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  • QuarantinedRP Community Rules

    Updated 08/17/2018

  • 1. Meta-gaming/Power-gaming

    •     1. Metagaming refers to when a player utilizes information from out of character sources that they otherwise should not have while in character. 
    •     2. Powergaming is when a player forces an action or in-game mechanic on another player's character without explicit permission (such as forcing someone to eat human meat, chopping off a limb or spraying disinfectant to make them sick). ALWAYS COMMUNICATE WITH OTHER PLAYERS OOC, MAKE SURE BOTH PARTIES AGREE TO ANY ACTIONS TAKEN.

    2. 3rd party communication

    •     1. You must have a working microphone and speak English in order to join the server 
    •     2. In-game Text chat is only to be used for Emoting and //ooc 
    •     3. RP that violates any terms of service are strictly prohibited (youtube, twitch). 
    •     4. You must be a fluent English speaker. 
    •     5. For better RP within the community, you must be muted at all times while in any form of 3rd party communication service. 
    •     6. Be respectful to one another (No racism, Sexism, Homophobia). 
    •     7. Reports for any rules broken should be made within 2-3 days and will be handled asap. (Complete all roleplay before making reports!) 
    •     8. You must have your characters name in your Teamspeak nickname.

    3. KOS and Hostile engagements

    •     1. Killing another player must always be justified with proper role play, do not take this lightly, every player’s life should be valued. 
    •      2. When initiating hostile roleplay on someone make sure you have a valid in character reason to do so and always make your intentions very clear. 
    •     3. KOS or Kill on sight means killing another player without any role play interaction or sound justification and is strictly forbidden unless you are within one of several Quarantine Zones marked within the map, these are classed as KOS zones and should be traversed with caution. 
    •     4. In regards to taking hostages, you must do everything in your power to keep them alive and in relatively good health. That includes protecting them from external threats like zombies and leaving them with a realistic chance of survival if they are unable to do so themselves. 
    •     5. All demands of a hostage must be reasonable and within their abilities. 
    •     6. Players gain kill rights when a hostile action is taken against them or their group, or when their characters life is threatened these rights last for an hour after a hostile interaction. You must confirm your targets indefinitely by identifying any familiar clothing or through their in-game voice. 
      • 6.1. Crashing during a hostile situation and gaining a advantage (Crash & escape) negates these hour long kill rights. You must re-initiate.
    •     7. Aiming a gun directly at someone is considered initiation at any range. 
    •     8. You may not log off (Combat log)) within 30 minutes of any hostile interaction, you are required to make sure the hostile party is no longer in the area in order to log out after the 30-minute timer. This includes Quarantined Zones! 
    •     9. Groups may only have a maximum of 2 snipers. 
    •     10. Snipers are allowed within a 500m radius as long as the party has announced that a sniper is present at the beginning of any engagement, the sniper must also have a working radio and battery on their person. (You MUST have recordings of this interaction on the radio in order for this to not be seen as a KOS.)
    •     11. Initiating on a Vehicle is to be done within VOIP range. Make sure that you are heard and seen by those inside the vehicle and give the driver ample time to bring the car to a full stop. 

    4. Quarantine Zones

    •     1. These are highly dangerous KOS zones around the map where the infection is considered contagious when entering into a Quarantine Zone you are required to wear a gas mask. 
    •     2. Quarantined zones on the map include: Tisy Military Base, Kamensk Military Base, Pavlovo Military Base, Stary Sobor, Zelenogorsk, and The Black Forest
    •     3. Though these are KOS zones, quarantine zones are roleplay encouraged areas, you do not gain applicable KOS rights from roleplay that happens within the Quarantine Zone once outside but the information can be used outside of the Quarantined Zone. 
    •     4. Being killed within a Quarantine zone does not count as a perma-death, rather an injury and should be played out. 
    •     5. Deaths to AI or inside quarantine zones. ((SEE PERMADEATH RULES)) are seen as injuries and should be played out as such. 

    5. Roleplay Rules

    •     1. Make sure you use common sense within the server, make sure everything you do must be within the realm of reason for the character you are playing. 
    •     2. We think it goes without saying to most but always stay in character while in game. 
    •     3. Your character must be realistic and compatible with our server Lore. 
    •     4. Always log into the server with your character's full name. 
    •     5. All characters must be original and realistic (no fictional characters or celebrities) no carbon copy characters, meaning once a character has died within a group you are not allowed to return to that specific group with basically the same character. 
    •     6. Once your character has been killed you cannot return to the area for 2 hours. 
    •     7. No poisoning food. 
    •     8. No booby traps are allowed within the server. (I.e placing flashbangs into a piece of FiLewo8 clothing or storage item.) 
    •     9. No placing unrealistic roadblocks (such as sticks and backpacks). Tires and barrels are the only acceptable roadblocks. 
    •     10. Any enclosed camp must have at least one accessible entrance. 
    •     11. There must be a legitimate reason within a character's backstory to wear a full ghillie suit. (You must ask admin permission)
    •     12. Double carrying is allowed (but keep in mind the realistic weight of the guns). 
    •     13. Stealing from camps is allowed as well as taking tents, however, do not dump A tents contents on the ground to despawn, this is considered trolling, No camp despawning, no hoarding (keep the loot economy in mind!). 
    •     14. Despawning/Blowing up vehicles inside of a camp will not be tolerated. 
    •     15. Grenades and mines are banned. 
    •     16. Voice changes are welcomed but only while using a piece of equipment that would alter your voice, while using a voice changer you should be understandable within VOIP and have permission from admins. 
    •     17. All Injuries are to be played out to add to the realism, and give purpose to characters in medical professions think of seeking proper medical help as a way of speeding up the healing process. 
    •     18. Identifying a cannibal within the game can be done only if your character has prior knowledge of symptoms, only the twitching mechanic can be used. The cannibals "Laugh/Cry" is not to be acknowledged in roleplay. 
    •     19. Roleplay of an offensive nature is forbidden, these being the obvious Sexual Assault/Rape. 
    •     20. Exploits and glitching are banned from this server.

    6. Child characters

    •     1. Characters under the age of 11 must have a pre-existing guardian.
    •     2. There are no way to work around the gun restrictions. (Example: Saying you learned in game from another character.)
    •     3. If your character is under 18 you must wait 3 months before having a birthday.
    •     4.Gun Restrictions: Any break in these restrictions will be met with warning points.
      • Younger-10: Melee and .380 Handgun, any 22s, Crafted Bow
      • 11-14: + 9mm Handguns, .380 SMGs, Crossbow,
      • 15-17: + Low Power Bolt Action Rifles (CR527, IZH18, Repeater) , Long Shotguns, 9mm SMGs
      • 18- Older: Anything as long as it makes sense within the character’s backstory. (Full Auto, Military grade weapons, etc)
    •     5. Children characters 17 and under are REQUIRED to wear a Yellow Armband, if you are seen as an adult character wearing a Yellow armband this will be classed as meta-gaming and you will be punished for doing so. Characters don't actually SEE a yellow armband, they are simply there to let players know that the character is supposed to look younger. 

    7. Bench requests

    •     1. You must talk to an admin before switching or benching a character, you cannot bench your character if they are being actively hunted by another. 
    •     2. You can only bench a character once. 
    •     3. You can only have one character on the bench at any given time. 
    •     4. Character benching has a one month cool down period. 

    8. Perma-Death

    •     1. This is a Perma-death server, Once a character has died within RP he/she is dead. 
    •     2. PVE deaths such as to wolves or infected are NOT permanent, however, take care of your character's health, hunger and hydration, disciplinary actions will be taken for repeat offenders. 
    •     3. Dying to get a more favorable spawn is strictly prohibited unless you're given permission to do so by an admin. 

    9. NVFL (No Value For Life)

    •    1. You must value your characters For example: If you are outnumbered and outgunned it would be considered NVFL (no value for life) to try and initiate hostile actions upon them. life, don’t enter gunfights that your character shouldn’t be entering. 
    •     2. Think realistically in terms of your characters abilities. 
    •    3. Non-compliance in a hostage situation is considered NVFL (given demands are reasonable). However! Live by your characters principles! Example: If someone told you to lick their boot and you know that's something your character wouldn't do, then you wouldn't do it, therefore, you couldn't say its NVFL

    10. Global Radio

    • 1. Recognizing someone's voice is only allowed if you have had multiple interactions with them. This does not give you their name however, and must be done so by the individual, or someone who legitimately knows that is the person.
    • 2. Singular broadcasts will be archived after 24 hours of inactivity
    • 3. Repeating broadcast must be approved by an admin after showing evidence of having the correct set up.
    • 4. Repeating broadcasts will now only last till a persistence wipe before being deleted as to clean up the forums. Repeating broadcasts will be locked, this broadcast is set up and would not be responded to.
    • 5. Make your posts meaningful, this is going to be for players who are now opening up their area, or making an announcement of a dead friend/enemy. we want this forum to be meaningful to the server and its players, not a channel filled with character arguments over who stole what so put some effort into making your post realistic and include some detail. 
    • 6. Radio broadcasts should be formatted as such *Presses his push to talk* [message] *Releases his push to talk* This is so people can tell what is actually being transmitted and what is flavor, flavor text can be put into the formatting an example of this:
    • 7. The radio does NOT have multiple frequencies nor does it have Open/Private frequencies if a post is made with (Open/Priv frequency) or (0.01MHz) then it will be removed.


    11. Watching a Stream

    •     1. You must now ask the streamers permission to be on their channel in order to watch the stream while in-game. 
    •         1a. If you are denied permission to watch the stream, you must leave the stream asap. If you don't leave the stream you will be convicted of meta-game/ stream-sniping. 
    •         1b. If you've been granted permission to watch the stream, you are more than welcome to stay in the stream but you are NOT allowed to use this information in the game if you are found meta-gaming you will be convicted of meta-gaming.