painted black, and the right kind of attachments to make this weapon look fancy and scary. A few years later, after he graduated from Atlanta High School, The family took a vacation to Severograd. They stayed in with a family friend that lived there. Then people began to eat each other....(Find out more in game.) Friends Ajax(MIA) - Good man, took care of worthless trash with me. Al(Alive) - Very nice, helpful guy, he helps taking care of the younger ones... Winter(MIA) - A young kid growing up, has seen death. Will learn the evil side of the world... Jack(Alive) - Good man, Runs with some interesting guys, I love this man to death. Clark(Dead)- Good man, with good goals. Gotta help protect... Gunner(Alive)- Brother is Clark, They both help me I owe em... Seteal(Dead) - Good man, Helped me out alot, owe him alot now adays... Going to miss him dearly. Need to fouc on my current mission before I worry about others.. Broodie(Alive) - Good man, wonder if he will stick around or not... Red(Alive) - Helping clean up trash in the world.. Aidan(Alive) - Good man, he has his dark past like everyone else, Don't think he will hurt me nor my friends. Neutral Josef and Kruger(MIA) - Speak german, Cant wait to see how helpful they can be. Untrusted Archie(Dead) - Heartless asshole but helping clean up trash. He got Steteal killed, Gotta hear his side before I kill this traitor. Hes's dead now that's all that matters to me, one less traitor alive. Enemies The Imperium - They wish to kill us all, I won't go down without a fight you assholes! Paul(Dead) - He Killed a guy for no reason I'll give him what he got coming to him! Injury List