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  1. Vytis

    Server Restarts?

    It is every 6 hours. From CST I've noticed restarts at 1am/pm and 7am/pm. Then there's an RCON message saying the server will restart the following hour but it doesn't actually restart. Ignore the RCON message.
  2. I'm with @Tander on this one. There's an overabundance of foreigners in South Zagoria, which, unless you're Eastern European or of Chernarussian descent, it doesn't make much sense for so many foreigners to be in a region of the world known for it's xenophobic views. Consider making a local who hates forefingers, or a gopnik. As a gopnik, you can have good ol' cheeki-breeki fun, but still be hostile towards certain people should you choose, and it makes perfect sense. But it's really up to you. Find something you're comfortable with and roll with it.
  3. RPing until 2am when you have to wake up at 4:30am is a horrible idea and it won't happen again  👏

    1. Red


      I know the feeling. I was awake until 12:30 and had to be up at 6. Not as bad as you, but it was real hard to get out of bed this morning. 

    2. Vytis
    3. Red



      S A M E

  4. vytis only character other then jay who has sense of style

  5. Fun RP today with @Luna @Red @SofiaL @Monacard @Powerjake @Fatal @ShavedDuck @Stes @Kain @Taryn @Coreena @APetRussian @Opticillunitic @devilblade12 @ZombyBeard @MagicMuggle @Dan @Graipyy @DKMajor @Katzy @Speckles @Nozza and anyone else I missed (Grisha, Kolya, Billy... dunno your forum names :() Was a blast and the most RP I've had in quite some time. Looking forward to doing more with you all soon.
  6. Pfft I took an R4 and nothing of Vytis
  7. Walkie-Talkies are awesome. You can find some interesting/funny conversations too if you turn it on at the right time. I've been using them a ton lately (I burn through several batteries a DAY). I haven't had an issue that isn't related to batteries or range, so keep that in mind. I highly encourage anyone who's hesitant on using them to give them a shot. I've met a few people over the radio that I've ran across in game later on and it is nice to finally meet someone.
  8. Vytis' Ultimate Quick & Dirty Guide to Walkie-Talkies The in-game "Walkie-Talkie" is a great for realism/immersion, especially in the apocalypse. This guide is going to be a quick and dirty, so bare with me. How to use the Walkie-Talkie in game: The Walkie-Talkie is battery operated. Because of this, you will need to acquire an Alkaline battery 9V. These batteries are all over, you just need your eye out for them. I have not noticed much of a difference between condition of the battery, however, it must be charged. You can check the battery's charge by right clicking on the battery and selecting "Lick". A message will appear to give you a general idea of the charge. You can forgo this process by putting it in your Walkie-Talkie and right clicking on the Walkie-Talkie to turn it on. To turn on or off the Walkie-Talkie, right click on it and click on "XX On/Off", XX being a frequency you have it set to. You can change frequencies by right clicking on your Walkie-Talkie and clicking on the "Previous" or "Next" button, which is accompanied by the Frequency you will be switching to. To speak in a Walkie-Talkie, it's quite simple. Just hold your Push-to-Talk button and speak. Ta-da! Now you can use the in game Walkie-Talkie for increased roleplay experiences and immersion. Now, things to look out for and general tips: Range is limited, just like real Walkie-Talkies If your battery is dead, you will not be given the option other than to Inspect your Walkie-Talkie. If this happens, get a new battery. Have spare batteries. Batteries drain quickly in your Walkie-Talkie especially with constant use. Bad Signal: You may be out of range of who you are communicating with. You may also need to replace batteries. Use the Period key on your keyboard to change between Direct and Radio. If you want to keep your radio on but speak in Direct, be sure to enable your Direct Communications channel. It's generally good for RP that you hold your Walkie-Talkie in your hand when you actually have to transmit over it. As a reminder, to mute 3rd Party voice applications such as TeamSpeak, Discord, Ventrillo, Skype, Roger Wilco, Steam Voice and so on. Not only are the use of these programs while in game against the rules, it affects RP and immersion in a negative way. If I missed something, feel free to add. Brought to you by Vytis
  9. Vytis

    Server Restarts?

    Admitting ya fucked up is the first step to recovery Thanks @Pein